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Oklahoma-North Texas Game Quotes

Final: Oklahoma 79, North Texas 10

On the game:

“I was pleased with the overall play. I was also pleased with the backup play. The second- and third-teamers all really played well. I have been saying all along, this team is very attentive, they are really prideful with their practice and their play. I thought overall, the second half has a tendency to get sloppy, that didn’t happen here. I thought that we had some really foolish penalties, and the one fumble and a couple of dropped passes, those are some things that we need to take care of.”

On the play of freshman QB Sam Bradford:
“I thought he was fantastic, I mean his whole demeanor was great. His presence in the huddle, kept going out and controlling the game, just everything from communication and then throwing the ball. He threw the ball fantastic, from the deep balls to some of those quick bubble screens that he put right on the money.”

On junior WR Malcolm Kelly:
“Malcolm is second to none when you talk about good receivers. I’m always careful when saying anyone is the best, because there are a lot of good players out there, but he is definitely amongst any of them.”

On the Sooners’ pass rush:
“I thought it was great. I gave those guys a game ball. They were really active and those guys really deserved it.”

On the Sooners’ first offensive drives:
“The first couple of drives were not scripted. I mean Coach Wilson has an idea of where he wants to go. Through the week he had planned certain things that he wanted to do, depending of what happened in the game.”

On the new kicking rules:
“I always knock on wood because when you get to where you are a very good cover team, I mean last year we allowed the fewest yards through the season in our league, and I’m sure we were decent across the board. We just have guys that can run and really cover well, and then Garrett (Hartley) kicked the ball really well. He gives our guys time to get down there, and I thought Lewis Baker was just amazing.”

On running up the score:
“Well, we were telling our guys not to score, if they broke free we were telling them to take a knee or something. I got worried when Mossies Madu tore around the corner and looked like he was going to score. Their style of play didn’t really help either. They got on the line and snapped the ball with 20 or so seconds left on the play clock. I’m not criticizing, I’m just saying that the style of play doesn’t help either.”

On the OU receivers:
“I think what we hoped would happen tonight is that our receivers would step up and make big plays. These guys that you have been watching now are guys that have been here for three years. I hope and believe that that will continue.”
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On if he expected such a great performance:

“No, probably not, but you have to give a lot of credit to the guys around me. I played alright, but they made me look really good tonight. They probably made me look a lot better than I actually was. Everybody played really well tonight. The O-line, the running backs, receivers, the whole offense played well, the defense played well, everyone played great tonight. We have a great team. They have been great all week and really supportive. I think it was really comforting knowing they were out there with me.”

On the long pass to Malcolm Kelly:
“I missed that one early where he was open and I knew that and coming back and getting that second one definitely felt good, but I am still a long way from where I want to be.”

On breaking the record for yards passed in a single half:
“I didn’t realize I had that, but you just have to come out and play hard each week, do the best you can -- that is all you can ask for.”

On his expectations prior to the game:
“I just wanted to come out and play smart and play within myself. Take care of the ball.”
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On his interception:

“Anytime you get to pick a ball off in a game it is fun. I had my hand on two or three and dropped one. I should have had four, but it was fun.”

On Sam Bradford’s play:
“Sam is a great guy. He came out extremely poised. He showed a lot of maturity. To come out and complete 18 passes in a row, that is a great attest to his ability and his skill.”

On DeMarco Murray’s play:
“DeMarco has done a fantastic job. It is a lot to ask of a guy to come out and have all that on his shoulders. He came out and did the best he possibly could. I mean…five touchdowns.”
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On the game tonight:

“As a team we have talked about how we work to hard to not come out hard. I just want to come out and help the team as much as I can. Just being around the guys and making big plays, it is a lot of fun.”

On Sam Bradford’s play:
“He did a great job. You could just tell in practice on Wednesday and Thursday; you could just tell he was ready. He made great plays and he had that one run. He just seems comfortable. He was a leader out there already. He looked like he had been doing it a long time. I am looking forward to seeing him play some more.”
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On the defense and the pressure:

“I think we did a good job of executing. We stayed focus throughout the whole game. I think every one of the starting defensive ends got a sack tonight. I think we had great pressure all night up the middle.”

On next week:
“Miami is going to be a great opponent for us. We just need to have a great practice. They may have a little better athletes out there but, really, it is all about what we do. We just need to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row, so to speak.”
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Overall thoughts on the game:

“I just talked to my team and I told them that obviously Oklahoma is a great football team and they are very, very impressive. When you play a great team like that you always have a chance of having a disappointment. I told my football team that you have to give credit where it’s due, but part of the final score had to do with us not waving the white flag. We’ve got to continue executing to try to execute our offense late.”

On North Texas’ defense:
Early on we did a few things we talked a lot about. Playing a good first down defense and forcing the second. We just tried to stay prepared every time we were in that situation.

On the offense:
We could never establish anything in the running game and when you’re facing a two safety look, you’ve got to be able to run the ball. Those windows in the back kept getting a tighter and tighter fit. When you’ve got an experienced defense as Oklahoma has, especially in the secondary, it’s even tougher.
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On the game:

“Coach just told us to take each play one at a time and that it’s not over. He told us to keep our heads up and keep fighting.”

On what North Texas takes away from the loss:
We just have to keep our heads up and stay strong. It’s only one game and Oklahoma is a great football team. We just have to keep going for a higher goal.
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On playing a such a big stage:

“It was a great experience. I’ve never gotten to play in front of this many fans.”

On playing a team the caliber of Oklahoma:
“They had a lot of speed all over the field. We can learn a lot from a game like this, they are a great football team. You can’t get much better than Oklahoma.”

On the play of North Texas quarterbacks Meager and Vizza:
“They both made some plays when they were in there. We just kept playing and fighting the whole way.”

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