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President, Yun Bo-seon (1960-1962)

Cheongwadae, Office of the President, Republic of Korea

Name in Full Yun Bo-seon
Place of Birth A San, South Chungcheong Date of Birth August 26, 1897
Academic Background
Period Name of School Major Remarks
-1930 University of Edinburgh    
Personal History
Period career history
1922- Member of the Korean Provisional Assembly
1945- Adviser, Office of Agriculture and Commerce, Military Government Office
1946- President of Min Jung Il Bo(Min Jung Daily Newspaper)
1948-1949 Served as the 4th Mayor of Seoul
1949-1950 The 2nd Ministry of Commerce & Industry
1950-1952 The 2nd President of the Red Cross Society
1949-1950 President, New Life Organization for Disabled Veterans
1949- President, Korea-British Association
1954- Member, 3rd National Assembly( Republic Party, Jongro)
1957- Chairman, Central Office of the Democratic Party
1958-1960 4th and 5th Assemblyman ( Democratic Party)
1959- Supreme Assemblyman of the Democratic Party
1960-1962 The 4th President of Korea
1963- Formation of political party, MinJeong Party
1963- The 6th Assemblyman( Min Jeong Party)
1965- Formation of Minjung Party
1966- Formation of Sin Han Party, President
1967- Runs for President, Sin Min Party
1967- Adviser of SinMin Party
1971-1971 President of GukMin Party
1979- Permanent Adviser for President of Sin Min Party
1979-1990 President, National History Rectifying Organization
-1985 Gyeong Hi University, Honorary of doctors of Laws
-1985 United State International University, Honorary Doctorate - Law
1990 Passed away
Major Publications
-Thorny Path to National Salvation

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