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Rank Last week Film Plusses Minuses
1 3 Awarapan This has happened a month too late. It may have been a different scene altogether if 'Awarapan' would have reached the numero uno spot 4 weeks back when the film had arrived at the theaters. Nevertheless, the score gets its due as 'To Phir Aayo' and 'Tera Mera Rishta' have now also become caller tune favorites. Bhatts and Pritam scoreā€¦.yet again! Music promotion wasn't as strong as one normally witnesses for a Bhatt film. The music reaching the top of the charts is also mainly due to strong word of mouth than any extra effort from other means.
2 2 Life In A ..Metro Rock steady #2, 'Metro' is certainly going to stay on. To the delight of everyone associated with the film, the DVDs of the film are also a best seller today and registering consistent sales just like the music album. An unnecessary controversy regarding Pritam not being the original composer for the song 'O Meri Jaan' erupted a few weeks back. Thankfully it got killed with evidence supporting otherwise.
3 1 Jhoom Barabar Jhoom To the credit of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, the music stays on in Top-3 and continues to be appreciated, unlike the film. Title song is now a rage at the marriage celebrations and campus events. If only the film wouldn't have crashed the way it has week after week, the music could have stayed on to boast of bumper sales even today
4 6 Partner No one, just about no one, could see this coming. Names Sajid-Wajid didn't quite promise a chartbuster score in the offering and there were apprehensions galore about what was in the offering. Add to it the comic genre of the film and one expected a situational soundtrack at best. Still, the unthinkable has happened as music has worked in a big way for 'Partner'. One of the prime reasons for the film to be a success is attributed to Sajid-Wajid who now have the biggest hits of their career. None. After all nothing succeeds like success. For a 'masala' movie like 'Partner', one couldn't expect a soundtrack belonging to the class of a 'Pakeezah'!
5 4 Ta Ra Rum Pum Sitting at a fence where arrival of one good album could make it move out of Top-5, TRRP continues to enjoy it's stay. Even though promotion of both the film and music may have come to a standstill, acceptance by audience has made sure that a song like 'Ab To Forever' is a dance floor favorite. Yash Raj Films may want to re-look at their strategy of unveiling the music of their films barely days before the film's release. It may have worked in the past for them but late acceptance of TRRP may well be a case study!
6 5 The Train For the first time ever since the music of 'The Train' hit the stands, the album has moved out of Top-5. Still it has done its job and probably a lot more than that. Mithoon's score made sure that everyone knew about the existence of the film while Emraan Hashmi has yet another repertoire of hit numbers on which he could dance on in award functions! 'Teri Tamanna' was a chartbuster in the making but was the least publicized song of all. Can the album's promotion be centered on the song now?
7 8 Aap Kaa Surroor Showing a slight improvement over last week, 'Aap Kaa Surroor' moves up by a spot. Songs from the film would stay on to be played for many more weeks to come since each of them are now a part of one compilation or other that have flooded the stands! Himesh Reshammiya continues to make his presence felt. Himesh Reshammiya would now be composing for only those films in which he acts. A certain loss for his fans!
8 9 Cash Enough is enough! It is becoming rather annoying to see a good soundtrack like 'Cash' waiting to be grabbed by the audience in a manner it truly deserves. Occupying one of the spots in Top-10 may be good but not good enough for Vishal, Shekhar and Anubhav Sinha who are capable of much bigger and better results. One is sure that the release of the film would change it all. Till then, one waits. At several centers, the distribution of the album has left a lot to be desired. 'Cash' really deserved much better!
9 7 Naqaab As expected, Pritam's score for 'Naqaab' sees a dip as the film also shows a constant drop at the theaters. The music had potential to pick up only if the movie would have been successful since the soundtrack wasn't conventional. It's a pity that songs like 'Ae Dil' and 'Ek Din' won't get the kind of due that they could have if the film would have worked
10 10 Namastey London Hanging on in spite of 'Marigold' and 'Heyy Babyy' releasing in last few days, 'Namastey London' refuses to let go of its #10 position. Music of 'Heyy Babyy' is expected to do well while 'Agar' and 'Dhoka' are on their way to stands. That should prove to be tough competition for 'Namastey London'.

Source: Music Festival, MGF Mall


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