Chronology of Khmer Rouge Tribunal


The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia


United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT)


Introduction to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal – DC Cam 2005


Monographs published by the Documentation Center of Cambodia


Voice of Takeo  A pilot fear assessment with respect to possible witnesses of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (PDF)     





Literature and Genocide in Cambodia


Cambodian Government Heeds Call to Keep Judge at Genocide Tribunal
UN Urges Cambodia to Reconsider Judge's Transfer from Genocide Tribunal

'Cambodia trials won't slow down'



Prosecutors Identify Suspects in Khmer Rouge Trial

Statement of the Co-Prosecutors


Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Tribunal Running Out of Money



Interview with You Bun Leng, Co-investigating judge ECCC



Judges Meet to Keep Ball Rolling on Cambodian Genocide Trials


Coping with the Psychological Trauma of the Khmer Rouge

Judge says Cambodian Genocide Tribunal in Jeopardy if Court Rules Not Adopted

Cambodia Seeking Justice in the Killing Fields


Terror’s Advocate


Press Release on Plenary Session

Bid to End Deadlock in Cambodia Genocide Tribunal 


Cambodia Genocide Judges Meeting Again to Finalize Internal Rules


Villagers Find and Loot Cambodian Killing Field


The Need to Study the History of Democratic Kampuchea


Cambodian Leader to Stop Talking About Khmer Rouge Genocide Tribunal


Resolution, Not Revenge


The People vs. Khmer Rouge


Process Remains Fraught in Decades-Long Wait for Justice in Cambodia

Forum Finds Tribunal Angst Over Cooperation, Money

Cambodia Tribunal Clears Procedural Hurdle



With Lower Fees, Tribunal Judges Ready to Move Forward

U.N. Finally Sees Smooth Path to Khmer Rouge Trial


Statement from the International Judges of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia


High Fees Dropped for Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Tribunal


Review of Genocide Project: A History of Democratic Kampuchea


Cambodian-Penned Khmer Rouge Genocide History Book to be Unveiled


The Collective for Khmer Rouge Victims Says a Trial Which Would Not

Bring Justice to Victims Would Be Worse Than No Trial at All


ADHOC Creates Nationwide Network Providing Information and Watching Khmer Rouge Tribunal


Khmer Rouge Irrigation Development in Cambodia


Pran Still Just Wants to Know: Why?


Time Short for Genocide Justice in Cambodia


Official: Press on With Khmer Tribunal


Revisiting Genocide and Learning about Legal Justice


Cambodian Judges in Khmer Rouge Tribunal Say Ultimatum Uncalled For


Press Release: Issued at the Request of the National Judges of the ECCC


NGOs Blast Bar Association on Tribunal, as Diplomats Remain Hopeful


Cambodian NGO Launches European Commission Funded Project for DK Trials


International Khmer Rouge Trial Judges Announce Boycott


International Judges of ECCC Say April Plenary is Not Possible




Buddhist Leader's Body Subject of Global Dispute


Cambodian Bar Association Accuses Foreign Judges of Hindering Khmer Rouge Tribunal


Legal Issues Dominate Discussion


Khmer Rouge Genocide Trial Back on Track


Workshop Set for Khmer Rouge Trials in Cambodia


Cham Muslim Youth and Law Students Tour: Learning about Genocide and the ECCC


Bar Fee Dispute Delays Khmer Rouge Hearings


Chief Defense Lawyer Vows to Prevent Collapse of Khmer Rouge Tribunal


Khmer Rouge Trial Rules Agreed at Last 

UN Louise Arbour: All Countries Deserve Scrutiny when it comes to Human Rights, Including Cambodia


Despite Delays, Cambodia Foreign Minister Sees Khmer Rouge Trial Taking Place


Too Much Too Young


Cambodian Tribunal Mired by Dispute


Bar Association OKs Foreign Lawyers, With Fees and Controls


Major Barrier to Khmer Rouge Trials is Removed


My Father, Pol Pot's Butcher


UN Spokesperson: Judicial Committee Meets to Discuss Khmer Rouge Trials


Crisis Talks to Save Khmer Rouge Trials


Talks to Save Khmer Rouge Trials


Khmer Rouge Official to be Detained Until Late 2008


Khmer Rouge Judges in Last-Ditch Bid to Save Tribunals


List of Toul Sleng (S-21) Prisoners Who Survived in 1979


Jailed Ex-Khmer Rouge Prison Chief Hit with New Charges


Human Rights Groups Call for Khmer Rouge Trial to Follow International Standards


Kar Savuth: ‘I Will Request the Release of Kaing Khek Iev, Known as Duch, from Detention Awaiting Trial’



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