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Name Eravikulam (Site Code: 700) Country India  
Local Designation National Park  IUCN Management Category II  Explanation of IUCN Protected Area Management Categories
Date1 January 1978
Altitude Minimum 1,400 metres   Maximum 2,695 metres
Location Latitude 10° 15' 1"N (10.250°)   Longitude 77° 5' 47"E (77.097°)  
Size 9,700 hectares  
Information Sources Latest Info: Head, Dept of Protected Areas Network, Wildlife Management & Conservation Education, Wildlife Institute of India supplied attributes for UN List 2003, June 2003 


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Species details
Animals (Fauna)
Hemitragus hylocrius
Bos gaurus
Presbytis johnii
Panthera tigris
Panthera pardus
Cuon alpinus
Muntiacus muntjak
Rusa unicolor
Canis aureus
Felis chaus
Herpestes vitticollis  
Martes flavigula
Hystrix indica
Elephas maximus
Plants (Flora)
Eupatorium glandulosum

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