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Fifty Poems of Attar

Farid al-Din Attar

Kenneth Avery
Ali Alizadeh
(text, translations and analysis)

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ISBN-13: 9780980305210
Publication date: 1 August 2007
Pages: 199
Format: 216x140 mm Paperback


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The great 13th century Sufi poet Farid al-Din Attar is renowned as an author of superb short lyrics written in the Persian language. Dealing with themes of love, passion and mysticism, the versions presented in this book are the first sustained offerings of Attarís lyric poetry in English. Award-winning Iranian-born poet, Ali Alizadeh, and Persian specialist, Kenneth Avery, have collaborated on this project which aims to bring this remarkably vigorous yet subtle poetry to an English reading audience. The translations are accompanied by the Persian texts themselves, and explanatory notes, and are set in the context of his life and times by an illuminating introductory chapter. An original analysis of Attarís poetic language and thought is also offered. Attar, who lived in Nishapur until his death in 1220, was a complex personality, a brilliant storyteller and poet in both lyric and epic forms, and a creative and original Sufi thinker. His ideas range over the whole spectrum of Persian mysticism and religious philosophy, and his writing paved the way for the triumphs of Rumi and Hafiz. His ideas and exquisite verse deserve a wider circulation than has been accorded them until now, and this book seeks to present his poetry in an attractive way.


Introduction   1

Style and Themes   13

The Legacy of Attarís Poetry   41

On Translating the Ghazals of  Attar   49

Texts and Translations   57

Notes to the Translations   177

Bibliography   191

Authors, editors and contributors

Kenneth Avery Independent Scholar ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Ali Alizadeh Independent Scholar

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