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2. Buntús Cainte: Learning the Irish Language: 1967  
When Buntús Cainte started on RTÉ in 1967 its aim was to teach Irish to people who had little or no Irish. This was in contrast to its predecessor, Labhair Gaeilge Linn, a programme aimed at an audience with some knowledge of Irish. The teaching method used in Buntús Cainte was really quite clever. Using young, trendy presenters the language was communicated through three senses - the ears, the eyes and speech. Phrases were spoken in both Irish and English, they were written on screen and often a cartoon reinforced each set of phrases.

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Credits: Presenters -- Máire O’Neill and Aileen Geoghegan
Programme -- Buntús Cainte
Language: Irish
Broadcast: 15/12/1967
Duration: 1'55"
Relevance: Later Modern Ireland, Topic 6
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