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Adams, Brian: Also known as Crush in the WWF was arrested and placed on probation for possession of steroids and weapons violation in Hawaii. After he returned to the WWF he did the ex-con gimmick where people would chant "jail bird" at him, even though he only served probation, not an actual jail sentence.

Armstrong, Bill: Arrested 02-13-1998. Real name Gary Dean Mabe for two counts of statutory rape, and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor stemming from an alleged incident in North Carolina involving a ten year old girl. Bill Armstrong was a mid-atlantic area independent wrestler and not related to the Bob Armstrong family.

Bagwell, Buff: Arrested May 9, 2000 for allegedly striking a ring assistant back stage. Bagwell was suspended from WCW for 30 days. The ring assistant also filed a civil suit against Bagwell.

Barr, Art: Arrested 08-11-1989 in Eugene, OR for rape. The charges are plea bargained down to a sexual misconduct charge.

Bass, Nicole: Arrested 09-16-2000 in Lower Manhatten, NY after biting the thumb of a police officer following an altercation with a third party. Bass was charged with third degree assault.

Black, Billy: Arrested 06-10-1999 in Loganville, GA for assualt after he and fellow wrestler Vic Roze assaulted promoter Bill Behrens and wrestler T.J. Gray following a dispute.

Black Ninja: Arrested 11-14-1997 in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Real name Luis Rios Rodriguez of WWC was charged with raping his minor stepdaughter.

Corino, Steve: Arrested 11-22-1997 in Louisburg, NC following a Southern Championship Wrestling show for allegedly assaulting Dexter Holly, a manager. This wasn't an angle and Holly wasn't even booked on the show. I never heard the out come of the case, but I seriously doubt anything ever came of it.

Dudley, Big Dick: Real name Alex Rizzo was on probation stemming from something he did before he became a wrestler. Anyway, in 1997 he did something to revoke his probation, but undoubtably they straightened the whole thing out as he returned to ECW a few months later.

Duggan, Jim: Arrested 05-26-1987 along with the Iron Sheik for possession of marijuana and illegal possession of alcohol. Duggan receives a conditional discharge while the Iron Sheik gets one year probation.

Fernandez, Manny: Arrested 2-1998 on an independent show in North Carolina after holding a raffle for some merchandise then skipping out with the money and never holding the drawing. Fernandez was released on bail later that night.

Flair, Ric: Arrested 03-08-1996 in Charlotte, NC for letting an underaged woman drive his car while intoxicated. The woman, a 20 year old named Collette Eleen McCune allegedly had a blood alcohol content of 0.15. The legal limit in North Carolina is 0.08.

Giant, The (Paul Wight): Arrested 06-19-1998 in Uniondale, NY for allegedly assaulting a Robert Sawyer, Jr. at a Marriott Hotel... Arrested 12-03-1998 for sexual battery, where he allegedly sexually approached a hotel worker in Memphis, TN. Criminal charges were dropped, but a civil suit was filed.

Gilbert, Doug: Arrested 04-1997 along with Tommy Rich for allegedly skipping town with up front money paid to them by River Cities Wrestling in Virginia. Rich and Gilbert were also arrested the previous weekend in Pleasants County, VA for possession of marijuana, although charges against Gilbert were dropped when Rich paid the fine.

Gotch, Karl: Arrested for assualting Buddy Rogers in the dressing room in a shoot along with Dr. Bill Miller. Real name Karl Istaz.

Grunge, Johnny: Arrested 02-1996 for DUI after borrowing without permission a WCW production truck. Grunge (Mike Durham) spent several hours in jail. He and tag team partner Rocco Rock (Ted Petty) had only been working for WCW for a month.

Guerrera, Juventud: Arrested 10-08-2000 and plead guilty to two counts of assaulting police, one of assault causing bodily harm, one count of disorderly conduct, one count of indecent exposure, and one count of possession of a dangerous drug in Brisbane, Australia following an October 8th incident at an Australian hotel. He was fined \\$2,050 and ordered to pay $1,400 in compensation to the three police officers he attacked. A conviction was not put on his record because it would impede his ability to travel internationally and negatively affect his wrestling career. He was sent home from the tour and released from WCW.

Hall, Scott: Arrested 07-30-1998 in Baton Rouge, LA for simple battery, disturbing the peace, and public intoxication following an alleged incident where he put his hands on a 56 year old woman in an improper fashion... Arrested 10-01-1998 on criminal mischief charges in Orlando, FL for allegedly scratching a limousine with a key. The driver who was inside the limo called police, who then arrested Hall... Arrested 10-28-2000 on probation violation stemming from the limousine incident after Hall failed to meet all his community service requirements... Arrested 11-22-2000 in Saford, FL for DUI. His blood alchol level was .26 and the legal limit in Florida was .08. He was enroute to pick up his kids at the time and was driving the wrong way on a one way street... Arrested 12-02-2000 in Florida for kicking in the door of a Taxi cab.

Haynes, Billy Jack: Arrested 12-04-1998 in St. Helens, OR on Theft charges related to taking advanced money for promoting a show and then never holding the show.

Invader I: Real name Jose Gonzalez was charged in the murder of Bruiser Brody in 1988, though he was acquitted on the charges basically for lack of prosecution when several key witnesses refused to testify.

Iron Sheik: Arrested 05-26-1987. See Jim Duggan for details.
Kirschner, Mike Cpl.: Arrested 1988. Also known as Super Leather in Japan. Served time and probation for failure to pay child support.

Knight, Jason: Arrested 05-01-2000. ECW manager was arrested on a failure to appear in court warrant for DUI which was four years old in Walkill, NY. Knight turned himself into police.

K-9, Johnny: (AKA: Bruiser Bedlam). Arrested 12-19-1996 in Hamilton, ON Canada. Real name John Croitoru. Arrested on drug trafficking and weapons charges, traffic in marijuana and steroids and possession of stolen property.

Konnan: Real name Charles Ashenoff, has been arrested numerous times in Mexico for fighting with fans. Most were minor disturbance charges and to the best of my knowledge he has never served time for any of them. Arrested 07-20-1999 in San Diego, CA on Threats with intent to terrorize and injury to a spouse charges.

LaFon, Phil: Arrested 11-1997 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for assault with intent to do bodily harm when he and another male got into a physical confrontation which involved a gun in what was basically a strange domestic dispute with a woman involved. I do not know the outcome of the case, though I don't believe LaFon was convicted of the charges.

Lawler, Jerry: Lawler was arrested for statutory rape in an incident involving a 13 year old Kentucky girl. The alleged victim later recanted her story and the charges were dismissed... Arrested 03-16-1999 in Memphis, TN after receiving a ticket at the Memphis International Airport, Lawler allegedly tore up the ticket, threw it down and then ran over the officers foot. He was taken to jail where he posted bond. Lawler was indicted for reckless endangerment on September 23, 1999 by a Shelby County, TN Grand Jury.

Lewis, Ed "Strangler": According Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lewis was arrested once for assualt following a party in Tijuana, Mexico. According to the news letter charges were later dropped.

McMahon, Vince K. Jr: The famous distribution of steroid trial, the charges of which he was acquitted.

Meng: Arrested 10-25-1988 in Baltimore, MD. Real name Uliuli Fifita was charged with assault after nearly biting a mans nose off in a bar fight in Baltimore, MD. I'm not sure how this case ever turned out as it happened back in the late 1980's.
Miller, Dr. Bill: Arrested along with Karl Gotch for assualting Buddy Rogers in a dressing room in a shoot.

Mosca, Angelo: Arrested 07-25-1999 for being in an illegal gambling house.

Mulligan, Blackjack: Arrested 1994? Real name Bob Windham, served time in prison for counterfeiting in the mid- 1990's with son Kendall. Arrested by the U.S. Secret Service in co-operation with local agencies. Mulligan and son spent 24 months in prison.

Neidhart, Jim: Arrested 02-28-1987 on a Grand jury indictment of assaulting and interfering with a flight attendant. He is eventually acquitted of the charges... Arrested 09-07-1998 on an old bad check warrant in Pensacola, FL.

New Jack (Jerome Young): Arrested 01-27-1996 in Morristown, TN after getting into a confrontation with a 14 year old boy at a Smoky Mountain Wrestling show, then into an altercation with police.

Norris, Tony: Arrested 01-08-1999 in Miami, FL for promoting prostitiution. Norris, known in the WWF as Ahmed Johnson, and in WCW as Big T, was allegedly pimping three young women.

Okerland, Gene: Arrested 03-12-2000 for DUI in Siesta Key, FL. after running a red light and apparently almost hitting a patrol car. Okerland worked for WCW as an announcer at the time.

Osborne, Matt: Arrested 09-08-1998 on warrants from 1995 on charges of institutional vandalism, harassment, criminal mischief, public intoxication, trespassing, and disorderly conduct... On October 7, 1999 a Lawrence County, NJ judge revoked the parole and imposed a suspended sentence from an old disordely conduct charge when Matt Borne (Matt Osbourne AKA: Doink the Clown, Big Josh) tested positive for cocaine use as part of his parole conditions. Osbourne was arrested and placed in jail with out bond pending a probation hearing.

Owens, Tom: Arrested 03-30-1999 in Atlanta, GA. Owens was the spokesman for the Alabama King's Ranch Boys home and did numerous guest wrestling spots in the old Continental wrestling promotion of Alabama along with fellow strong man Bill Kazmaier. Owens was a well known stunt strong man in Alabama and was arrested at the Atlanta International Airport for possession of human growth hormone.

Patera, Ken: Arrested 1984 in Waukesha, WI along with Mr. Saito following an altercation with police that resulted in injuries. Both Saito and Patera spent two years in prison.

Pillman, Brian: Arrested 06-04-1995 in Cincinnati, OH for DUI. If I'm not mistaken, I believe charges were eventually dropped against Pillman.

Pitbulls, I & II: Arrested July 2, 1997 on three counts of steroid and marijuana trafficking. The Pitbulls I & II, real names Gary Wolf (I) and Anthony Durante (II) were former ECW tag team champions and were arrested on a Grand Jury indictment from charges filed in 1995. The Pitbulls each received three years probation and several thousand dollars in fines.

Race, Harley: Arrested 09-05-2000 in Lake of the Ozarks, MO for boating under the influence of alchol. Race, 57 years old at the time, had been retired from wrestling for several years and was the promoter of a regional independent group called World Legion Wrestling.

Regal, Steven: Arrested 08-1997 for disrupting an airline flight. Regal, along with Marcus Bagwell and Scott Norton were kicked off a flight back from Tokyo, Japan in Anchorage, AK when Regal became intoxicated and unruly and allegedly urinated outside the restroom. I'm not sure exactly what charges were filed, or the outcome of the situation, but I believe Regal was placed on some type of probation.

Rich, Tommy: Arrested 04-1997 for allegedly skipping town with his up front appearance money paid to him by River Cities Wrestling along with Doug Gilbert. Rich was also arrested the previous weekend for possession of marijuana in Pleasants County, VA. Rich plead no contest to the charges and paid a fine.

Robert, Jake: Arrested 12-01-1988, former WWF star was arrested for assault in Daytona,Florida, though later found not guilty... Arrested 04-1999 in Athens, GA for being \\$21,000 behind on child support.

Rose, Buddy: Real name Paul Perschmann, "Playboy" Buddy Rose, a long time headliner in the Pacific Northwest and a co-holder of the AWA World tag team titles, and briefly a competator in the WWF was arrested in 1999 on domestic violence charges releating to a divorce from his wife.

Ross, Ranger: A well known southern independent wrestler who competed regularly in Georgia and Alabama in the late 1980's and had a brief stint around 1991 in WCW was arrested for embezzlement a few years after his WCW stint.

Roze, Vic: Arrested 06-10-1999. See Billy Black.

Saito, Mr.: Arrested 1984. See Ken Patera

Smith, Davey Boy: Arrested 07-25-1993 for allegedly assaulting a bar patron named Kody Light in Calgary, Alberta. Smith was acquitted of any wrong doing... Arrested 10-27-2000 for a domestic violence incident with his then estranged wife Diana Hart Smith. Bulldog allegedly made threats to his wife's life and was arrested by Calgary Police.

Smothers, Tracey: Arrested 07-23-1995 on assault charges in Hawkins County, TN after his girlfriend and the girlfriend of Ricky Morton allegedly became involved in a fight.

Steiner, Scott: Arrested 04-1998. Plead guilty on 12-07-1998 to aggravated assault and making terroristic threats to a George highway worker Paul Kaspereen, after Steiner threatened to run over the worker with his Ford F-150 truck if the worker didn't move.

Sytch, Tammy Lynn: Arrested 02-04-1999. Formerly Sunny of the WWF was arrested in Matawan, NJ for violating a restraining order against her mother.

Taz: Arrested 09-12-1998 in Pittsburgh, PA on the charges of indecent exposure and contributing to the delinquency of a minor in an alleged incident at a tanning salon.

Travis, Billy Joe: Arrested 6-21-1997 while on television on the USWA program in Memphis, TN. Travis was arrested on back child support charges while wrestling on the program. Travis ex-wife tipped police off to his location and the on television arrest was made part of the program by Jerry Lawler.

Tigresa, La: Arrested 2-1998 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico for allegedly trafficking heroin into the Puerto Rico State Penitentiary. La Tigresa (Soldelina Vargas Ortiz) was a former WWC Women's champion on several occasions. Also arrested was her boyfriend Carlos Ivan Gonzalez, who occasionally wrestled as The Big Tiger. I do not know the out come of her case, though I believe it was still pending at the time this book was published.

Vader: Real name Leon White. Arrested twice while on a tour of Kuwait, once for public drunkenness and a second time for assaulting a television talk show host, though the latter charge was somewhat of a sham. Vader was detained for a few days in Kuwait.

Von Erich, Kerry: Real name Kerry Adkisson. Arrested 06-1983 at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport for possession of controlled substance and marijuana. Charges were dropped after a not uncommon politically motivated "loss of the evidence"... Arrested and charged with several counts of prescription forgery and possession of cocaine. This arrest lead to Kerry's suicide since he was on probation and facing having to serve a ten year suspended sentence on earlier drug charges.

Von Erich, Mike: Real name Michael Adkisson. Arrested 05-1985 for assaulting two emergency rooms physicians. He was acquitted... Arrested 11-1985 for public intoxication and disorderly conduct... Arrested 04-11-1987 in Denton, TX for driving under the influence and possession of controlled substance. He committed suicide shortly after this arrest.

Whitton, Douglas: Arrested 10-18-1997 in Mississippi. Mississippi independent wrestler arrested for allegedly murdering four people, including his ex-girlfriend.

Wilkens, Wellington Jr.: Arrested 05-2000 in Japan for possession of narcotics. Wilkens had wrestled in Calgary Stampede as Beff Wellington and Biff Wellington, and also a few matches for ECW. He was wrestling for Michinoku Pro at the time.

Williams, Steve "Dr. Death": Arrested 01-04-1988 in Detroit, MI on charges of attempting to export cocaine from the U.S. He was also in possession of 3 grams of cocaine, 22 grams of marijuana, 2 grams of psilocybin, 241 steroid pills, 28 ml of injectable steroids, and assorted other pills... Arrested 03-15-1997 on felony charges of possessing several boxes of drugs including Valium, Percodan, Halcion, Temegesic, Darvon, and Ritrovil at the Lorado International Airport in Lorado, TX. I'm not sure of the out come of the case, though it's 1999 and he's still wrestling and traveling both nationally and internationally so something must have been worked out, or charges dropped, or something of that nature... 09-16-1999 a warrant is issued for William's arrest on over \\$60,000 worth of back child support. William's eventually proved through DNA tests that he wasn't the father of the child in question and charges were dropped.

Windham, Kendall: Arrested 1994? Kendall served 24 months in prison in relation to his fathers (see Blackjack Mulligan) counterfeiting operation.

Zbyszko, Larry: Former AWA World heavyweight champion and present WCW Nitro commentator, Zbyszko was arrested in the late 1980's on a domestic violence charge stemming from an incident between he and his wife.

Zumhofe, Buck: Former AWA World Junior champion. I'm not sure what he was arrested for, but I do know he spent time in prison for something.

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