Segobriga in the Real World


The following is basically culled from reading the information available at the various sites listed below.  All of the conclusions drawn may not be completely accurate in every detail, but hopefully the overall effect is not horribly divergent from reality.

History in a Nutshell:  Segobriga was originally inhabited by a tribe of Celt-Iberians. They had interaction with other Mediterranean cultures, including the Greeks and Carthaginians. Eventually they were conquered by the Romans, the waning of whose influence coincided with the rise to power of the Visigoths. The Romans had built over the original Celtic settlement, and it is basically these ruins that remain, along with some post-Roman (i.e., Visigothic) structures. Christianity was clearly a strong influence, as Segobriga was an episcopal see during the Roman-Visigothic period. At some point prior to, or perhaps coincident with, the Moorish invasion, the original site was slowly abandoned, such that the modern city of Segorbe is located nearby, but not on top of, the original. It is the church in this city, not Segobriga's, that was converted to a mosque during the Islamic era, then razed and rebuilt as a Christian church following the Reconquista.

Economy and Industry:  There is evidence of farming (agriculture and animal husbandry) and mining in the area.  Research needs to be done into the types of crops, animals, etc. produced in the region.





modernmapclose.jpg (18931 bytes)

A closeup map of Segobriga's location.  References are, I assume, modern; unfortunately no scale is provided.


cityplan.jpg (30068 bytes)

A map of the plan of the city.  The legend is in Spanish, unfortunately.  My best guesses for a translation:

  1. Hispano-Visigothic Basilica
  2. Museum
  3. Hispano-Visigothic Necropolis (i.e., cemetery)
  4. Theater
  5. Amphitheater
  6. Baths
  7. Hermitage
  8. Walls
  9. ???
  10. Temple of Diana
  11. Quarry
  12. ???

The text at the bottom left of the map reads "Carretera a Quintanar," or Quintanar Highway; that at top reads something like "Rio Cigueta," or Cigueta River.


amphitheateraerial.jpg (18798 bytes)

Aerial overview of the amphitheater.


amphitheater.jpg (66131 bytes)

Large view of the amphitheater.


amphitheaterdetail1.jpg (11432 bytes)

Smaller detail view of the amphitheater.


segobrig.gif (14270 bytes)

An overview of the theater.


theaterdetail1.jpg (12508 bytes)

A detail of the theater's stage area.


theaterdetail2.jpg (18447 bytes)

A detail of the theater's seating area.


apodyterium.jpg (131506 bytes)

A large detail of the apodyterium attached to the public bath.


apodyteriumdetail1.jpg (15041 bytes)

Another detail of the apodyterium.


spadetail1.jpg (12940 bytes)

A detail of the bath itself.