Subject: Caroline Cutler Metcalf
Date: 1850
Photographer: Unknown
Size: 13cm X 17.5cm

Trustee Rev. Jacob Ide spoke of CCM at the 50th anniversary:
"She came here in 1850, bringing her superb presence, bringing character, bringing ability, bringing electricity. She made the seminary's interests her own, from the moment she took charge of it. She prayed for it, and worked for it, and watched over it, with a solicitude that was rewarded with immediate, permanent, and invaluable results. If anyone spoke favorably to her of Wheaton Seminary, her grateful enthusiasm was kinkled at once, to the highest degree; but if any one spoke in disparagement of it, or worse than this, intruded upon the welfare of her sacred charge---well, peace be to his ashes! If her blazing left any of them ...Her executive power was something wonderful. No one ever questioned it. If I were called upon to name the secret of her remarkable power as an instructor, I should say that it was tact; a quick and accurate judgement of character, and a singular ability of moulding it into accordance with her own. She had an uncommon amount of that unpurchasable, untransferable quality called common sense---she sought to find in her teachers character, originality, and devotion to their pupils." (shepard, p98-99)

Subject: Caroline Cutler Metcalf
Date: 1870
Photographer: Metcalf & Welldon
Size: 6.5cm X 10.5cm

Principal of Wheaton Female Seminary from 1850 to 1876, Mrs. Metcalf strengthened the faculty, curriculum, and enrollment. She brought in such faculty as Mary Jane Cragin and Lucy Larcom, and hired the first full-time physical education instructor (her niece). She experimented with new curricular ideas, such as correspondence and teacher-training courses, and co-education.

Subject: Caroline Cutler Metcalf
Date: 1880
Photographer: W. Shaw Warren
Size: 10.5cm X 16.5cm

Mrs. Metcalf was a strong-minded and dedicated woman, who was not above threatening resignation as a means of coercing the Trustees into complying with her wishes. While she was a strict disciplinarian, the students loved her. The original boarding house, demolished in 1932-33, and a dormitory replacing it in 1933, were named in her memory.

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