29 September 2007
Man who killed his parents has his execution delayed in Texas
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Canopy of Belarussian Yak-40 burst in air

06.01.2003 Source:
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Canopy of a Belorussian Yak-40 passenger aircraft burst in the air on Monday. Two Czech Air Force aircraft landed the plane.

The Prague office of the Belavia Airlines told to RIA Novosti that "all passengers are safe and sound." The incident took place immediately after the Belarussian aircraft entered the Czech air space. The Belavia representative stated that "it was a regular Minsk-Prague flight." According to him, 21 passengers were on board the aircraft.

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The Czech military immediately reacted to Mayday signal sent by the Yak-40 aircraft. Petr Sykora, official representative of the Czech Air Forces told RIA Novosti that they decided to immediately get two aircraft into the air. According to Sykora, military fighters maintained visual contact with the Belarussian aircraft and accompanied the Yak-40 aircraft until it approached the Ruzyne international airport in Prague. Sykora added that "after the aircraft landed successfully, the Czech fighters returned to their base in Caslavy." Belorussian charge d'affaires in the Czech Republic Nikolai Borisevich told RIA Novosti that all passengers with tickets to fly from Prague to Minsk on Monday would be delivered to the Belarussian capital in the next few hours by other flights. According to him, "the Belarussian embassy in Prague is prepared to provide any assistance to its citizens who experienced an air incident."

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