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Interviews :: Warren Spector
  • Questions 1-10
  • Questions 11-20
  • Questions 21-29

Warren Spector Interview - Q11 - 20
11. Where did you get the game's name? I can tell you that we were very lucky to get, because coming up with another name would have been impossible!

>>WS: The origins of the name "Deus Ex" are shrouded in mystery. I honestly don't remember who came up with it but, given that most people thought I was nuts when I expressed enthusiasm for it, it's probably my fault... It comes from the lit crit term "deus ex machina" which means, "god from the machine."<<

12. This game seems to have a lot more of a plot to it, and has a Wing Commander sense when it comes to making decisions. Do you feel that this game could be played over and over again, taking different routes, and therefore, making Deus Ex, in truth, several games in one?

>>WS: Certainly, we're hearing about folks playing the game more than once and trying lots of different ways to get past game problems. But replayability, while a nice side benefit, wasn't the real reason for making a game where player decisions count. If you want to see the real reason, check out some of the message topics on the ION BBS or on Usenet -- people are posting stuff about how they got past an obstacle and other people are responding with their own stories about how they did it differently. That's totally awesome! What we wanted was a game where each player's story is different. And it looks like we may have succeeded.<<

13. How much modifying was done to the Unreal Tournament engine? Heavy, light, middle? What did you add/take away?

>>WS: Define "heavy, light, middle." We added our own UI libraries, all the 2D stuff is ours, the conversation system is ours (and, man, did programmer Al Yarusso do a great job on that!), the inventory and all the other interface stuff is ours. We did a lot of AI work. All the weapons are ours... We just did a bunch of stuff. I guess, if you forced me, I'd say "middle."<<

14. Why does Deus Ex run so laggy on my Athlon 550 with a Riva TNT2 card on 800 X 600 X 16 in Direct3D? Was this a driver issue in the demo? Is it fixed in the final edition or will it be a patch?

>>WS: We're still looking into D3D issues. Enough people have commented that we recognize it was an issue. We're working with the appropriate people to see what we can do about a fix. In the meantime, we recommend turning detail textures off and, if necessary, running at a lower resolution.<<

15. How was the experience in developing the game? Did the staff get along well and grow together like the Partridge Family? Or was there a split between programmers, sound engineers, and graphic designers?

>>WS: Making a game means basically living with twenty or so people for a couple of years. Some are going to get along. Some aren't. There's always tension between tech guys and non-tech guys. Throw in the additional tensions created by our desire to make a game that defied categorization and it's kind of a miracle we didn't all kill each other. But we didn't. And as the arguments about what the game should be faded and the game itself became playable, things started to come into focus. In the second half of our production process, the game came together and we could all SEE the stuff we'd been discussing in the abstract... That's when the team came together, too.<<

16. The below questions are all about MULTIPLAYER, and if you can answer them, please do so, if not, you may skip them.

>>WS: I think I'll pass on answering questions about multiplayer. Our plans aren't firmed up enough to warrant discussion at this time...<<

17. In regards to mod development, will there be a source code released (SDK) or anything so that the mod community can get at Deus Ex, prolonging its life in the gaming community?

>>WS: Our current plan is to polish up the tools and documentation a bit and release them. Don't have a time frame or anything yet, so all I can say is sit tight.<<

18. Will we see an add-on to Deus Ex, or will this be a stand-alone game, where the only thing we have to look forward to is the possibility of a sequel?

>>WS: Too early to say. We're discussing some add-in possibilities, both internally and with some folks outside, but nothing definite. Assuming the game sells well enough to warrant it, I think you can count on an internally developed, full-blown sequel.<<

19. Where did you come up with the player names?

>>WS: The name "J.C. Denton" came from some friends of mine, Brad and Barb Denton. (Brad's a terrific writer -- if you haven't read his novels Blackburn or Lunatics or some of his short stories, go get 'em now!) We needed a nice, unisex name to go with the "Denton" bit and "J.C." flowed nicely. Of course, we didn't end up offering the female player character option so there was no real need for the unisex name but, oh well. By the time we finally made the male-only decision we were all so used to calling the character J.C. we just stuck with it.<<

20. Regarding weaponry, did you try to stick with standard weapons, or are you going all out?

>>WS: If by "all out" you mean coming up with weapons that were all cool, useful and decidedly different in functionality then I'd say we went all out. We have a bunch of weapons, several tied to each of our weapon skills. How do YOU think we did?<<

[ Questions 1-10 | Questions 21-29 ]  

Questions 1-10
Questions 11-20
Questions 21-29


Fully Dynamic Shadows and Lighting in the new Deus Ex mod for UT2004

Submitted by fender2k1
When you played DX did you run it on..
 Software Rendering
 Direct X
 Open GL

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