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Tuesday November 1, 2005
updated at 11:02:05 PM Pacific Time

Sysinternals: Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far. The entire experience was frustrating and irritating. Not only had Sony put software on my system that uses techniques commonly used by malware to mask its presence, the software is poorly written and provides no means for uninstall.

IBM developerWorks: Take off the training wheels. The result is similar to what many people find after putting training wheels on a child's bicycle: the vehicle is more cumbersome and the child never learns to ride it properly. This month I'll count the ways excessive protections make computers harder to use and more accident prone.

Scott Berkun: The data death spiral. Data is good: it dispels ignorance and raises questions, but it has its place. Data doesn’t make decisions or come up with good ideas: people do. As soon as you discount people in the name of data, the downward spiral begins.

Monday October 31, 2005
Useit.Com: Incompetent Email Marketing = Lost Future Opportunities. The airline knows all its users' addresses and the airport(s) they usually fly out of. It's therefore a trivial programming exercise to send each recipient a personalized message listing trips they might actually want to take.

PC World: Samsung Expands LCD Manufacturing. The new factory is situated in Tangjung, South Korea, alongside a similar factory that began operating in April this year that is owned by S-LCD, a joint venture company of Samsung and Sony. Like the S-LCD line, the new factory will produce 40-inch and 46-inch LCD panels for television sets...

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