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Some headlines today:
Editor faces libel and defamation charges

Bush meets Maliki and Iraqi Leaders in surprise visit

Mubarak-Abdullah summit on Palestinian-Israeli peace

Livni: peace situation is complicated, hopes to reach understanding

England, Israel football match protest vigil

PLO factions denounce Hamas forces acts in Gaza

Ban Ki-moon speaks of progress for hybrid force for Darfur

Syrian missing after summoning by security forces

Threats to press freedom in Yemen

Egyptian organization human rights report

Merkel voices support for Lebanon stabilization process

US views on Syria's position regarding Lebanon

US: Reconstruction teams work to improve lives in Iraq

Iran says Iraqi terrorists crossing border, blames US

Mottaki: Foreigners involved in Iraq's violence in Iraq

UN seeks to build on reconciliation efforts in Iraq

UAE web writer arrest release hampered down

Iranian, North Korean deplore US policy on nuclear issue

Iran: US angered by Iran-IAEA agreement

Israeli cabinet considers 'Punishing' Gazans for Qassam rockets

Iranian cleric: US securing Zionists not Christian interests

On the spread of Freedom of information laws

News from around the web: Parliament reconvenes in Iraq - LA Times

Bush Is Said to Approve More Aid to Iraqi Sunnis Battling Extremist Groups - NY Times

Bush, in Iraq, Says Troop Reduction Is Possible - NY Times

Study: Iraqi Security Forces Not Ready - LA Times

GAO Reports Iraq Has Failed to Meet 11 of 18 Benchmarks - Washington Post

Iraq PM discusses filling government posts with top cleric - Washington Post

Missteps Mark Push for Sharing Oil Wealth - Washington Post

Shiite’s Tale: How Gulf With Sunnis Widened - NY Times

U.S. Efforts May Work Against Iraqi Self-Sufficiency - Washington Post

Maliki says critics ignore achievements - LA Times

UK Basra base exit 'not a defeat' - BBC

2nd British ex-general criticizes Rumsfeld - LA Times

Iraq Far From U.S. Goals for Energy: $50 Billion Needed To Meet Demand - Washington Post

Death Sentence Upheld for Hussein Henchman - NY Times

US commander hints at Iraq rollback next year - Guardian Unlimited

Democrats, Promising to Force Change in War Strategy, Aim to Reframe Iraq Debate - NY Times

Envoy’s Letter Counters Bush on Dismantling of Iraq Army - NY Times

3 Marine officers censured in Haditha deaths - LA Times

Key Figures About Iraq - Washington Post

CONGRESS'S WAR OVER THE WAR: In Georgia, Voices of Reassurance - Washington Post

Syria to set tough visa rules for Iraqis - LA Times

Attacks Kill 6 U.S. Troops, 13 Civilians - Washington Post

Gloom grips Morocco slum as poll approaches - Washington Post

Morocco poll - choice or faćade? - BBC

Lebanon's rising jihadi threat - CS Monitor

Militant group's leader died in battle, Lebanon army says - LA Times

Senior Saudi royal demands reform - BBC

Several killed in Somali clashes as U.S. vows help - Washington Post

Abbas changes election law - BBC

Hamas bans outdoor prayers - BBC

Palestinians celebrate rare victory over hated barrier - Guardian Unlimited

Blair developing Israeli-Palestinian peace plan - Washington Post

Cases of abuse rise for Saudi foreign help - CS Monitor

Algeria: 6 Killed in Ambush - Washington Post

Raids foil German terror plot - Guardian Unlimited

No breakthrough yet in Cyprus talks - Washington Post

Russia says kills Islamists crossing from Georgia - Washington Post

Qatar 'eyes Nasdaq's LSE stake' - BBC

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The Palestinians challenge Israel's attempts to break into Deir al-Balah and al-Khalil
Palestine-Israel, Politics, 8/25/2001

The series of Israeli breaking into the Palestinian camps and villages continued on Friday and resulted in numerous casualties among the unarmed Palestinian civilians and their properties.

Five Palestinians were wounded on Friday during their confrontation of the Israeli army in Deir al-Balah camp in Gaza.

People of Abu Sninah quarters were able on Friday from confronting an Israeli breaking in operation and forced the Israeli forces from retreating after a fierce battle in which the Israeli forces used helicopters to break the siege the Palestinian made on two Israeli soldiers.

In Ramullah, three Palestinians were wounded by the Israeli bullets during a demonstration following Friday's prayers while one woman from the territories of 1948 was wounded in an explosion that took place in Haifa's mosque and an explosive went off at " Shareyat Takfa" to the south of Qalqilya.

While the Israeli forces launched a campaign of arrest in Habboush village to the north of Qalqilya, the BBC correspondent said that the Israeli settlers in Hebron attacked the Arab citizens and the UN observers with the aim to push the Israeli army to reoccupy the city.

Meantime, thousands of Palestinians on Friday held a funeral for the Palestinian teenager Muhammad Zaarab ( 21 year old) who was killed during confrontation in Khan Younis on Thursday and stressed they will continue the Intifada.

Meantime, the commander of the Israeli army in the West Bank Gheirshoun Yitzhak threatened to reoccupy Abu Sninah quarters in Hebron, claiming that the incursion operation the Israeli army made in the said quarters on Thursday was temporary, while news reports stressed that the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the said quarters was made at the pressure of the Palestinian resistance shown by the Palestinians during which several invading Israeli soldiers were wounded.

An opinion poll whose results issued by the Israeli daily Yadhout Ahronout showed that some 75% of the Israelis expressed their satisfaction with the way the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon deals with the Palestinian Intifada. And this reflects the satisfaction of the Israelis over the aggressive policy and the policy of killing and assassination pursued by Sharon against the Palestinians.

During his meeting with Arafat, in Peking, the Chinese president Jiang Zemin stressed total support for the Palestinian people and the cause of Palestine, stressing that China will be always with the Arab states. Zemin said during the talks he held with Arafat that the Chinese people will always stand with the cause of Palestine and back the efforts made by the international community to settle the Palestinian problem peacefully.

Zemin also expressed concern over the development in the region, noting that China, the traditional ally for the Palestinians, supports the deployment of UN observers in the Palestinian territories.

In Paris, the spokesman for the French foreign ministry Francois Revaso condemned the Israeli invasion of Hebron, adding:" We strongly condemn violation of areas that fall under the Palestinian authority."

Revaso also strongly denounced statements made by the Israeli deputy security minister Jedoun Ezra in which he called for the liquidation and killing of relatives of the Palestinians " suiciders." Revaso said:" These statements are shameful especially it is made by a high ranking government's official." He said that the Israeli government has to give up such statements.

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