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Friday, 28th September 2007

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Alexander in shock Burnley move


Watch Paul Simpson explain the Graham Alexander transfer
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Preston skipper Graham Alexander is to join Lancashire rivals Burnley.
A £200,000 fee has been agreed between Preston North End and Burnley with the right-back signing a two-year contract at Turf Moor.

Scotland international Alexander made his 400th appearance for North End against Colchester last Saturday and had just started his ninth season with the club.

Preston chairman Derek Shaw told PNE's official website: "We don't particulary want to sell Graham but he has the comfort of a two-year contract at Burnley whereas he only has one year here at Deepdale.

"We quite possibly would have renewed Graham's contract, he's a fit man.

"Graham also feels that it is in his best interests to get a two-year contract at his age, so we wish him well."
Watch a slideshow of Grezza's Preston North End career.

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Last Updated: 30 August 2007 5:08 PM
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Preston 30/08/2007 14:09:24

I give up! We finally get cover at right back and now we're in the same place as we started. How long before someone is crying that we have no-one to replace an injured or suspended Jones? Graham, I can only thank you for everything - you'll be sorely missed.



30/08/2007 14:26:33

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Whittle 30/08/2007 14:28:52

I agree with pnefanatic Simmo harps on about wanting competition so who is going to be competing with Billy Jones, I suppose when he is unavailable we will resort to playing a centre half or midfielder at right back, the bean counters will say that we only paid 50 grand for him and got 400 games then sold him for a 150 grand profit, good luck to Grezza he has been a great servant to this club and always plays with his heart on his sleeve, but why Burnley??



Deepdale, Preston 30/08/2007 14:29:24

Crackers ! -sell your captain,the most consistent player, a dead ball specalist to the opposition , the usual PNE way !, they've surpassed themselves selling to the Dingles . Then there'll be a injury crisis and complaints of only having a small squad with little cover in various positions . Why not ring Blackpool up and auction off the first team squad .



twickenham 30/08/2007 14:34:27

- let me picture the scene . Captain questions managers training / tactics . Manager gets upset . Team further undermined . Player looks for another team . Chairman distracted by other events . No leadership here . Thanks Graham for all the loyalty and great moments. I hope our league survival does jnot depend on a penalty decision . I also hear in London that pugh is leaving . Team seems very threadbare and demoralised


Les Chapman's False Teeth,

Preston 30/08/2007 14:42:20

The season of Doom strikes again. Bang goes our next coach...



30/08/2007 14:42:52

The fans that have booed at games and consistantly had a pop at the players are to blame for this. Don't expect loyalty from the players when they are getting NONE from the fans. All the best Grezza


Muzza ,

Preston 30/08/2007 14:47:30

Unbelievable!!! I'm lost for words!


Muzza ,

Preston 30/08/2007 14:48:39

Unbelievable!!! I'm lost for words!



Preston 30/08/2007 14:51:35

They say it's a mad, mad, mad world but the crazy men who run PNE can surpass that! Yes, indeedio - the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Thank you Graham for your years of service and leadership - you have been a star, all the very best.

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