Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the territory of the United States, south of the river Ohio, for the purposes of temporary government, shall be one district; the inhabitants of which shall enjoy all the privi­leges, benefits and advantages, set forth in the Ordinance of the late Congress, for the government of the territory of the United States, north‑west of the river Ohio; and the government of the said ter­ritory, South of the Ohio, shall be similar to that which is now exercised in the territory north‑west of the Ohio; except so far as is otherwise provided in the conditions expressed in an Act of Congress of the present session, entitled, "An Act to accept a cession of the claims of the State of North Carol­ina, to a certain district of western territory. "

And be it further enacted, That the salaries of the Officers, which the President of the United States shall nominate, and with the advice and con­sent of the Senate, appoint by virtue of this Act, shall be the same as those, by law established, of similar Officers in the government north‑west of the river Ohio.‑And the powers, duties, and emol­uments of a Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern department, shall be united with those of the Governor.




Speaker of the House of Representatives.


    Vice President of the United States, and

President of the Senate.


   Approved May twenty sixth 1790


                                                                    G. WASHINGTON

                                                                        President of the United States