Volume 9, Number 13
April 7 - 13,2003
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Deutsche News aus der Slowakei? Slowakei.com
Pittner to lead secret service
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KDH: Gays should not be teachers
(22 reactions)
Judges oppose court reshuffle
Reorganisation in a nutshell
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First case of mad cow disease in 2003
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EC: Slovakia must fight corruption
Dzurinda: Relationship with US is crucial
(93 reactions)
Pope invited to address parliament
Residents beneath Trenčín castle go home
US army dolphins use Slovak software
Unanimous backing for NATO entry
Slovakia presents its vision for Europe
Kukan popular choice for president
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Ministry: "Command centre" needed
Bush promises $6 million
Bugár to remain head of SMK
Students already paying for education
A third of roads in disrepair
More soldiers on Slovak streets
Who is Ladislav Pittner?
MOL completes Slovak refinery takeover
Mikloš: 20% flat tax rate
Markíza fined Sk1 million
Trnava attracts more investment
Slovak Post profits fall
Not a monopoly, not yet a market
Bratislava tests broadband
(1 reaction)
Global giants battle for Slovak mobile market
Culture minister: It's a long-distance run
Around Slovakia
Slovakia must step back from the edge of lawlessness
Extreme voices in moderate parties risk alienating the electorate
Reader feedback: Don't forget Czechoslovak films
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Reader feedback: Stop complaining
Reader feedback: Missing the point
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Reader feedback: Taxi tips helped
Reader feedback: Haggle for taxis
Quotes of the Week:
Making the right call
The Backwards win NY Beatlefest
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Slovak digital art in Japan
Pictures from National Geographic
Slovak photography in Vienna
Folk art to see, learn, and buy
Czech folklore in Bratislava
Review: A taste of favourite holiday destinations
The children of Carmen
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TOP Pick: Rocking out on the rocks
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Reader feedback: Don't forget Czechoslovak films

Re: Slovaks at Oscar ceremony, Culture shorts, March 31- April 6, Vol 9, No 12,

Your recent item says that no Slovak film or artist has ever been nominated for an Academy Award.

The first film from Czechoslovakia to receive an Oscar was The Shop on Main Street (Obchod na korze) - Best Foreign Language film in 1965 (1966 Academy Awards).

The film was in Slovak, with a Slovak-only cast (plus one Polish actress), filmed on location only in Slovakia, its whole story took place only in Slovakia, one of its two directors and screenwriters had lived in Slovakia, and its assistant director came from Slovakia.

The Spectator calls the performance of a suite by Mark McKenzie, directed by a resident of Canada, the first "Slovak" contribution to the Oscars because of the musicians, which is fine, but goes on to imply that The Shop on Main Street wasn't. That's nonsense, even when we view as non-Slovak the Oscar (plus a host of nominations) for Paul Newman, whose mother immigrated to the US from Humenné, in eastern Slovakia.

Martin Votruba
Slovak Studies Program
University of Pittsburgh


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