Welcome to the Islands of Cayemites a lost paradise in Haiti. Please come to visit us the local are very friendly.

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Welcome to the Islands of Cayemites

cayemites is an Islands located in the Grand-Anse State. Cayemites is a beautiful place, please come to visit us. we have a lot to offered and the people there are very friendly. For more information, you can contact us by phone at 423-646-5123, or by E-Mail at Neglakay@ilkayimit.com

Cayemites became a quarter communal in 1988 thank to a group of people who fought tirelessly to make that happened. But today, we still strive with the lack of education and health care for our people.
Cayemites has about 20,000.00 habitants. Its inhabitants are spread out among Anse à Macon (Capital 5,500), Pointe Sable (3,800), Anse-du-Nord (1,300), Herbe Gunnee (350), Nimpalmiste (1,000), Boukan Philippe (780) Nancajour (60), Bayer 150), and other places like Fontasse, Norme-zo, Nancalimttre, Guayavier, Norme Cabrit, Bremour, Nampointe-balle......

On some of the islands there is limited agriculture, especially of corn, sugar cane, fruits. The lack of arable land and the low rain fall make it very hard for the farmers.

The other islands are not so fortunate. Observers witnessed some of the most difficult living circumstances in Haiti. In spite of this gloomy picture, the future bodes well for the Ilands of Cayemites once development finally arrives. Its inhabitants feel forgotten and anxiously long for better days. Once Haiti's tourism industry revives, the Ilands of Cayemites are perfectly poised to offer up their beauty in exchange for development. With adequate facilities, these islands can be a major drawing card.

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Welcome to the Island of Cayemites a lost paradise in Haiti. Please come to visit us, the local are very friendly.

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