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South Bridge

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Explanatory Note on Planning and Building of the Southern Bridge Route

In accordance with the Decision of Riga City Council No. 950 of 29 January 2002, “On the project of the Sonthern Bridge over the Daugava” Riga City Council City Development Department, as a customer started to work on the development of the Southern Bridge project in 2002. The City Development Department of the Riga City Council developed the design task for the route of the Southern Bridge, which would connect Vienibas gatve on the left bank of the Daugava and the Slavu roundabout on the right bank of the Daugava. The total length of the route is 8 km.

Further on, in the process of work the sketch design of the project were developed. They were approved on 20 June 2003. The chief designer of the bridge sketch design was “Tiltprojekts” Ltd. (Manager - G.Rusinov), that has developed the motorways route plan, structural decision of overhead roads over Krasta and Maskavas iela. But the bridge construction for the so-called “strut frame” or small guy-wire bridge system was designed by the St. Petersburg Design Institute “Institut Giprostroimost Sankt-Peterburg” of the Russian Federation (Chief Engineer - I.Kolushev). The development of the bridge architecture and design was entrusted to the design group “Arhitektonika” (Chief Architect I.Lagzdinsh) after an international meeting organized by the Riga City Council concerning the architectural and construction solutions for the Southern Bridge. Joint Stock Co. “Dienvidu Tilts”, uniting six Latvian construction companies (“Skonto buve” Ltd., Joint Stock Co. “BMGS”, Joint Stock Co. “Latvijas tilti”, “Rigas tilti”, “Tilts” Ltd., and “Viadukts” Ltd.) was the winner of the competition for the right to develop the technical project of the Southern Bridge and to perform the construction. Joint Stock Co. “Dienvidu Tilts” was created in June of the year 2002.

Realization of the Southern Bridge route building is divided into three stages: The first stage, on planning and building of which a competition was opened, includes the building of the ferriage over the Daugava, that will connect Bauskas iela on the left bank and the Slavu railway overpass on the right one. Length of the route is 2.5 km. Expenses on realization are LVL 85.12 million. The route includes part of the road from Bauskas iela till the Daugava and from overhead roads over Krasta and Maskavas ielas till the Slavu railway overpass. The main engineering buildings of the first stage are the Southern Bridge over the Daugava and three-level overhead road over Krasta and Maskavas iela. It is worth mentioning that this overhead road is the first three-level transport building in Latvia. The first stage of planning and building will be carried out by means of a long term loan. Payment of this loan will be done by self-government during 20 - 30 years.

The Building Planning and Development Department of the City Development Department executes the functions of customer and supervises the building project. Edward Raubishko is the manager of the Department. The planning has been started according to Riga City Council decision No. 2878 of 10 February 2004 “On the Southern Bridge over the Daugava, with access roads, the agreement of the first stage technical project development” of 31 March 2004. The project of bridge bearing, bridge spans, part of the overhead road’s bearing over Krasta and Maskavas iela on the left bank of the road and engineering communications is completed. According to Riga City Council Decision No. 3478 of 12 October 2004 “On agreement of the first stage of the Southern Bridge building” building of the Southern Bridge has been started in November, 2004. All the bridge bearings have already been concreted. They have been approved on 21 December 2005 by the Commission for the bridge spans building.

The second stage involves the reconstruction of the Slavu railway overpass. In order not to interrupt transportation function of the building during realization of the reconstruction, in the beginning a new four-lane overpass will be built. After completion of its building and beginning of exploitation, the presently working overpass will be reconstructed. At the same time, the three-level overhead road of the Slavu roundabout will be built.

The third stage foresees the building of a motorway from Vienibas gatve street till Bauskas street with two-level crossroads with Ziepniekkalna street and Bauskas street. Ziepniekkalna street will be the main entrance highway to Riga from the southward.

The Southern Bridge building stages

The Southern Bridge building stages Length km Terms of realization
First stage – from Bauskas street to Slavu railway overpass 2.5 2004-2008
Second stage – Slavu railway overpass reconstruction and building of the three-level overhead road of the Slavu rotation circle 1.0 approximately 2008-2010
Third stage – from Vienibas gatve street to Bauskas street 4.5 approximately 2010-2012

1. Stage - from Bauskas street to Slavu railway overpass

  • Three-level overhead road over Krasta – Maskavas streets
  • Left bank to Bauskas street

2. Stage - Slavu railway overpass reconstruction and building of the three-level overhead road of the Slavu rotation circle

  • Slavu overpass
  • Three-level overhead road of Slavu street

3. Stage - from Vienibas gatve street to Bauskas street

  • Ziepniekkalna street intersection
  • Malu street intersection
  • Valdeku street intersection
  • Vienibas gatve street intersection