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17.1.2006 14:06 MSK
12 Human rights activists detained in Minsk
Minsk. Victory Cinema
Minsk. Victory Cinema
BELORUSSIA, Minsk. On January 14th, 12 human rights activists were detained in Minsk. 10 of them were Russians, members of the group "Change the World without Taking Power". They were accused of inscribing opposition slogans on the wall of the Victory Cinema. They were detained because they were standing next to the fresh inscription, although, according to representatives of the Central RUVD, there was no paint canister near the activists.

On January 15th, the press-service of the public movement We reported names and surnames of the detained. They are Vadim Misyuk and Igor Pomaz of Minsk, and Muscovites: Buldygin, Malakhova, Andreev, Ivan Ninenko, Skubiyev, Ershov, and Vladimir Skopintsev, as well as three Muscovites, whose names are unknown.

Translated by OM Kenney
PRIMA-News Agency [2006-01-16-Bel-18]

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