Venetian Snares: Infolepsy EP
Coredump Records

Prepare to be bludgeoned by five tracks of ultra-sick breakcore madness by Aaron Funk. “Twelve” slices Sesame Street counting to shreds against a firestorm of spastic jazz and furious breakbeats while “Absolute Smakatrosmic” stokes a broil of acid hellishness. Unbelievably, the two sound almost restrained next to the crushing bulldoze of “Where's Bill?,” The Bride herself choking on the title while mastodon beats hammer like a thousand M16s. A man's foaming rant kickstarts “Americanized,” a volcanic exercise that rivals “Where's Bill?” for intensity, while the equally merciless “Punishing2004” (an updated “Punishing the Atoms”) adds MC Skm's vitriolic screams (“This was your fault / This was your mistake”) to its anvil assault. Infolepsy is—literally—mind-boggling. Close the windows, crank it up, and brace yourself for the obliterating onslaught.

September 2005