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Sunny Lane Interviewed

grew up on the skating rink

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Sunny Lane,, was a recent guest of The Wanker Show on KSEX. Lane is from Tampa and danced at the Deja Vu Showgirls. Lane's been dancing about two years and attended the AEE show in January. "That's what kind of put me in the direction I am now," she explained. Lane said she came home one day and saw a show on TV about porn. "You think I should try it? maybe I should." Lane said she was in a position in her life where she could make that decision.

Lane explained that she made the cover of Nightmoves magazine and came with them to AEE. "Playboy ran into me and said you'd be great for TV." Lane then appeared with Juli Ashton on an episode of Night Calls. Wankus said the skinny on Lane at Deja Vu is that she's a megastar and went to L.A. and became a porn girl. "They're all proud of you." Based on her experiences with Playboy, Playboy referred her to some people in the porn industry that she could contact. Out of that, Lane then hooked up with Lane was willing to do boy-girl scenes right away and her first scene was with Chris Evans. Lane explained that it was an Internet shoot. Her video shoot, however, was for New Sensations and a POV director named Brother Love. Lane hasn't done interracial yet. "I've been offered. I'm just doing my thing, now."

Asked her nationality, Lane said she's Irish-Scottish and a little bit of Cherokee Indian. Lane's parents know what she's doing and completely support her. Wankus said a lot of people in the mainstream perceive porn as some Barbara Walters special. "Drugs and scandalous people, which of course is about 70% of the business but if you associate yourself with the right people, you can actually make a nice career out of this." Lane said that's exactly what she intended to do.

Lane was asked if she had any bad experiences so far in the business. "Not really," she replied. "Everything's been really good. It's been a learning experience." Lane, 25, said she's grown up a lot since she's been out here. Lane also loves girls,and her first one on screen was another newbie Careena Kay. "She kept cummin' and cummin' and squirtin' and squirtin'." Lane said she tried to catch the streaming squirt in her mouth. Wankus asked if Lane ever dreamed 10 years ago sitting in a classroom that she'd try to do something like that. "Was that your aspirations when you were growing up?"

Lane said she had a lot of fun growing up and that she was a professional ice skater. "I've been skating my whole entire life." Lane said she was teaching kids and had her own business at a skating rink. Wankus figured Lane probably had a story where she fucked the skating instructor. Lane said that would have been very bad. "He was married." But she knew other coaches that were gay. "They're all great guys." Lane figures she started fooling around, sexually, in middle school. She'd go to third base but finally hit a round tripper when she was 16. It was a boyfriend and they were both virgins. Wankus translated that as meaning sloppy and quick. Lane said it was a good experience because they both lost it at the same time. As you might imagine, Lane said the guy didn't last very long.

Asked if there were any guys she'd love to give acknowledgements to, Lane said Mark Ashley, Jerry from L.A. Direct. and Evan Stone. Lane said she just did a good scene with Kurt Lockwood recently for Red Light District. Lane couldn't think of any bad experiences. Asked if she had done any features, Lane said she had just got a lead role in a James Avalon movie. Her co-stars are going to be Kurt Lockwood and Evan Stone. "This is going to be good and I'm excited."


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