Post Winter CPL 2003 Shake Down

Posted by NoToRiOuS at 22:56, 20/12/2003

The dust has settled down in Texas and SK have managed to shake their flu and retain the CPL crown with considerable ease. The only teams to really test SK were American RDW and their fellow Swedes, team Online. However no one can take it away from SK, they came most prepared and had the best tactics. As a result SK walk away as top dog.

My personal take on Winter CPL 2003, I think the dark horses had to be made in Brazil. mibr came from practically no where and eliminated both 3D and 4Kings in one day, both of which were in the top 5 seedings. Look out for these guys in future, maybe they can pull out a top 3 next time.

The "mix team" of NoA also did a lot better than most expected, even our very own Myers got it wrong, they finished 2nd. Personally the biggest disappointment was 3D, the American heavy weights hyped up to be possible SK killers. They were first toppled by their fellow Americans United5, then dumped out by those Brazilian bad boys mibr and finishing in the 13 - 16th bracket.

With regards to 4Kings I think it was a good experience for them as a new team to get under their belts. It seemed pretty obvious that they haven't quite had time to gel yet. However, I believe that everyone will agree, there is huge potential in the team with the addition of Snajdan and Hartman.

Overal the CPL was great in my view, lots of upsets and close games. As a spectator the whole experience was greatly enhanced by the TSN crew who deserve a huge pat on the back. They really do enjoy their jobs and it shows. However I do wish they had people who were a little more experienced in the games they shoutcasted. One example off the top of my head was mibr vs 4Kings. mibr were CT and killed all of 4K and got the defuse. Shoutcaster "wow he got an ace" (all 5 kills in 1 round) "wait a minute, how do you get 8 kills in 1 round... Oh it must be a bug". Defuse frags lads, great job nonetheless.

To conclude my shake down, there is a run down of the final places of the teams below:

1. SK - $30,000
2. NoA - $21,000
3. mousesports - $14,000
4. Adrenaline[GX] - $9,000
5. mibr - $6,000
6. Team64 - $5,000
7. United 5 - $3,000
8. 4Kings - $2,000
9-12. RDW, Forsaken, Drake, g3x.Intel - $1,500
13-16. TEC, TSG, 3D, Gamewyze - $1,000
All eyes now fall on CXG and beyond.
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23:06 20/12/2003
ernie rocks :] [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
23:06 20/12/2003
Thought id put it in a column since it became rather long :/ [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
23:15 20/12/2003
did anyone have any shield tactics? i only saw 1 match 4K vs Forsaken [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
fluid element
23:15 20/12/2003
u go girl [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
fluid element
23:16 20/12/2003
it would be good some day that they could intergrate HLTV and a shoutcast into file to download, wud be so much better then [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
23:16 20/12/2003
tom u owe me a quadruple quater pounder burger, so a 1lb burger! [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
23:33 20/12/2003
didnt they ban the shield? [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
23:49 20/12/2003
thought we cancelled it when i invited u into #one.cs [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
00:09 21/12/2003
shoutcasters were funny and even tho they knew jack s*** bout cs like Team64 previously being omg! and that they seemed to think the c4 timer was 30 and discussed how mouz lost a round to 4k when the bomb went off even tho it was planted too late was funny. add to that pretty much no knowledge of y ppl eco, it made for funny listening [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
00:44 21/12/2003
Nice roundup...I don't think mibr came from nowhere though. Since I've been watching international tournys mibr have always impressed me and I think they are very underrated. I didn't think they'd beat 3D and 4K but I thought they'd be close games. [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
00:48 21/12/2003
Agree that the TsN guys are a good laugh if a little misinformed. I remember the "bug" comment in 4k vs mibr, and also another time the ask was apparently "$2750".

Nothing much, still good entertainment. Shame about 4K from a UK point of view, but at least in CXG (provided they have working HLTV etc) we'll have 3 UK teams to watch lose!! ;) [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
00:49 21/12/2003
the ak* [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
01:00 21/12/2003
on shoutcast they kept on going on about how you can sync your shoutcast to the same pace as the hltv by pausing it, although for me the shoutcast was a minute behind what was going on, wp :/ [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
01:01 21/12/2003
3 teams are? 4k, amd, and...? [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
The Incarnate
01:01 21/12/2003
Nice round up. It was a decent tournament to watch and to listen to. The shoutcasing was impressive, even if some of them sounded like WWF commentators. Would be interesting to see if that can throw it some facts and statistics into it next time round. [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
01:17 21/12/2003
I-eS Stabby [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
02:24 21/12/2003
I was going to write a nice constructive criticism of this, but i wont bother. Let's just say this is definitely a column, if not a forum post rather than an article ;) Definitely not worthy of a news post tho. [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
03:09 21/12/2003
what the, ernie gave up food for irc ?!


/me strokes [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
08:17 21/12/2003
go Ernie! :D [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
09:40 21/12/2003
mibr have been around a while and have been to previous cpls noto :P [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
10:02 21/12/2003
even though mibr have been around a while, no1 expected top 5 :/ so i think no where is a fair comment. Aye the shoutcast was behind the HLTV, which was a right b***h aswell :/ [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
11:08 21/12/2003
shock isnt mibr who are decent, makes u go hmmm more than ne thing. The shock really is 3D doing appaling. But saying that, could have been v.arogant going into it - alot of americans are on "native soil" :/. [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
11:08 21/12/2003
shock isnt mibr who are decent, makes u go hmmm more than ne thing. The shock really is 3D doing appaling. But saying that, could have been v.arogant going into it - alot of americans are on "native soil" :/. [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
11:54 21/12/2003
i saw 3D rambo in town last nite asked him for some lessons he told me it wasnt him but i know it was [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
12:44 21/12/2003
i know mibr been around but no1 expected them to beat 3D nor 4K if you would have said it before CPL started. [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
12:47 21/12/2003
Yeah, they also mistook Team 64 for TAG (ex-OMG!)..

but in fairness I thought they brought a lot of unique American excitement into the frame and gave the whole event lots of credit. Even if they did suddenly start losing their professional edge when a member of the female species passed by.

Would someone explain how that Winamp sync thing works? I couldn't figure out why it was so slow after I paused it... and I tried a few things. Would be nice for the future :) [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
13:19 21/12/2003
3D have only lived up the hyp once - when they won CPL Winter. Even when they came second at WCG they didn't live up to the hype because so many people thought the addition of boms would give them 1st place easily...SHAME

Apparently Torbull said to u5 leader before the match

"Have you seen who you're playing next"

Obviously meaning to say you're playing us and you're gonna get raped [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
13:37 21/12/2003
the 2 swe carryed 4kings [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
Sniper's Alley
13:54 21/12/2003
I will hear nothing bad about TSN, I really enjoyed there commentry, And its a step in the right direction as they at least have personality on the mike.

And being able to talk about there fizzy exploding balls for a good 2 minutes did make me laugh. :) [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
16:55 21/12/2003
Shoucast could be synced with HLTV, when you connected you could see there were about 5-6 different broadcasts of the same thing each having a different delay. The top one was closest to the real match afaik and it was delayed further down you went. Paused it to listen at the same time as HLTV for some of their games, kind of confuses you 'Potti is about to run right into Jonny R!!', at which point their both on completly different levels/bombpoints =] [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
20:11 21/12/2003
kit you are a fountain of good ideas! [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
20:53 21/12/2003
you can also pause the shout cast, so when they say LIVE LIVE LIVE, u pause winamp then start it when it says LIVE LIVE LIVE on HLTV. then its completely sync'd up.

it's how i did it anyways. [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
21:58 21/12/2003
fs itd take valve 5 years minimum just to come up with a plan on how to implement that idea. dont get your hopes up [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
22:55 21/12/2003
Was a reality dom, not an idea [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
13:31 22/12/2003
you're meant to pause the stream when they say 'pause now' and then unpause when the match starts proper on hltv...but then as soon as you unpause the stream rebuffers and you're a minute behind again :( [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
23:07 22/12/2003
didnt re-buffer for me when i paused, i was dead on to the second :) [ Comment: Report | IP: Logged ]
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