BBC News and Newsreel
A very early bulletin read by a young Richard Baker, featuring the famous transmitter mast titles.

BBC News
The generic titles used before the advent of colour. The music would continue until late 1981 when it was finally replaced.

BBC Election '70
A bad year for the socialists with the Tories returned to power. Cliff Michelmore fronts the BBC's coverage of the 1970 general election; our clip may be in black and white, but on the night the programme was shown in colour.

BBC News and Campaign Report
Presented by Richard Baker and Peter Woods.
Fast forward to the next election, four years later. Richard Whitmore brings the latest from the hustings along with all the day's other news. A more substantial round-up has Richard Baker bringing the latest developments away from the election, while Peter Woods is at the Election Desk.

BBC News
The regular look for BBC bulletins in 1974, which lives on in certain Monty Python editions. A senior Labour politician has defected from the party - Richard Baker has all the details.

BBC News - Richard Baker's last bulletin
After 28 years Richard leaves the BBC Newsroom on New Year's Eve 1982. A dignified exit with no real fuss made apart from a glass of wine and some streamers. After all, Richard would continue to be on our screens in other guises for a few more years.

News Review
BBC2's Sunday evening round-up of the week's big stories, subtitled for the deaf. The theme music was "Roadwalk" by the legendary bandleader, Syd Dale.

BBC News Report
Straight after "Only Fools And Horses", Nicholas Witchell butts in with news of a fatal train crash. The term "newsflash" went out of vogue in the period between the Iranian embassy siege and this item.

By 1986 News Review gave way to NewsView. There were two presenters rather than one, and in-vision subtitles were ditched (possibly due to increased Ceefax take-up). This is the final edition of 1986.

BBC News Report
Just before closedown, Nicholas Witchell has an update on the unfolding Zeebrugge ferry tragedy. The Herald of Free Enterprise has capsized; rescue efforts are continuing.

BBC News Report
Shock horror - Chancellor Nigel Lawson has resigned! And the Government has just identified his replacement; Andrew Harvey reveals who that is.

BBC News Report
Following the unexpected re-election of the Tory government, Martyn Lewis has an update on the cabinet reshuffle.

BBC Afternoon News Summary
A major plank of the BBC's new daytime service in 1986 was the provision of hourly news summaries, including weather and regional headlines. The summaries were shown on BBC1 until lunchtime, after which they moved to BBC2. Sadly, the summaries disintegrated during the 1990s and are now superfluous in this era of BBC News 24.
Moira Stewart presents this afternoon summary, with graphics based on the One O'Clock News.

BBC Afternoon News Summary
The headlines, read by Chris Lowe.

BBC Regional News Promo
"The things that matter the most are often those which happen close to home", proclaims Kirsty Wark in this montage of stories from the BBC regions. Apologies for the absence of the very beginning.

BBC Election '97
The last and most dramatic election of the century, which was to trounce the Tories from power after 18 years. As always David Dimbleby presented, with Peter Snow presiding over his graphic displays.

BBC Vote 2001 - The Verdict
Four years on from their historic victory, Labour secured a second term. This was the first election night to be covered in widescreen. Top politicians dropped in as they awaited their fate.

BBC News Summary
A day after the horrific events in New York, new developments were continuing to emerge and additional news reports were slotted into the schedules. This update was broadcast ahead of the Lottery draw.

BBC News Report
It was the news we'd been waiting a long time to hear - but when the death was announced of the Queen Mother, it was still a major story. Peter Sissons broke the news on both channels, breaking into "Auntie's Bloomers" on BBC1 and leaving BBC2 on hold for five minutes.
Peter's choice of a burgundy tie has gone down in broadcasting infamy, and while on air he didn't seem to know whether he was coming or going!

BBC Morning News Summary
A more informal look to the morning summaries on BBC1. Anna Ford stands before a keyed shot of the newsroom, and the weather maps have new "flypast" graphics. Complete bulletin.

BBC Election Night
Presented by David Dimbleby, with Andrew Marr and Jeremy Paxman.
The nation decides and BBC News promises its biggest and best election coverage ever. With more than 80 OB units at its disposal, the BBC was true to its word. David Dimbleby anchors as usual, with Andrew Marr providing analysis and Jeremy Paxman interrogating defending MPs as only he can.

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