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Hall of Fame.. Big Show.. Woody/Iraq.. AD/NFL.. Taker’s Gloves.. Texas Hold ‘Em.. Texas Dolly.. Last Voice Heard on Nitro.. Cornette’s Temper

Before heading out the door to catch my mail plane to Bakersfield from OKC, I just wanted to do a short updated blog.

These are responses to a handful of your emails:

Yes, Test has been suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Program. I assume this is a 30 violation.

I don’t necessarily see Marty Jannetty back as a full timer in the WWE but I could certainly see Marty as a coach in the developmental system some day.

Please…NO Ding Dongs on Raw unless you’re referring to the chocolate snack cakes of the same name with a cold glass of milk.

Chris Benoit is a treasure, a future Hall of Famer, and, arguably, may be underutilized on Smackdown, so I suggest he be traded to Raw for a “player to be named later.”

I prefer reality based wrestling personas as opposed to cartoon-character personas. My favorite wrestlers have a always been really close to who they are naturally.

I know zilch about who is going into the WWE Hall of Fame including The King and me. I can’t explain why some performers are considered as others are not. If your favorite doesn’t get in this year, there is always next year, right? I really suggest that all fans just relax and let the process play out. No matter who goes in or who doesn’t, it won’t affect anyone’s quality of life or long term happiness. I know I was on the short list at one time and am patiently waiting to hear the results. Many deserve going in, prior to yours truly, which I am sure some of our loyal emailers will point out. Somehow, I hear Savage fans preparing an uprising.

I am not against squash matches. They have their place on occasion. The Monday Night Wars saw promoters use PPV attractions and viable main events for TV programming and ratings in the late 90s.

I don’t perceive that hazing is an issue in wrestling and rarely happens in this generation, unless some young kid shows a total lack of respect on a frequent basis and then they may get a reminder that they aren’t as cool as they perceive. Rookies should be seen and not heard, unless asked.

Toronto vs. Vancouver?? OK stop the madness. I made a simple compliment of how great the Canadian fans were and now we have Vancouver fans woe is me’ing it about a lack of PPV events that I have ZERO to do with scheduling. I do agree that Canadian, Carl DeMarco does a great job representing Canada for the WWE.

If forced to pick a winner between the WSX vs. TNA, I would likely give the nod to TNA. As far as any company over taking the WWE….not likely in my lifetime.

London and Kendrick could be their generation’s Rock ‘n Roll Express and that is a Hall of Fame team I’m talking about. Morton and Gibson were awesome…really awesome!

The champion should always be introduced last in my view. Yeah, I know that’s old school, but so am I.

Kenny has great potential IF he never suffers a broken nose. Only kidding. Kenny has a huge upside, but he must avoid injuries and the mental games that some young stars play on themselves. Stay grounded, stay focused and always be willing to learn and the sky is the limit for Kenny or any other potentially great young wrestler.

I talked to The Big Show the other day and he indicated that he felt good. He’s losing weight the right way, is on a regimented workout program and sounded really happy. I think Show needs an extended break from wrestling for his own physical and mental health and no matter what he decided to do later in life, I am a supporter of the big fella who I signed to his first WWE contract.

Hello to Woody in Iraq and my sincere thanks for protecting us and for serving your country so honorably. I will inquire about more WWE PPVs being made available in your neck of the woods. God Bless and stay safe.

I prefer doing play by play, which is the role I have always done with the exception of a couple of stints with Tony Schiavone on a few Clash of Champions broadcast, including the first one and for a series of Monday Night Raws when Vince McMahon was the play by play man.

Have I ever seen Jim Cornette angry? Uh, yeah. As in hundreds of times, including when he beat up his car, attacked a rental car’s steering wheel in Vancouver, and would get so upset that he would get terrible nose bleeds.

I would love to see an undefeated Undertaker vs. an undefeated Edge at a Wrestlemania in the future, but first they both have to stay that way at “The Event.”

Coolio, if that is your real name, I was using a figure of speech when I referred to my wife making “award winning” meatloaf. And you chose to address meatloaf when responding with the tenor of catching me lying to you…… about MEATLOAF?! Shenanigans???

After all that happened to yours truly in WCW regarding back room politics and distrustful executives playing mind games with who ever would bite, being the last voice heard on Monday Nitro was kinda cool for me I must say.

There seems to be a dangerous trend that many young wrestlers feel the need to be able to execute high risk maneuvers and stunt-like moves before learning wrestling/crowd psychology which is the “kiss of death.” Fundamentals come before how good you look in the team photo, or how many flips and crash and burns one can execute.

If Magnum T.A. had not been severely injured in a car crash, he would have been a multiple time NWA Champion and most likely a multi-time WWE Champion. Mag was a future Hall of Famer who still may be inducted some day. Terry Allen, his real name, was a student of the business and learned psychology from a variety of greats including Bill Watts and Dusty Rhodes.

Does HBK have another “run” in him as WWE Champion? Are you kidding me? Absolutely, but we will find out conclusively on April 1 at Wrestlemania.

WWE does college internships and to learn more about them go to the WWE Corporate website or contact the WWE Human Resources department.

I sure hope OKC gets another PPV and I am lobbying for it even though I will probably get assaulted or something comparable if we do. My luck in OKC with the WWE has run from bad to embarrassing at times but, I still hope the Oklahoma fans get a big event at the Ford Center someday.

The Undertaker wears gloves because he is a striker and he doesn’t want to break his hands. There is no endorsement deal that I am aware of just protecting the Demon of Death Valley’s mitts.

When I grill and I am in a hurry I use propane. When I have time to enjoy the process, I use charcoal. However, my favorite form of cooking is “Smoking” which cooks the meat with the smoke created from the smoker box which is usually filled with hickory wood. The smoked meat is NEVER over direct heat, only surrounded by smoke. That’s where “Low and Slow” comes into play. Our Norman eatery will be open in late April or May and I hope many of you are able to sample our food for yourselves. We will also do catering and mail order business.

I do remember Taker being hurt and Cowboy Bill Watts was his substitute in Tulsa vs. Mankind Mick Foley.The crowd loved it, as I recall, even though no one can adequately replace the Deadman. Foley looks back on that night as a special one for him as he had never been in the ring with Watts prior to that night. I drive thru Proctor every time I go to Westville from Tahlequah.

I am a fan of many professional poker players and watch a ton of Poker on TV. Doyle Brunson is my all time favorite but there are many great players I like, including Canada’s Kid Poker and even bad boy Phil Hellmuth. I would love to play in a tournament some day or perhaps even do some commentary at a Poker event.

Wrestling or Football? If I could be the voice of the Oklahoma Sooners Football team on radio, it would be a dream come true, but I would never want to do it at the cost of NOT doing Monday Night Raw. Let me assure you that I could do both if the stars were ever aligned properly but only when Bob Barry, Sr. says it’s time for him to “hang it up,” which I hope is not for a long time. I feel the same way about the ‘Legendary Voice of the Georgia Bulldogs” Larry Munson.

Louisville got themselves a helluva coach in Steve Kragthorpe from Tulsa University. Kragthorpe is an offensive guru and if he can recruit good players to TU, he should be able to recruit great players to Louisville. Good hire by the Cards. I think Frank Broyles has served Arkansas admirably, but I also think it is time for former Coach Broyles to enjoy the twilight years of his life. He is north of 80 and speaking for myself, if I am lucky enough to live to be 80, something I sure as hell don’t want to be going to the airport every week.

Adrian Peterson should be one of the top 3-4 picks of the upcoming NFL draft. I have an ample amount of AD signed gear that will be on display in our Bar-B-Q place in Norman. I got to know AD well and he is a great young man who deserves to be wealthy and happy. I hope he has a long NFL career but he needs to be willing to step out of bounds on occasion and to “get down” and not take so many big hits, to last more than 5 or so years. We will miss AD, but the NFL is getting a 220 pounder who can run a legit 4.3 forty and who is tough…really tough.

I am not familiar with Nozawa. I have heard of him, but have not seen him in the ring. I am told he is exceptional.

“Jim Ross and Gerald Brisco have been doing a lot of complaining about the recruiting efforts within the WWE” says the usual “unknown source.” Without pulling out the soap box, that is not entirely accurate. It sounds like we are all in the 9th grade again. Brisco and I both share the same vision of what we like in a potential wrestling recruit. Sometimes those types of athletes are tough to find and when they are found, sometimes they are simply the wrong kind of person for the WWE and don’t fit in the locker room, which is important. The WWE is a “team” in essence and non team players need not apply.

Crazy Horse indeed can talk. Tough little guy too, as evidenced on Showtime recently. The disqualification on the main event left me scratching my head. I did not like it, but I also don’t know the ins and outs of the MMA rules.

The next few episodes of the Legend’s Roundtable were awesome. If one likes controversy, these next installments are for you. I do not know when they will be edited and ready for air, but I assume it will be a few months. Good stuff and worth the wait.

For those patiently awaiting shipments outside the U.S., we will be updating the online store to allow for non-food purchases soon! Plus, from my family to yours we sincerely appreciate your business.

Boomer Sooner!

332 Responses to “Hall of Fame.. Big Show.. Woody/Iraq.. AD/NFL.. Taker’s Gloves.. Texas Hold ‘Em.. Texas Dolly.. Last Voice Heard on Nitro.. Cornette’s Temper”

  1. Corey Says:

    why is cm punk being de pushed

  2. Joe Derrick Says:

    Hey J.R, really enjoying these blogs, very informative into the life of a great WWE employee.

    First of all I would like to thank you for your years of entertainment it is truly wonderful to hear you calling any number of classic matches.

    What I would like to know is; What was your favourite match that you ever called?

    Thanks, Joe

  3. Sean Says:

    Hey JR, if Kurt Angle ends his career in TNA do you think he could still be inducted into the HOF or has his bridge been torched?

  4. jared cheeseman Says:

    what time are u guys heading to the arena

  5. Brian Says:

    JR, can you tell us who will be discussed at the future Legends Roundtable?

  6. Kev Says:

    Hey JR, I have three questions
    1. If you could have the choice any other wrestling announcer you’d like to have 5 minutes in a Steel Cage with, who would it be?
    2. Will the WWE ever bring back the classic iron-bar Cage or will WWE now just stick with mesh?
    3. Will Survivor Series ever see a WarGames match for the main event instead of the tradional Survivor Series match; just for old times sake maybe?

  7. Michael Insinga Says:

    I love the blog, and enjoy reading every few days. I wanted to let you know how much I love the legends round table discussion. I wanted to ask you how hard it is to keep all those old timers on the same page? They seem to wander a bit on thier stories of the past, which can often be hillarious. Good job and take care.

  8. Russ Says:

    Hey J.R. I was pondering a couple of things and was wondering what you thought, the first being if Lesnar fails doing the mma thing he’s trying right now you think he’ll return because i think the smackdown brand could really use him right now and a lesnar-batista feud would be interesting…which leads me to my second thought and that is lesnar maybe jumping to tna but i don’t think so. I only say this, and this is my opinion yes…that tna can’t afford any more big name talent and i think that’s the way tna will tank is their financial well will dry up eventually, which gets me thinking that if that happens and i believe it will in time we could see Angle back in action cause it would be nice to have him on raw i was shocked when i saw him on raw and then boom same week tna. would be nice to see christian and raven back in my opinion as well, although who knows maybe even sting will jump in time….though in my opinion he needs to do something new…at least he doesn’t have the crow music anymore lol. until next week good luck,


  9. Bill Says:

    I was wondering if you knew whatever happened to Adam Bomb. He was one of my very favorites in the 90’s.

  10. Dwight Says:

    What are your memories of Hotstuff Eddie Gilbert? I always thought Eddie would’ve been awesome if he was still around during the Monday Night Wars. I miss the old days J.R.!

  11. Dameon Nelson Says:


    I agree, Kenny Dykstra is a prodigy and seems to have “it.” Also, not only should the champ come out last, but the intros should be done with both cahmp and challenger in the ring at the sme time! It is a simple step that makes any title match seem BIG.

  12. Phil Friess Says:

    I was wondering your thoughts on Bill Watts son, Erik. I always thought he’d be a great star, but I could have been wrong. I’ve heard storines on him only getting TV time (in old WCW) because his dad was booker. Do you think he could have became a major star and do you think he could still be a potential star (last I heard he was in TNA, but that was over a year ago). Given the right push, I think he could have been like Test.

    A side question, do you pay attention to the CFL (Canadian Football League) or the Arena Football League.

    Thanks for your time.

  13. Joe Says:

    J.R., one question (or two) has been on my mind, and its pretty simple, so I look forward to your response.

    1.) What is your favorite wrestling finisher?
    2.) Favorite tag team finisher?

    Just curious. Huge fan! Take care J.R.!

  14. Guinness Says:

    In a number of blogs i have heard you mention Ric Flair as one of the greatest of all time. Promo wise and as an entertainer id have to agree. But surely not in the ring? He seemingly has such a limited moveset and his matches are extremely slow and repetitive. Im not just talking about Naitch in recent years, but even going back 15-20 years. I don’t really see what the fuss is about? Sure he was good in his prime, but i cant put him anywhere near the level of HBK, Austin, Bret, Owen. Maybe im wrong, i know im pretty much in the minority here! So could you explain to me JR what makes Naitch ‘great’. Thanks mate

  15. joey P Says:

    hey jr, you always mention wrestling pschyology, what is it? can you give an example?

  16. Sign Guy Says:

    Mr. Ross,
    I was wondering what your thoughts were as you called the Great American Bash ‘91. This was the first WCW PPV show without Ric Flair. Fans chanted “We want Flair” all night and you didn’t seem to be on your normal game that night. Any recolations?

  17. David Says:

    Do you think Booker T is a future hall of famer? because he is one of the few wrestlers from the alliance who has been really successful. I also believe he should go back to being Booker T and not King Booker, even though he is entertaining in whatever he is doing.

  18. Jeremiah in KY Says:


    Another good and imformative read.

    Quick question for you -

    Do you think we will see HHH at Wrestlemania 23? Either in perhaps, a backstage role or doing a promo?


  19. Lance Says:

    Hey JR, I just wanted to tell you that I tried both of your BBQ sauces and they are indeed excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. I’m now eating BBQ sauce on everything from turkey sandwiches to scrambled eggs. Good stuff! And for anyone that may be worried about shipping glass bottles, fear not, because it was like trying to open a child’s toy on Christmas morning. You start off slow then end up cussing and taking a pocket knife to it. Just kidding of course. Sort of.

    My WM prediction is both Taker and HBK win their respective titles and then sooner than later we have a Taker vs HBK interpromotional PPV match. If they can do as much as they did at the Rumble in nine minutes, just think of the classic they could put on when given 30 minutes or more! Ok, maybe not so much a prediction as a dream match, but that’s not a bad thing, right?

    I also heard about the HOF thing with you and the King. If it’s true, then congratulations. If it isn’t, then better luck next time I guess. haha While I do agree that you and the King definitely deserve the honor, I generally think of it more as an honor to receive towards the end of one’s career and I don’t think you and the King will be retiring anytime soon. No offense, but as far as outside the ring performers are concerned, I think the Fink would be the way to go. He is without a doubt the single best ring announcer of all time in any sport and has been with the WWE longer than anyone if I recall correctly. I actually teased Chimel about it at the Smackdown taping last month in Little Rock. I yelled, “We want Fink!” and Chimel said Fink was in the back doing his (Chimel’s) laundry. We laughed about it, and I kept after him the rest of the show. We had fun with it.

  20. T- Money Says:

    Hey JR! Love reading these blogs! I learn something new everytime I read them!! Keep up the good work!

    I am going to school to become a journalist/ broadcaster and was wondering if you had any advice to give somebody who wants to break into the broadcasting industry? I write articles on sports and wrestling for various websites to give myself a little feel for the written journalistic side of what i want to do. So, if there is any advice you can give, it would greatly be appreciated it.
    Second, how do you feel about Smackdown’s newest team Deuce and Domino, and is it true that Deuce is Jimmy Snuka’s adopted son?

    Thank you for your time!

  21. David Ian Says:

    JR what was it like calling the match between Chono and Rick Rude for the NWA title at Halloween Havoc 92? Was that one of the toughest matches to call?

  22. Craig Craigeson Says:

    Hey J.R
    can you see Mr kennedy as a world champion this year? mabeye him and edge being traded and have kennedy as top heel on raw and edge feuding with batista on smackdown?
    also have you ever considered growing a moustache?

  23. Mr. John Burglecutt Says:

    Hey Rossie,

    Maybe I’m living in the past but I really miss the NWA/JCP.

    What who you think of dumping “SmackDown” and just renaming is “NWA”

    I think it would really shake things up.

    That way there would be WWE RAW on Monday Night, ECW on Tuesday and NWA Friday Night!

    Bring back Cornette as the GM and have Ric Flair lead the group.

    I know it was tryed a few years back on RAW, but I wasn’t done properly.

    What do you think?

    Regards, Mr. John Burglecutt

  24. Joe Says:

    why doesnt Vince let all Three announce teams (ecw/Raw/Smackdown) announce all at the same time like survivor series ‘05 when there are participants from each brand in the same match?

  25. Ryan Says:

    Do you think Hayabusa will one day be in the Hall Of Fame and do you see him having one more match?

  26. Ian (manchester uk) Says:

    Hey JR, even though you said in a past blog you wouldnt like to see the 4 horsemen reformed, if you had the choice out of todays roster, which 4 men would you use if you had to pick a horsemen group for today, flair would have to be a must im thinking?

  27. Jacqueline Says:

    Hi Jr,

    I live in Sydney and was wondering if the WWE would ever do a PPV down here, I know a lot of us Aussie Fans would be up for it.

  28. Joey M. Says:


    You’ve gotta talk to the powers that be! CM Punk is getting shafted!

  29. Mark T Says:

    I always wondered what happened to the european title and will it make a comeback and also will the BIG BOSS MAN ever be in the Hall of Fame

  30. Sam Smith Says:

    I don’t know if you recall, I believe in 2000, Kurt Angle had Scotty 2 Hotty in the ankle lock and wouldn’t let go. He ended up twisting Scotty’s foot 90 degrees. I’d like to think I’m not an idiot, so it wasn’t a trick or just his boot. It looked clearly to be his actual foot, a full 90 degree “snap.” I believe this was around the time Scotty had his neck surgery that he had to recover from for so many months. I’m assuming this was planned, it just seems way too extreme for an angle. I can’t find any mention or video of it on the internet, by the way. Any thoughts or light you’d like to shine on this?

  31. Josh Says:

    I don’t know how much involvement you have with the ECW brand but do you know what is the deal with CM Punk right now.

    I am a huge fan of his from back in his ROH days and like many in the IWC believed he would be the guy (along with RVD, Lashley and Hardcore Holly) that ECW would be supported on, however in recent weeks his push has been totally abandoned.

    I have heard that he has attitude problems backstage but the simple fact that the fans love him should be enough to get past that, at least to save the future of the struggling brand (not to mention that the in ring work between Punk and RVD would be nothing short of classic if given then chance - much alike the RVD vs Jerry Lynn feud from the original ECW)

    Also what would be the possibility of Punk being moved to RAW in the future?


  32. Rob Gauthier Says:

    Any thoughts on whether or not the WWE will try to resolve the Hogan issue for Wrestlemania 23?

  33. J.J. Says:

    Hey JR… love the blog

    You meantioned you are reading Mick’s new book. I personally LOVED the stories in his other two. Does the new one hold up well? And what is the best story you’ve read in it?

  34. Mike Says:


    What is your opinion on Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer?

  35. Joel Says:

    Hey JR..I’m a frequent reader of your blog and being as I live in Georgia, i’m marking April 29th on my calendar as I will be getting tickets to Backlash…But I do have one question..I’m not sure if you were calling Raw the night the 1-2-3 Kid upset Razor Ramon with that Moonsault but I was wondering If You could compare that upset to the upset of Shelton Benjamin over Triple H back in 04 in Shelton’s first match on RAW..Which one do you think had the bigger impact?I know Sean Waltman’s win catapulted his career but Shelton DID beat Triple H, the 10 time World Champion…I’d just like your thoughts and keep up the good work, If theres ever an Announcer deserving of the Hall of Fame, it’s Good Ol’ JR.

  36. John Q. Public Says:

    Hey J.R., I’m long time reader, firt time writer, and I have a bunch of questions in regard to a particular quote of yours, and a couple that aren’t.

    You wrote:

    “Brisco and I both share the same vision of what we like in a potential wrestling recruit. Sometimes those types of athletes are tough to find and when they are found, sometimes they are simply the wrong kind of person for the WWE and don’t fit in the locker room, which is important. The WWE is a “team” in essence and non team players need not apply.”

    1) What exactly IS the vision of what Mr. Brisco and yourself like in a potential wrestling recruit?

    2) In your opinion, what IS the right kind of person for the WWE?

    3) How does one “fit” in the locker room?

    4) Also have you looked into distributing your sauce in a chain restaurant, like Jack Daniels does with the TGI Fridays chain? This could boost your products label recognition dramatically, and allow more people to taste your sauces. With “www.jrsbarbq.com” printed big & bold on the bottle, and people having good experiences with your sauce, your bottom line would be quite nice, to say the least.

    5) Do you really catch mail planes?

  37. Brodie Callaghan Says:

    I was wondering who your favorite broadcast partner was. Is it Lawler, or one of your many partners from the WCW/NWA days? Also, I was wondering if you coudl speak a bit on backstage friendships? I once read that the undertaker had no friends in the locker room, bu his own choice? Is that true, if you can say? Also, among the talent roster, who are your friends?

  38. Bob Cook Says:

    Hello Jim,,its an old time WCW jobber Bob Cook saying your still the best.Take Care Bob

  39. Robery Says:

    Hey J.R. What can you say about Melina and Johnny Nitro’s backstage heat?

  40. Larry Says:

    Hey J.R., What do you think about some of the athletes down in OVW and in Deep South? Are there any that catch your eye as becoming potential main-eventers and are there some that you believe are long overdue from being called up? Also, what advice would you give someone who wanted to get into the business and chose OVW as the place to train and get their start at?

  41. Ste Says:

    JR, on Raw last week Vince said he was injured in the Hell In The Cell match and would never wrestle again.

    I was just wondering if that is true or not.. or if he was injured badly in the Hell In The Cell match.

  42. Micky Says:

    J.R who will be inducting you and the King into the hall of fame? if only gorilla Monsoon where still alive then he could do it. I think Stone Cold steve Austin should have the honour of inducting you.

  43. Andrew M Says:

    I admire your ability to be as tactful as possible, politically correct if you will, no matter what your responding to. It’s truly a gift that more in ring persona’s should aspire to obtain.

    My No Way Out predictions are
    1. MNM n MVP over the Hardy’s and Benoit in one fashion or another
    2. I think Ashely will win the diva thingy
    3. The Boogeyman and a half over Little B & Dave Finlay
    4. I hope Rey win’s the CW open by returning in some respect
    5. Kane over the hilarious King Booker.
    6. I hope Mr. Kennedy beats Lashely, he’s a good hand and 10 times more talented
    7. I hope Hooliganz beat Superfly’s kid and Cliff.
    8. Taker/Batista over HBK/Cena…since it’s a SD show.


    JR - Do you know whatever happened to John (Golden Greek) Tolos? He was one of my favorites. Thank you…..Sean

  45. R.J. Says:

    Hi J.R.

    Pedro Morales, Jay Strongbow, Victor Rivera and Jimmy Valiant were some of the wrestlers I enjoyed watching in the 70’s. What are they doing now and are any of them in the WWE Hall Of Fame ?

  46. Joe Jones Says:

    Hi JR, I hope WWE buys TNA:


  47. Coolio Says:

    I was just kidding about the whole “award winning” rant and, honestly, I was just looking for an excuse to use shenanigans in a sentence. In all seriousness, I’m sure the meatloaf was very good.

    With Wrestlemania 23 taking place on April 1, is there any chance that we’ll see another Gimmick Battle Royal? Seeing so many colorful characters return for the first one at Wrestlemania X7 was one of the highlights of an already fantastic card, and Heenan and Okerlund were hysterical on commentary. The potential for another Gimmick Battle Royal was actually first thing that came to my mind when the date for this year’s Mania was announced.

  48. Craig F. Says:

    Hey Mr. Ross, big fan here! Is there any chance that D’Lo Brown or Billy Kidman will return to WWE one day? I thought they were both great, and would love to see them back. What are your thoughts on them?

  49. Marcus Says:

    Hey J.R.,

    I just want to say thank you for all of the work you do. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL. I also wanted to let you know that I watch Wrestlemania 22 over and over again just so I can hear you call the McMahon/Michaels match. That was priceless! How emotional were you during that match?

  50. Scott Anderson Says:

    Hey J.R. I really enjoy reading your blogs as they cut through a lot of the BS that other sites have. Do you know if the WWE has ever considered having a “Lucha Libre” style division? I really like fast paced matches, and with the current cruiseweights the WWE has under contract, as well as importing talent from Mexico and Japan, I’m sure a weekly two hour show of this type would do well in the ratings.

  51. Brhett Says:

    I have a question, I know that you are a huge Oklahoma fan,but are you a fan of the NFL? My favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers, I was just wondering?

  52. Blackhart Says:

    Hello, sir. Politics may prevent you from making a
    Wrestlemania card prediction, but I am very interested in
    what would be your dream matches for the future of wrestling.

    To happen any time in the future for any company, if contracts or the stars aligning were not an issue, what would be your
    TOP 5(or 10 if you are feeling generous-lol) matches you’d like to call or witness before you hang it up? Be it in WWE or anywhere in the wrestling world.
    Thanks for your time.

  53. Ryan Says:

    In response to the No Way Out main event, why is the match being billed as the first one of its kind? Didn’t a match of this type occur at Saturday Night’s Main Event before Wrestlemania XXII? It could be the first match of its type considering the last one wasn’t on PPV.

  54. jay Says:

    Hi, just wondering if the wwe ever thought about re-releasing old merchandise.eg nWo t-shirts,. I think it be a smart move to get involved in for a long time fan to a casual fan who remembers certain memories and moments in wrestling. Thanks very fan friendly website

  55. shannon casto Says:

    Hi JR, Just wondering if you could shed some light on the wrestler, The Iron Sheik. Firstly, I was wondering what your opinion of him is and do you have any funny “Iron Sheik” stories? Also, I heard he was a shooter and was notorious for stretching wrestlers in matches, something Andre the Giant took exception to and actually ‘roughed up’ the Sheik? Another story I heard was Billy Robinson took the Sheik down with a cheap-shot, but Sheik later stretched Mr Robinson in another match? Finally, he seems to have a cult following, so I was wondering what WWE managements thoughts are of ever using him again in some sort of capacity?

  56. Kid Sampson Says:

    Responding to the poster above, has anyone in professional wrestling held more titles than Booker T? I remember reading somewhere last year that he had held over 30+ championship titles. Do you know who the most decorated champion in professional wrestling history is, J.R.?

  57. Nick Ventura Says:

    Hey JR, Quick question.

    Will CM Punk Ever Get A Run For A WWE Championship?

  58. DD Says:

    FAO Bill Re: Adam Bomb

    He went to WCW and ended up tagging with Brian Adams (Crush in the WWF) in a team called KroniK. After WWE bought WCW they wrestled a few times but ended up being released. I think he works the indys now.

  59. SHAMELL Says:

    Hey Mr Ross
    I was wondering what do you think of the “MVP” of smackdown i think he is a pretty good superstar who seems to get better every week,he is one of the good new talents the wwe has recruited,and will he have any title shots in the near future? Besides his last man standing match in which he got destroyed by The Undertaker The great khali seems to destroy his competition will he get any more title shots.I also read that the “nature boy” ric flair will be running for office if he does will he still be in the wwe and john “bradshaw” layfield might also be running will he still continue his color commentator role if he does,and is there any sign of him returning to the ring.(Who do you think would make a better candidate for office flair or bradshaw).
    oh yea one more thing i am new to this site just signed up,so i am sorry if i mentioned anything you have discussed already and by the way i love this site keep up the good work Mr Ross

  60. Joe Says:

    Hi JR. How are you?
    Have you ever bungee jumped? If not, would you ever consider it?

  61. Matthew Burgess Says:

    Jr. will you be watching the Oscars? If so, what are some of your picks?

  62. Mark Says:

    Does the WWE have plans to produce shows in High Definition? If not weekly shows, at least PPVs. I’ve been spoiled watching basketball and football in HD… I can’t go back!

  63. Jobber Says:

    Hey J.R. These blogs are great! We’re all getting a tremendous kick out of them. Those Jim Cornette tantrums you mentioned sound like they would have been something to see. My original question regarding his temper was related to an incident in the 90’s when Cornette and some wrestlers went through the drive through at a Dairy Queen on a road trip and ordered so much food that the employees thought it was a joke. When Jim got to the window the lady told him they hadn’t started the order yet because they didn’t know whether or not they should. The man came completely unhinged. One of the wrestlers in the group had a camcorder and captured the entire incident which is truly something to see. If you search Jim Cornette’s name on youtube you’ll find this incident in the first page of results. If you’ve never seen this before I highly reccommend checking this one out. It’s a must see. Thanks for holding court for us all!

  64. wheresmuhammad Says:

    JR, keep up the great work, you’re a legend. I just had a question about the whereabouts of one Muhammad Hassan. Last I heard of him, he was taken off tv for the terrorist storyline with the Undertaker. Why havent the higher ups repackaged the guy in anyway? I thought he had great heat as a heel and even though he was a tad green, could have been a primetime player. Let us know what you think.


  65. jase454 Says:

    Hey J.R., Jase here from Down Under, first time commenter long time reader.
    Couple of questions:
    Firstly, any idea when the WWE will return to Australia? Especially Adelaide. Last time was awesome.
    Secondly, there are a couple of people I have noticed in the crowd of WWE PPVs over the last 15 years (especially through the 90s). One is a guy with long hair and a beard and he is always sporting sunglasses (have seen him in the crowd of old ECW events also). The others are a couple wearing fluorescent pink and yellow shirts (the man is stone cold bald). It was always fun spotting them in the crowds and was interesting to see the couple in the front row recently. I was wondering if they were friends of WWE stars/employees or just super-dedicated fans?
    Thirdly, any chance of getting some of your BBQ sauce delivered to Australia? To my dismay, the store doesn’t allow for it and I figured there would be no harm in asking.

  66. jayd Says:

    Hey JR… i love the blogs n i am a huge fan of yours.. I would just like to see what your idea n thoughts about Edge, and his future… Cant wait to see you in Chicago!

  67. Chris Says:

    Hey J.R.,
    Thanks for posting so often, this is great info. Anyway, what’s your opinion on Andy Kaufman, Mr. T, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Kevin Federline trying to enter pro wrestling at some point in their lives? Also, in your opinion what is the greatest wrestling match of all time? I have several ones, that I would call the greatest, especially Savage-Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3 in paticular. Also, do you have any fanasty matches, that you’ve always wonted to see, but will never happen. I have several such as:

    1. Ric Flair vs. Lou Thesz
    2. Triple H vs. Harley Race
    3. Hulk Hogan vs. Bruno Sammartino
    4. Ric Flair vs. Bruno Sammartino
    5. The Undertaker vs. Sting
    6. Andre the Giant vs. The Big Show
    7. Andre the Giant vs. The Great Kalhi
    8. Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle
    9. Hulk Hogan vs. Bret hart
    10. Hulk Hogan vs. The Junkyard Dog
    11. Lou Thesz vs. Ed “Strangler” Lewis
    12. Lou Thesz vs. Frank Gotch
    13. Lou Thesz vs. Georg Hackenschmidt

    those are my fanasty matches, seems like alot, but I would love see these. Also, what’s your opinion on the Junkyrd Dog? He’s one of my favorite wrestlers, and I think had he been alive today, he’ve would’ve done some great things in the WWE. Finally, is there any chance that Ric Flair gets one last shot at the WWE title before he retires? I think it would be great see, he deserves one last shot, I could just see it now, he wins the title at a Wrestlemania and then celebrities with the fans and the whole WWE locker room comes out to show respect for the legend and from there he retires and gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at the next Wrestlemania, that would great to see. Thanks again J.R. for all the info. Take Care!

  68. wheresmuhammad Says:

    One more thing I forgot to ask…regarding Mr.Perfect. He did an angle with Shawn Michaels years back when Superstars was still a show, Perfect had just returned from a long absence on tv and got into a backstage altercation with Michaels, they were gonna wrestle but Shawn took out Perfects leg and he couldnt wrestle that day. What was the reasoning, was Perfect still legitametly hurt or were there no real plans to have him wrestle?? The reason Im asking is after that I dont think Mr.Perfect wrestled again until he showed up in WCW.

    Thanks again

  69. Steven Alexander Helmsley Says:

    Hi JR, I just got Volume 3 of this early 80’s NWA footage called “wrestling relics”, have you heard or even seen any of it? What is your favourite World (Any) Title match that you have called in your career? and also, I know you love watching wrestling dvds and reading wrestling books but do you have to purchase them or does WWE honor you with a free copy? Also go to ROHVideos.com and download for free some sample matches from ROH! You’ll love it!

    WWE, ROH and JR…Simply the best triple threat anywhere!

    oh and I don’t care for TNA.

  70. Kent Brockman Says:

    Hey JR, why did WWE let Michael Cole announce the No Way Out PPV when he clearly couldn’t speak very well. JBL practically had to carry the broadcast near the end and he did a great job. Have you ever lost your voice during a live broadcast or when you started screaming for STONE COLD, STONE COLD, STONE COLD!?

  71. Jordan Says:

    there is another rumor this time with rey mysterio. there is a rumor that his contract expires within a couple of months and they are saying that he already has plans on jumping to tna after his contract is up. to the best of your knowledge, is any of this true? p.s. great blog!!

  72. Moto Says:

    Hey JR,
    I noticed that you would refer to one of Sheldon Benjamin’s high flying moves as a “stinger splash”. As a huge Sting fan, I thought it was a nice tribute to him, especially since he never worked in the WWE. Even though Benjamin still uses the move, I haven’t heard you refer to it as a “stinger splash” recently. Did you take heat for using that name for the move?
    Also, didn’t Sting use his “Scorpion Death Lock” before anyone in the WWE was using the “Sharpshooter”? To your knowlege, did anyone use that finishing move before Sting? Finally, do you keep in touch with Steve Borden and why didn’t he ever make the jump to the WWE?

  73. Joey Garza Says:

    What is going on with the Iron Sheik these days? He’s been critical of a few wrestlers over the years, mainly B.Brian Blair. Could you update us on what’s going on with the Sheik?

  74. Tenechia Says:

    Hey J.R.,
    Thank you so much for these very informative blogs. I look forward to them each and every week. I haven’t been watching wrestling as long as some of the others who post here but I was wondering how do you feel about Shelton Benjamin. My all time favorite HBK match (Shawn Michaels is my all-time favorite wrestler…..plus he’s hawt!)…anyway my favorite match featuring HBK was NOT a PPV match. In fact, it happened during the Gold Rush Tournament, if you can recall, that Mr.Eric Bishoff had a while back when he was GM. It was HBK vs Shelton Benjamin. That match was AWESOME!!! It kept everyone on their toes. I miss those kinds of matches. Anyway, Shelton Benjamin proved that he could hang with the best of them and he thus earned my respect. I was just wondering how you felt about Shelton Benjamin. Do you think he’s main event material?

  75. Push CM Punk yourself! Says:

    I say, if CM Punk is being “depushed” then we, the fans, need to push him ourselves. Get loud. Chant “CM Punk” as loudly as you can at Raw, Smackdown and ECW shows. Carry giant signs, like we once did for Goldberg, spelling out “CM Punk” in large shiny letters. Boo for the rest of the show when Punk loses to somebody as pointless as Tardcore Holly. Don’t stop booing until the show goes off the air. Even if that means booing for 20 minutes (or longer if Smackdown is being taped after ECW). WWE doesn’t get the hint with simple chanting (our chanting “Matt Hardy” or “Cena sucks” obviously isn’t getting through to them) so get obnoxious about it. If someone as dull as Steve Austin can get a push for something as goofy as “Austin 3:16″ then certainly CM Punk would do well if we got behind him and didn’t take “no” for an answer. We got Matt rehired, didn’t we? So let’s push CM ourselves and let WWE know, we don’t give a rat’s backside WHAT they think. … and can we see about getting Bob Holly fired too? PS - Arn, sir. You’re an awesome wrestler and a legend and all but… nobody asked you. CM Punk > Holly. K? Merci.

  76. Zach Says:

    Great blog as always but, since WWE owns WCW what one thing would you like to see them bring in from the old days?

    I would really like to see the 3 ring thing for there royal rumble and split the brands up for each ring then have a triple threat at Wrestlemania since triple threats work great at Mania for undisputed

    Another thing i am noticing it almost seems as if WWE is brushing off this TNA, as of right now yes its not a company that will overthrow anytime soon but WCW thought the same thing to would it not just be easier now to squelch the cub before it becomes a bear

  77. Cody Says:

    What is the future for some of the guys that are not in WWE, OVW, or Deep South? Such as Rob Conway, Mitch, Chuck Palumbo, and Too Cold Scorpio.

  78. Jorge Says:

    hey jr how come no one ever uses a pile driver anymore? with the exception of the undertaker’s tombstone, is it for obvious reasons like you could break your neck easily like when owen hart broke stone cold’s?

  79. Brian A. Says:

    Do you think there should be a General Manager figure on Raw and ECW? There has been a lot of times, especially on ECW, but even on SmackDown, where match-making logic has been completely lacking. One credit you could always give Ric Flair was, that even to his detriment, he could take the worst angle or a logical U-turn (insanity, heart attack, changing alignment during one promo) and still polish it up to make sense to the crowd.

    It would take more than just a figurehead for things to make sense, but it would definitely help to have someone explain what the writers are thinking and intending. It might make them adhere to consistancy and precedent.

    I don’t know whether either side would be amicable to this, but could it be possible to make Mick Foley the ECW commisioner? He wouldn’t have to wrestle, he could be billed as working from his “home office” (just send a freelance camera crew once a week), and he could have as much or as little behind-the-scenes input as was seen fit. It would be a great way to have Vince dump off control of “this rathole” to “the only person who deserves it.”

  80. Michael J Says:

    hey jr love the site. hey i have a couple ? do you know if HHH will be at WM23 i know he whont wrestle but will he be used to do anything so he will be there. and i just watch the hogan knows best and the end of the show it look like hulk hogan singed a 20 year contract. and i hope in some way the hulkster is at WM23. i cant wait i will be there its going to be alsome. well take care jr……….

  81. Michael v Says:

    Will there ever be a Taker and Mankind Match again?

  82. Matt Says:

    J.R. just one quick question, What ever happened to Undertakers or Mean Mark’s if you will, tag-team partner of the Skyscrapers from the old NWA/WCW Dan Spivey?

  83. MicKinOZ Says:

    MicKinOZ Says:

    February 17th, 2007 at 10:40 pm
    Hey Jr,
    First timer here but loooooong time fan. I remember Wrestlemania 2 but through the years after that WWF(E)sic, was rarely played on Australian TV. This was a shame because i liked, no, adored Bret Hart which meant I saw up to the Hart Foundation’s title win against Demolition (3 fall) but not Bret’s singles success until he was on WCW (sigh). My (currently wrestling) favourite is HHH so, my question is - was there ever a match? I know hunter may have just been learning his technique at the time and Bret would have been at the top of his game but was there a ‘classic’ match between the two? Always loved your work JR and always enjoy watching WWE but to say one criticism - the company has the wrong guys playing heels and the wrong guys playing faces. Any comments? Also, what type of shape is Savage in, do you know what he does now? Does he wrestle?

  84. Marcus Cygy Says:

    Hey JR, I was recently at a SmackDown!/ECW Live Event here in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I would just like to say it was a fun night. Probably one of the better WWE shows I have been to in sometime and I’m sure I can speak for all of Vancouver in that we want more WWE… MORE than just a House Show once a year!!!

    I do have a question though, have you ever watched a TNA Pay-Per-View(s), and if so which one(s)? If you have, what did you think of them? Also, do you have any contact with some of the people working for TNA?

    Marcus Cygy

  85. Raj Says:


  86. Nick Says:

    Hey JR! I just saw the episode of “Hogan knows Best” where Hulk and Vince agree on a 20 year deal. Is that not in effect now since Hulk won’t be at Mania, or has something changed where Hulk will be at Mania??? I think it would be fitting that Hulk be at the 20th anniversary of the event where Hulk had the biggest match of his career. Any news on Hulk and Mania please update us!! WE WANT HULK AT ‘MANIA 23!!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  87. Jaffer Says:

    Hey J.R.

    Of course rumours are running rapid re: the HOF. The following names are said to be inducted this year: AFA & SIKA (THE WILD SAMOANS), DUSTY (OBVIOUSLY DONE AND ‘'’DUSTED”’), THE VON ERICH FAMILY, THE ORIGINAL SHEIKH (R.I.P) &… GOOD OLD J.R. & THE KING JERRY LAWLER

    When I read that I thought WOW… I was wondering if you had heard any news re: this and if you wree to be inducted who would it be. Me and my friend thought it would be classical if Michael Cole & Tazz inducted you both.

    Plz reply :)

  88. Rob Says:

    Do any current WWE Superstars ever want or wish to work independent dates?

  89. Brian B. Says:

    Hello J.R.

    I was reviewing my old NWA collection when I came across Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard Vs Dusty Rhodes and Sting Clash Of The Champions 2. Watching that match made me wonder do you thing that Arn and Tully will be elected to the HOF someday. Their chemistry in the ring is something that is rarely seen now and days.

  90. Chris M Says:

    Do you think that the elimation chamber would ever be used in a war games type match or a survivor series match. It is in option in the smackdown vs raw 2007 video game. Which by the way, 2007 took a major drop from 2006 for it seems to me that the game was rushed to be finished for a lot of voice overs are wrong, for the PS2 the create a wwe title, when you try to defend it the game frezes up and because you have to save the game before defending it, it ends up lost. And I am getting into a review about the game instead of my question. I think that doing a survior series type match or in the way of wcw’s war games that could be a major money maker if done correctly.

  91. Brian B. Says:

    Hello J.R.

    I was reviewing my old NWA collection when I came across Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard Vs Dusty Rhodes and Sting At Clash Of The Champions 2. Watching that match made me wonder do you thing that Arn and Tully will be elected to the HOF someday. Their chemistry in the ring is something that is rarely seen now and days.

  92. PKX Says:

    Benoit is _definitely_ underutilized. Smackdown’s been the better brand for a couple of years now, but a move to Raw and/or a heel turn should be considered. He’s been on Smackdown for nearly two years and hasn’t been in one World Title match.

  93. Ron Says:

    Hey JR, what do you think of the WSX ring announcer Fabian Kaelin? Do you find his hyper pacing of the ring and cheese-ball screaming as annoying as I do?

  94. Tex Says:

    IF wwe doesnt want to use SCOTT HALL as a performer,what about a manager?in my book he still has about 5 good years left in him as a wrestler,he has a loOk that cant be beat,he has natural charisma,he can talk,he is the biggest name never to win a world title,he could really add to someone up and coming like a randy orton who finds it hard to cut a promo,is it true hall is signed to a legends deal and what is that jim?,thanks
    P.S. SAVAGE FOR H.O.F. 2007 DIGGIT!!!!!

  95. Tex Says:

    is it true STONE COLD was at NO WAY OUT?if it was it would of been great even if he popped his head out of the curtain and uttered one word “WHAT”,crowd would of gone nuts.

  96. lance Says:

    Hi Jim, nice site you have! I’ve said this before, but I think Sid would be a great addition to the WWE. He is one of the best of the big men, he has a certain character about him that I just find fun to watch. He does not seem to mind jobbing to others which is a good thing, so in that instance he is not selfish, I think he could still do a lot in and for the WWE if given a chance. I remember him fighting the Taker a few times and was always dissapointed with the outcomes, as I knew Taker wanted to be the toughest of the big men, which was a shame, maybe that is not the case now. I have a really good idea for a story line, and I think it would get big ratings, wondered how or who to send these ideas too? I’ve had them for a few years, and still think it would be a big hit but with wrestlers getting older, dying, retiring it would be a shame for it not to at least be considered from the creator or man in charge. All the best and have pleasant trips!

  97. Brian Says:

    J.R, having been in the business a while now, how did you feel during the mid to late 90’s when wrestling was changed so dramatically by the monday night wars? Perhaps it’s simpley because I’m getting older, but there seems to have been a breakdown of Kayfabe too? Was it hard for you to adapt to those changes? The product today seems so different from that of even 1994-95.
    I enjoy your blogs, and your sauces, the bean recipie you posted a few weeks ago was very nice indeed!

  98. Venga the Dog Says:

    Hey JR, I just read the most devestating peice of infomation on Wikipedia (I’m not one to believe everything I read on the internet, but this was upsetting). Is Howard Finkel really retiring?? If he’s retiring, then I would like to start up a petition for Howard to ring announce WrestleMania by himself. Are you willing to pass the petition to the higher ups?:)

  99. Sean Gallagher Says:

    J.R.- excellent read as always. One of my favorite part about WWE 24/7, besides the roundtable discussion, is the classic matches we see with the Dynamite Kid. Would you consider him and Davy a future Hall of Famer? His matches with Tiger Mask were way ahead of their time and perhaps still are.

  100. Alexander Says:

    Hi JR,

    do you think there is a chance to hear and see Tony Shiavone in any wrestling show as the chief commentator? I think he was an good one and i was enjoying listen to him. Don’t get me wrong you’re the best of the best but he has his qualitys too. Do you think there is a chance to bring back the nWo. I think it’s time for a stromg storyline in the WWE (StoneCold and old DX are too long ago and of course The Rock vs Stone Cold) that were hell of a show! Greetz from Germany.

  101. Andrew Says:

    Hey, JR. I’m just wondering what you think about Shawn Michaels “Continuing” D-X. We haven’t seen Triple H for a Month, yet Shawn Michaels still comes out to D-X music, and does the D-X enterance. Even the dumbest of fans have to realize that this isn’t D-X; it’s just Shawn Michaels. Don’t you think, considering this, WWE should just drop this, and bring back Michaels’ old music and enterance? It bothers me to no end having to hear the D-X music when it’s not even around.

  102. Billy Swenson Says:

    When should we expect the announcement of Randy Savage going into the Hall of Fame?

  103. matt mcatee Says:

    hey JR, i was wondering what the deal is going on between vince and hogan, is hogan really done with the wwe, i know he made the mistake about the hall of fame getting out, but is that warrent him no longer being with the company or is there more underneath that we dont really know about, thanks for the time

  104. Scott Prodigy Says:

    Thanks for the response. Funny you mention Doyle, I think you stole his hat ;-) Phil Hellmuth fits into my love for heels (not as much as Mike “The Mouth” Matusow) and as for Negreanu, he has a weekly column in our local newspaper. It may be available nationally or on his website/blog, but here is the link anyways: http://www.vindy.com/content/entertainment/poker/index.php

    Concerning many TNA comments, it is a nice alternative, but only that. I have the school of thought, that Vince could crush a serious competitor in the future by ending the brand extension or making one of the brands (ie. RAW) a far superior product to the rest. (The latter would hurt less talent and not give the competition an opportunity to gain momentum by using former WWE superstars.) The No Way Out card is a small example of what that concept would be like today.

  105. Jae Says:

    hey there J.R., great blog again. There hasbeen alot of talk of tag teams as of late. I wonder who your favorites are now, and in the past? I personally liked, though they were not around together long, Noble and Couragious in WCW. I thought the names were awesome, and both were good workers. Do you have any idea where evan couragious is? I think they could get back together and go well in a very lacking tag division.And on a side note, I would LOVE to see Donald Trump bring in a new wrestler at mania. I don’t know who, but I think this is an awesome opportunity to introduce a new wrestler and get him over big time by beating mcmahon. it could start a fued with msmahon which could run a long time and make great tv spots. Just a few thought’s, thanks for the time.

  106. bill graves Says:

    Mr. Ross,
    I am often puzzled by some of the WWE ideas that make it thru all pre-production meetings and even to TV. I know there must me some disagreement about these things, but how does the final say for a storyline get decided? The big push for young guys seems to happen too fast many times. They either have problems with the technical side or can’t get the connection to the audience(most often). I totally agree with you about Benoit. Probably best in ring WWE has active today. AA will probably never make HOF, but it breaks my heart. He, along with Dusty and Flair, who can still work, knew how to work the crowd. I sure miss the Enforcer, though. Will we ever see a kneelift used as a finishing move again, Ala Mr. Wrestling No. 2? Thanks for reading.

  107. Keven Says:

    I was wondering if the WWE would be interested in aquiring a MMA company, say Pride FC?

  108. Joe L. Says:

    Hey J.R. i heard this crazy rumor that the WWE is considering making a New Hart foundation, please tell me this is nowhere near the truth, as the original can simply never be beaten. P.S. Was Owen Hart ever inducted in the hall of fame. if not why? P.S.S. where could i get an awesome cowboy hat like yours and how much does it go for?

  109. RMS Says:

    J.R. Thanks for keeping us updated with your blogs. I read them every few days. I have heard CM Punk has lost his push in ECW. I was wondering if you could clarify the situation and put it into perspective. I know you do what your told in this business or you don’t go anywhere. Is CM Punk’s head so big he couldn’t follow or even listen to pointers and tips from road agents like Arn Anderson back stage. I know he was in a fued with Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat in ROH and it was a great fued. How do you forsee CM Punk doing with or in his run with WWECW? I read on a wrestling site that the WWE doesn’t want to let him go for fear that he could become a big star in NWA: TNA? This didn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t make him a star in WWE if they believe he could be a star in NWA: TNA. I know it’s a given that NWA: TNA has acquired much of the ROH talent. As CM Punk is a former ROH talent that made a name for himself in the company. Maybe WWE feels he may be able to work better with wrestlers he has known for quite some time as opposed to wrestlers he is meeting and wrestling for the first time. Maybe some of the wrestlers backstage get the wrong impression of the Punkster. I’m not sure but I do have a lot of questions about the situation. It would be much appreciated if you could clarify the situation with any knowledge or information you would be willing to share. Also, Do you forsee CM Punk being apart of Wrestlemania 23 in any way. Thank you for your time J.R.

  110. Curt Britton Says:

    The Legends Roundtable is a great part for WWE On-Demand. I waited for you guys to chat of Ric Flair and what a great segment.(Every legend intro’d so far have been great). Keep up the good work! Tell Patterson to quit his smoking. Didn’t he have bypass surgery in the past year?

  111. Nick Says:

    Heyy JR!

    How much would you estimate Wrestlemania 23 prdouction cost? Like the titan tron, fireworks, ect

    I assume WWE has big plans like they always do with big venues.

  112. Andrew Day Says:

    hey JR two questions when will dallas get a ppv. we sell out raw everytime and dallas is a wrestling hotbed. and two will the wwe ever do anything with thte old gwf that used to be in the sportatorium? a lot of current wwe superstars got there start there and could be a nice dvd.

  113. dustin Says:

    hey jr just a couple quick question i was wondering if you were involved with any of the booking on wcw when ICP(Insane Clown Posse) was wrestling there and what are yourt opions on them as wrestlers/entertainers and personally

  114. Matty T Says:


    If i am going to a house show, what is the best way to meet some of the superstars? And also, is that even a good idea? I never like to be an annoying fan.
    Have a Good one!

  115. Dan Says:

    Hey JR,

    Just was wondering. At Wrestlemania, could you try and fit in “BOOM-shak-a-laka!” into your commentary at some point?

  116. Ed Wise Says:

    JR, great blog as always!
    Have one question though. In recent weeks I have seen some greatness out of Ric Flair, how he does it at his age is beyond me. I hope to see another good promo or match tonight by him. His promos over the last two weeks have had passion, and I love that about him! In your opinion, can we ever have another Ric Flair? Someone who goes out at that age and performs and loves the business like Flair. Would like to hear from you on that. I’m not sure if the WWE has someone capable of that or not… Or maybe another guy could come along that can do that. I find it hard. Also, how much is Flair respected by the younger guys?

  117. "Snake" Roberts Says:

    To reply to your latest blog entry:

    - First…what is a “mail plane to Bakersfield?” You mean to tell me Vince McMahon makes his voice-talent fly COACH?!?!? With other people’s MAIL?!?!? You have to fly with chickens and pigs and “Get Well Soon” cards while Vince flies with posh leather seats and Grey Goose martinis?!?! My…how the WWE has sunk. So much for “being in-touch with the boys in the back,” huh?

    - Test getting himself suspended for 30 days in violation of your “Wellness Policy” is poop. I know of pet stores that drug test. Pet stores. Give the guy another chance…maybe he had a poppy-seeded bagel for breakfast. Oh wait…stuff like that doesn’t come up on drug tests, that’s just a myth. Tell us…what ELSE comes up on drug tests, J.R.?

    - Shame you don’t see Marty Janetty coming back as a full-time Raw superstar. I heard your company even had the class to let him know of his firing through a “WWE Magazine” article. Well, you know what they say. “The company’s reputation always starts at the top.”

    - No Ding-Dongs, J.R.? That’s shocking. I would’ve figured you for having a voluptuous appetite when it came to sweets. Does Mick Foley enjoy Ding-Dongs? I’m just asking because I’m more than sure a weight-bench in his home would simply be used as a coat-rack.

    - You’re right, and for once, I agree with you. Chris Benoit IS a treasure, and he IS under-used on Smackdown. He also doesn’t fit it with Vince’s vision of what “wrestling” should be. That’s aright…I’m sure TNA will provide a good home for him when his contract expires. Unhappy former WWE world-champions seem to like it there. I’m guessing it has something to do with the possibility of one day walking around with a “spinny-belt.”

    - I’m sorry you like “reality based wrestling personas.” I happen to think Umaga is a phenomenal athlete, and contributes much to Raw’s sagging ratings. Wait…Umaga is the manager guy with the straw-hat, right? I’m only asking because I’m *sure* such excellent mic-work wouldn’t be wasted on such a “non-reality based wrestling persona” like a “Thumb-Poke Of Doom.”

    - If YOU get inducted to the WWE Hall Of Fame this year, then I’ll be watching re-runs of “227″ during your induction. That’s right…I’d rather watch sassy, middle-aged women banter on a front porch than see YOU get inducted. By the way…I have to ask. Do the people who set up The Hall Of Fame ceremony have to arrange special seating for Hulk Hogan’s Ego? Oh…and for all you Randy Savage fans out there…I bought his CD, and listened to it. For my efforts, I was in a coma for 3 straight weeks, and for 2 weeks, suffered from clinical depression. That’s how bad it was.

    - Of course hazing in the Raw and Smackdown locker-rooms isn’t an issue for you. I ain’t even gonna mention the ECW locker-room, because from what I read, (and see) those guys are so spirit-broken, they don’t even have enough gumption to execute a decent hazing. Getting back to my original point, do you really expect J.B.L. to walk up to Vince McMahon and say, “I took a steamy dump in Rey Mysterio’s gym bag?”

    - As far as any company taking over WWE in your lifetime, well, aren’t you the rooster that’s always crowing, “You never know in the wrestling business! Squawk! Squawk!”

    - I agree. The champion should always be introduced at the end of a show……assuming he’s wearing a title-belt and not a hubcap he bought at AutoZone.

    - You say, “Big Show is home and losing weight the right way.” Unless his dietician is the same one who The Olsen Twins use, there really is no “wrong way” to lose weight. It’s simple: Start by putting down the fork, then, use the before mentioned weight-bench that is collecting dust in the Foley’s home.

    - I remember when you and Vince used to do commentary. Do me a favor and ask him what a “round-house punch” is. I heard him belt that classic line out from one of my old wrestling tapes. I also saw a guy get kicked in the head, to which Vince called it a “snapmare.” I tried it in grammar school, and was appropriately heckled for not knowing proper wrestling terminology. Thanks alot, Vince.

    - You say it was satisfying for you to be the last voice heard on Nitro. Actually, the last thing I heard were thousands of WCW fans groaning in agony at the thought of what Vince does to unfortunate souls who didn’t “pick the winning team” to begin with. I am citing when The Rock said to Booker T, “Who are you?!?!” And the destruction of a great wrestling angle like the NWO because Vince didn’t think of it, first.

    - If you think HBK has another title run left in him, then good for you. I say he’s too old. But, on the other hand, John Cena’s title run has been as long and painful as Ric Flair taking a dump.

    - WWE does college internships?!?! AWESOME!!! Where can I go to sign-up? My resume includes almost 20 years of wrestling knowledge. What’s that you say? No…I don’t have any experience writing for soap operas. HEY! What do you mean I can’t have the job?!?!?

    - Please stop calling The Undertaker “The Demon of Death Valley.” We know he’s from Texas. Just go back to calling him “Booger Red” like you used to do when you had a lil’ too much of “J.W. Blue.”

    - You say you and Gerald Brisco are a tad unhappy with the WWE’s recruiting efforts. I say “hooey.” Every aspiring wrestler should have the honor of being dressed like a pirate, then let go from the company for not “getting over with the fans.” Next time, diagnose the problem before saying the medicine ain’t working.

    I’m not so sure about your barbecue sauce, anymore, J.R. You may lose me to Paul Newman!

  118. Kevin Says:

    Hi JR,

    If the rumors on here are true (and I don’t read the rumor sites because it just ruins the fun) and you and King are going into the Hall of Fame, Congratulations!!! You two truly deserve it.

    Question: I always loved Bobby “the Brain” … is there any chance he’d return maybe even for a weekly one-minute commentary? I think that would be comical and a good idea. I just watched WM 8 and he is classic. I don’t think I laugh as much as when I listen to him.

  119. william Says:

    Whats the chance of another Raw or Smackdown coming to Knoxville & also your thoughts on Tim Horner as a worker and a person? And also is there ever a chance of a JR BBQ eatery ever opening up in East Tennessee as I am a huge fan of the BBQ sauce. Keep up the good work.

  120. Mark Says:

    JR, I have always loved your work with the WWE and WCW/NWA. I always remember Wrestlemania 9 in Vegas when you first debuted for WWE. That show wil lalways be one of my personal favorites.

    I have always felt that Bret Hart was the best overall WWE Champion. his in ring ability combined with his story telling made him the best in my mind. What are your thoughts?

    Also, will Wrestlemania ever come back to Las Vegas? Especially after seeing the success that the NBA had for it’s all star break?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  121. David Says:

    Hey Jim Ross keep up the great work that you do!

  122. Mark Says:

    Hi JR, just a quick question from the other side of the pond. Seeing as age catches up with us all and that some of our favourite ’superstars’ are not getting any younger, where is the new blood going to come from? In my opinion, some of the new guys don’t seem to have much ‘personality’ certainly nothing like Flair, Hogan, Savage, Warrior (lol yes warrior!) and also, the likes of Steamboat, Ventura and Hart. Where do you see the industry going in the future to keep us all watching?

  123. Kevin in Rhode Island Says:

    Hey Jr
    Youre the best and a true Hall of Famer.
    Just wondering who is on the roundtable in the next set of Legends Of Wrestling ?
    Nothing personal against him, but What does Mike Graham really bring to the discussion?
    Thank you for your time.

  124. pager Says:

    Do you think evolution will ever come back.

  125. Iain Says:

    Mr. Ross,
    So, is your even-more direct exposure to the wrestling fans disillusioning you at all about our fanbase? :-) I note the number of people accusing you of lying about everything from the HoF to your meatloaf.

    I wait in breathless anticipation of the JR & JBL announce team.

  126. Nikki Says:

    Hey Jim….any hope of the Macho Man Randy Savage joining in the Hall of Fame fun this year?? No man deserves it more. No man.

  127. Adam Brown Says:

    I think it’s all well and good that you feel that younger wrestlers do too much damage to their bodies when “pushing it to the limit” JR, but it would be good to see a little bit of a varied style of wrestling in WWE programming these days. And I know that the cruiserweights do a high tempo style from time to time(though even their style is “clipped” a little bit, to stop injuries) but I feel as every match that is “worked” in WWE at the moment is the same thing. That’s why I’ve stopped watching. I can only see a five minute “rest hold” for so long. I would love to see someone be pinned by a different move instead of a finisher, or a rollup. Just to add a bit of spice to matches. Sorry to sound so despondent, JR. Keep up the good work though :)

  128. Andrew Dynon Says:

    Couple of questions…

    1. With all the wrestling you have seen, do you ever feel jaded or that you have seen it all?

    2. Do you ever watch foreign wrestling, such as Japanese or Mexican wrestling?

  129. sean h Says:

    hey JR, i was wondering why wwe has never signed steve corino? had the old ecw stayed around, i think he wouldve been the next big thing. i think, much like hhh, steve has the total package. wwe should sign him.

  130. Chris Flowers Says:

    Hey Jr. Greetings from New York !!

    Great work these past few weeks on Raw….

    I couldn’t imagine a broadcast without you at the helm.

    Just wanted to comment on the “No More Horsemen” commentary. I agree that an in ring version of the Horsemen makes no sense. With the exception of Ric Flair, my personal favorite of all time, the Horsemen have long since seen thier best days…


    That isn’t to say that the 4 Horsemen don’t have role yet to play in this fine business of wreslting….

    Mentoring.. Managing.. Booking.. Guest Commentating…

    Also, having the Horsemen around makes sense b/c while WWE is geared to a younger audience, plenty of us 30 + year olds remember fondly the exploits of the greatest organization in wrestling history.. tapping into more then just Hulkamania to inspire nostalgia is a good thing..

    P.S. Ric Flair at his age and with his abilities in decline is still more fun to watch then many of the young so-called superstars who lack charisma, skill and respect.

    I think the lack of territories and a true “farm” system hurts them, they have nowhere to hone thier skills before hitting the show….

    Sign me,

    Bears fan in mourning….

  131. Arice Says:

    Hey J.R,Could you please tell HBK to put his tights back on please. Oh and if he does when the WWE Championship,it would be nice if you guy at WWE make the title look more classic like it used to, because that title John Cena has look’s so weak ! When Triple H comes back he should turn heel.RAW needs a good heel besides Edge and you know it.

  132. Anan Khalique Says:

    I know you addressed on more than one occasion to not always believe the internet, but IF and that is a big IF, Batista retains his title at WM, then I suggest adding Kennedy there to make it a triple threat. I’m suggesting this because Kennedy can continue his feud with Batista, Taker has a score to settle with Kennedy since he cost him the Beat The Clock Sprint Match and when they had a match the following week, Batista speared Ken before Taker could chokeslam him. There’s still time to build him up into the match and it’ll be a win-win situation because either Ken or Batista walk out as World Champion and since Taker wan’t pinned, his streak is intact or Taker wins the title (he deserves to be World Champion more than anyone) and extends his streak to 15-0. What do you think??

  133. Jason Says:

    I don’t know if you follow Ring of Honor, JR, but how do you feel about Japan’s Takeshi Morishima winning the title this weekend on his second night with the company?

  134. KB Says:

    This isn’t to JR, but to Bill who asked about Adam Bomb (aka Bryan Clark, or Wrath/Wraith in WCW) - last I heard, after the match him and Brian Adams had with Undertaker and Kane they were released.

    The Story - (Clark and Adams returned to the WWF on September 6, 2001, attacking and Double Chokeslamming The Undertaker. Managed by Steven Richards, they faced Undertaker and Kane at Unforgiven, and were defeated. WWF management was unhappy with their performance at Unforgiven, and asked them to report to the WWF Developmental Territory for retraining. KroniK were not receptive, and left the company.)

  135. Jamie Says:

    Hey JR,

    I’m a long time fan. I know that each city offers its own flavor to an event, and there are sure favorites as well as hometowns. What are your thoughts on Cincinnati? We get events sometimes, and recently hosted Cyber Sunday. I know you have nothing to do with scheduling, but do you think the Queen City will see another pay-per-view someday?

  136. Andy Howie Says:

    Hey J.R,
    there has been a lot of talk that says that WWE is taking a step backwards & i, like a lot of people believe that the headliners, HHH, HBK, Undertaker etc are holding back the future talent & future big stars eg CM Punk, Edge, Orton etc by not putting people over for the future of the company, shudnt WWE be looking towards the future instead of living in the past? the similarities with WCW circa 1999/2001 are growing at an alarming rate.
    I recently read an interview with Jim Cornette who was extremely harsh on the current WWE & whilst i dont agree with all his comments, he made some clear points on the poor state of WWE & that the product is slipping at a severe rate.
    Any opinions?

  137. jason baasch Says:

    is it possible to hire wresters
    i would like to have an event that happened in the past together again
    i believe flair wrestled harley race in my hometown
    is it possible to get it together one more time

    plus it would be awesome if wwe put together a wax museum

    and again my uncle has a wagon its a hearse would wwe like to use it

  138. Platon Says:

    Hey JR just wondering what was the best match you’ve ever called. Why isn’t Madison Square Garden not hosting any PPV’s or for that matter any house shows. They’ve had onyl 1 show in the past 2 years. I always thought that MSG was sacred grounds for the WWE.

  139. Vernicious Says:

    jim, if u r going into the hall of fame, congratulations. u deserve it. i am very surprised though that randy savage was not announced yet for this year’s hall of fame, being the 20th anniversary of the steamboat match, which is a true clinic for any aspiring wrestler. lets get savage in the hall of fame jim, and keep jerry lawler out.

  140. Molly Says:

    Hello J.R. I just wanted to say thank you for your insite and opinions.

    i was wondering who has say in when a superstar gets a DVD made about themselves? and the merchandise. who gets say in when a superstar has t-shirts etc. some superstars have more than others and its understandable if you have a big main eventer etc. but what about the up and commers? shouldnt we have the opportunity as fans what we’d like to see?

  141. yellow card Says:

    Any hope of “Macho Man” Randy Savage or Ric Flair hitting the Hall of Fame this year?

  142. Shane Mullaney Says:

    R.I.P Mike Awesome, In my view he deserved to be in the main-event, Batista can never hold a candle to him.

  143. Shaun Says:

    Was just curious what the current relationship is like between the WWE and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake? He was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up, but has not been seen in or mentioned with the WWE in several years. Do you think he is a worthy candidate to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Thanks J.R. keep up the good work.

  144. Joey M. Says:


    Not sure if you heard yet, but I just read Mike Awesome died. Just want to pay my respects to one of the most gifted bigmen ever.

  145. theGAME Says:

    Is Vince really hurt and unable to wrestle anymore? Do you or anyone else ever get worried when the chairman of the board is in the ring risking injury?

    Do you think storylines where Vince brings attention to himself take attention away from the wrestlers? Is that good for bringing in overall interest or would you prefer to let the wrestlers grab the time and use it for ring time?

  146. Stuart Brown Says:

    Thank you JR for the regular updates, a lot of what you say is often more than us wrestling fans deserve however I’m sure I’m not alone in that we’re grateful! I just wanted to ask if you knew how Droz was? I’ve not heard a lot since he would appear on Byte This and I believe he had begun a lot of tough rehab and began to get some sensations in parts of his arms.

    I have a lot to ask but don’t know whether to put it all up, things like an upper age limit on credible champions, whether tattoos are something people in “The Office” have much say on but I’ll keep them for now! Many thanks.

  147. A.J. from Owensboro, KY Says:

    How much does it cost to get in to WWE Fan Axcess?

  148. Tom Huxley Says:

    Why was the Ladder Match cancelled for No Way Out?

  149. Wolf Says:

    JR, what are your thoughts on guys like Gerweck saying “I know they don’t like Jim Ross anymore, but couldn’t they have rushed him out there?”. He is referring to Cole’s voice problems at No Way Out. What gives with that?

  150. Brian Westcott Says:

    Well, I just found out about another sad wrestling death over the weekend. On Saturday night, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Mike Awesome was found dead in his Tampa, Florida home. He was 42. It may have been a suicide as he was found hanging in his home. This is very sad news and my sympathies go out to his family.

    I remember watching on videotape the wonderful matches Mike had in both FMW and ECW, especially against Masato Tanaka. I’m anxious to read the reaction by the Japanese press.

    I agree with you, Chris Benoit is an absolute treasure in the ring. Yeah, I can see him being drafted to RAW from Smackdown.

    Brian Westcott from Meridian, Idaho

  151. Mike "EDGE HEAD FOR LIFE" Says:

    heyyy JR!glad to hear that you and the king are going into the hall of fame!you guys def deserve it! anyway i found an old video of jim cornette flipping out at a dairy queen drive through! heres the link http://youtube.com/watch?v=XHiUjpxcuis i hope u watch it! take care, you’re the best commentator in the history of the business!!!

  152. Bryan Says:

    what are your thoughts on the passing of Mike Awsome, i know he never made it big IN theWWF/E and WcW. but he was a huge star in ECWand JAPAN

  153. Josh Says:

    I was just wondering what your reaction is to the portrayal of Cowboy Bill Watts in WCW with regards to Eric Bischoff’s book.

  154. J.G. Says:

    Shame about Mike Awesome. I just read that he was found hanged in his room. I always thought that Mike awesome could have had a much bigger impact on the business if given a chance to shine. I feel he could have been a dominating Stan Hansen / Terry Gordy type force. J.R. what are your memories of Mike Awesome and what was your view on his potential when he was working for ECW, WCW, and finally WWE for short time.

    RIP Mike Awesome.

  155. Jeremiah Says:

    Hey J.R., thanks for the blogs. No Way Out was outstanding. I have to give credit to JBL, he may be the best color commentater in the business(no offense Jerry). Please give HHH my best and I hope for a speedy recovery. I am looking forward to Wrestlemania and I hope that creative and the superstars can keep up the great work after Mania. Everybody is entitled to their opinions but, I wish the fans would lighten up on John Cena. He is a great champion who works very hard. There isn’t many in the WWE that can do what he has done for the company. If he loses to HBK at “The Show” then so be it. If he wins, he will be booed unmercifully. He will probably be booed anyway at Mania. I think Batista as a heel is a great idea. In your opinion, will Kendrick/London keep the Tag belts longer than Demolition did? Will anybody ever beat Honky Tonk Man’s IC title reign? I would love to see Shelton Benjamin as IC champion for a long run. I’m not sure if it’s him or WWE that has made his work “stale”. Shelton just doesn’t have “it” like he did when he first came to RAW. RVD, Shelton, Jeff Hardy, C.M. Punk, Johnny Nitro, and Mr. Kennedy in a 6-man ladder match at Mania. It won’t happen but it has potential. I’m also interested to see who will participate in, and win, the money in the bank match.
    Longtime fan, Jeremiah

  156. jon Says:

    hey JR. GREAT BLOG AGAIN. i just have a couple questions here. 1. I was on WWE.COM after NO WAY OUT and was checking out some of the after ppv comments and videos that were up, one saw Paul London and Brian Kendrick cutting a promo about winning their match.. i thought it was probably the best promo i have seen from them. why doesnt WWE let them talk? arent they HBK students? yeah ok. WHY NOT LET THEM TALK? and 2. I asked b4 and you never answered so DO YOU CONSIDER UFC TO BE COMPETITION FOR WWE? seems like if you are a fan of One U are a fan Of Both so just wondering and also what the hell happened to WAYLON MERCY? i know he wasnt the most realist gimmick but damn he was cool.. whats up with him? wasnt that DAN SPIVEY?

  157. MDK Says:

    Hi JR

    Just a quick message to say I really like your blog. It gives us all another take on what’s happening in WWE, and its good to get the opinion of someone of your experience.

    I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the resurging Tag division. Both Raw & Smackdown seem to be finally building good Tag Divisions. Do you see the likes of London & Kendrick, Cryme Time, or The Highlanders replacating the success of the great teams of the yesteryear like The Hart Foundation, Rockers or Legion Of Doom? Out of the current Tag Teams who do you think a solid Tag Division could be based around.

    Thanks in advance if you reply.

    MDK, UK

  158. Alex Says:

    Hey JR, how are you?

    About that Jim Cornette part of your blog

    I saw a video of him and a few other wrestlers at a dairy queen and he completely flipped out on the employee.

    I think it was hilarious

    My question is have you ever seen this or heard of this?

    Also,When is Cryme Tyme getting their title shot? And What do you think of them

  159. jon Says:

    OOPS LOL forgot a couple things.. haha, umm 1. What do u think of COLT CABANA? do u see WWE ever getting their poop together and signing this superstar in the making? and 2. How bout Delirious? he would get over. 3. You seem to be lacking quality heels on all brands.. Bryan Danielson or CHRIS HERO would work i think.. whats your take on the ROH TALENT? or are they too small for wwe eventho HBK IS A SMALLER GUY, HITMAN WAS A SMALLER GUY, really all the guys except Hogan have been smaller guys.

  160. Marc Says:

    J.R., do you ever see Arn Anderson having an on air role again. I would to see The Enforcer light a fire under some young wrestler. This old school wrestling fan would love to see The Enforcer added to the Hall of Fame as well as being on tv again.

  161. jon Says:

    i see alot of people are commenting on CM PUNK, yeah interesting, when was the last time a new superstar got so much interest from the people? MR KENNEDY? i guess you can say is in a similar boat, the fans want to love him but WWE doesnt want to push him. is this due to lack of competition? its kinda funny but 10 years ago.. guys like HBK UNDERTAKER HHH KANE and those sorts were running over RAW and SD.. they are still to this day. Perhaps maybe its time to shake things up, how come we all know it but WWE refuses to accept it? IS IT CUZ TNA SUCKS? JR, does bill gates stop putting out new Windows Operating Systems? no he doest, Does Steve Jobs stop making IPODS? no he doest.. Why does WWE parade around the same old shit? it doesnt make sense for BUSINESS.. tell me how it makes sense for business to push guys who the fans cant stand.. you can push ppl like holly,snitsky,test,khali,mark henry all u want, we the fans tho know that they suck, doesnt matter if u shave their heads or shave their backs or say hes this that or the other thing, we all know they suck. Why not push guys like kennedy, punk,nitro,matt,jeff,Carlito,shelton, Benoit, my god hes not even being used on SD. like what the heck is wrong with vince? IS IT DEMENTIA JR?

  162. Sheryl Says:

    Love the site got the address from My space. love your recipe for brisket rub it is wonderful

  163. jimmy Says:

    im a big fan of the old school and the ecw ? so in your mind what all 3 brands do this year to improve suck right now all 3 are starting to get stale (ecw just plain sucks a$$)i think someone big name comming back or out retirement or a big story line (like nwo vs dx with some new members…. just somethin new …… anything to help the new ecw a 2hrs would be a start wwe waste to much talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. James Says:

    Dear JR

    I was wondering if you have talked to mick foley recently and if he is considering a return to wrestling anytime soon?

  165. Michael Says:

    Hey Dameon…

    I have to respectfully disagree with your opinion that championship matches should have the intros done with both wrestlers in the ring at the same time. In WWF(E), as you know, that practice hadn’t been done since 1984/85 in championship bouts until maybe late last year. I think a PPV had that done or maybe a SNME or RAW, I forget. Lesser tilts yes but not championship contests. I think once entrance music became the norm for the upper echelon talent so did the announcement of said wrestler on his way to ringside. I personally think that in ring intros should be left to boxing. Also, it’s less time consuming to do the intros while the competitor is on his way to the ring.

    Just my take.

  166. Jimmy Says:

    Hey JR, I was wondering if you’d check out a drawing I created inspired by one of your classic calls…


  167. Jaime Says:

    JR, My name is Jaime. I’ve been a fan of WWE since late 1999, just a little over a month after WWF SmackDown! debuted on the old UPN. You once said that if someone’s question wasn’t answered in your blog, to ask again, so here it is. My four (if you don’t mind) questions for you are:

    1) Is it true that if you become a commentator for pro wrestling (or “sports-entertainment”), that it will be hard to get a job commentating other “real” sports, like football?

    2) And about football, after you are done with commentating for pro wrestling (or “sports-entertainment”)(which I hope isn’t for a VERY long time), do you think your next big step is to become a commentator to NFL or college football (possibly your favorite team, OU, or for the NFL team representing Oklahoma)?

    3) Speaking of “Sports-Entertainment”, what is the difference between it and “Professional Wrestling”?

    4) Last I ever heard, was that you were promoted to VP of business strategies for WWE (in which you resigned from), now my question is, do you ever wish that you could be VP of Talent Relations again?

    Thank you for your time, and I’ll see you on RAW!

  168. JimKelly Says:

    RIP–Mike Awesome

    I’m not sure what caused him to take his own life, but he was one of my favorites. Seeing someone his size flying through the air was amazing. His matches with Tanaka brought me to my feet, which is pretty hard to do. I never felt he got a fair shake in WWE, and always felt he should have been a major star.

  169. Chris Says:

    Hey Mr. Ross,
    Gimmicks like the Boogeyman and Deuce and Domino kinda remind me of the mid nineties when WWE had alot of cartoony characters. But do you think that gimmicks like that could really get over with todays audience? Thanks for reading!

  170. Lee Paton Says:

    Hey JR,

    Do you send any of your sauces to Australia? We love our BBQ’s down here and I’m keen to give some of it a try and I want that cookbook! Jalapeno Honey Mustard looks great!


  171. James Says:

    Why aren’t interviews held in the middle of the ring anymore? I remember Mean Gene Okerlund making a good career out of being the in-ring interviewer. Today, they are held backstage without much crowd participation.

  172. Rick Says:

    LOL, an uprising from the Savage fans. I love it. Why isn’t Macho Man still involved with WWE in some way? Is Vince McMahon really THAT miserable and stubborn? He better be in the Hall of Fame this year.

  173. Steve Says:

    Hey JR,

    I know you like announcing with the King but who else was your favorite person to work with announcing matches??

  174. MelinaFan Says:

    I like the Melina/Mickie James feud. It is pretty fun to watch. I heard from someone that possibly Randy Savage would be a Hall of Fame inductee. Any truth to this? If so, I do want to reserve a ticket for the HOF.

  175. Ben Says:

    I dont know if you had anything to do with it JR, but thanks to you and the WWE for announcing the induction of Curt Hennig “Mr. Perfect” to the Hall of Fame. Curt is my all time favorite wrestler and is easily the greatest wrestler to never hold the WWE or WCW world title.

  176. Van hammer Says:

    Good choice on Mr. Perfect for the hall of fame! A lot better than Dusty Rhodes! Now all we need is Randy Savage and this be the class of champions!

  177. Harry S. Says:

    Alright WWE! Kurt Hennig in the Hall of Fame is definitely long overdue. Now all we need is Warrior and the Macho King. I am definitely going to Detroit now. But where is Mach?

  178. My Name is Finlay... Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Perfect, we love ya man. We miss ya. And hopefully your buddy Randy the Savage can join you in the Hall of Fame this year, cuz that would just bring a big tear to my eye. I love all of the 1980s/early 1990s WWF legends. They are true sportsmen.

  179. Brian Says:


    I was reading about Stone Cold on Wyclopedia and it made reference to one of your earlier blogs about Stone Cold making his return at Wrestlemani 23. Do you know if he is going to return to action? Steve in my opinion was one of the best stars in and out of the ring the WWE has ever had.



  180. The I-MAN Says:

    JR, I have confidence you are responding this time…

    I can’t find ‘J.R.’s Sauce’ on Long Island…what do I do?

    If can answer that cheap plug and this next question I will sleep easy

    With such a massive video library, why are you not offering more choices on the demand section? I’ll pay double if you add an XFL game or two

  181. AnimegirlParnaz Says:

    Hi J.R. How are you? I’ve been a fan of wrestling ever since I was a child for as long as I can remember. Of all the different eras that I’ve seen thus far, the best times for me was the era of Hulkamania and the Macho Madness. I attended the No Way Out PPV last night and this was my first time going to a live event since 1991-92. While I was there, I brought a sign with me that included the words “Macho Man” Randy Savage - 2007 Hall of Famer. He was the first wrestler that I could remember that appeared on TV that gave me the most memories that I still cherish to this day and I hope he gets inducted.

  182. Earl Says:

    OK, with all this macho man talk, where are the rick steamboat fans. Um…mania III, flair fueds, SNME bump with jake roberts, oh and is Hill Billy Jim still in the Home Entertainment, if so he should be in there too.

  183. MR...X Says:

    JR–I just got finished watching Wrestlemania 1, The place where it all started. In regards to the King Kong Bundy match where he demolished SD Jones In a record 9 seconds. Does this record still stand today as the fastest match?? And What ever became of The living legands son David Sanmartino. He also wrestled on the wrestlmania card, however this is all I have ever heard of him…….KEEP IT REAL….X

  184. Tony Shuck Says:

    Mr. Ross,
    great website, and very informitive blog. quick question that may have been answered before. Why was Raven so underutilized while in the WWE? i always enjoyed his character in the ECW and WCW, but when the take over happened it seemed like he was pushed aside. though he has more championship reigns in the wwe than anyone else. i think like 17 hardcore title reigns. but even that belt was a little tainted in the publics view.

  185. Kev Says:

    Mike Alfonso, a.k.a. Mike Awesome, yet another World Champion that we’ve lost. I hope to God there is going to be some sort of Tribute to him this Tuesday at the ECW Tapings. An “Awesome-Bomb Match” would be nice.. first one to powerbomb his opponent through a table to win…I think it’s a great way to pay tribute to the former World Heavyweight Champion.

    Rest in Peace Mike… I’d like to send out my condolences to the Alfonso family on behalf of myself and all the wrestling fans in Iroquois Falls, Ontario.

    QUESTION: Being that Mike Awesome is a former 2-Time World Heavyweight Champion, will he be considered for the Hall of Fame?

  186. Nate P Says:

    hey JR;
    Huge fan of your. I got a few ?’s about talent.
    1.What do you think of Harry Smith and T.J. Wilson becoming the new Bulldogs? or if Teddy Heart ever is hired,the 3 of the and Nettie becoming a new version of the heart foundation.

    2.Also on the Horsemen, I think if done right it would be great for some young stars and a great angle. If you got four your fresh slates and each of them one on one training time with former horsemen (Flair,Anderson,Benoint,and Melinko) Flair and Benoint in the ring on tv both as partners and one on one and Anderson and Melinko for training and in segments on tv. honestly i think kenny would be great in the flair type roll.

    3.what are the chances of expanding DX with either a couple of up and comers or a few more legends say marty jenety and a person from HHH’s past(NOT WALTMEN).

    4.If Taker does indead get the gold. whats the chance of him either getting a new stable of “minions” or a newby to mold.

    5.Finally i was wondering what the possibilty of more ecw orignals. Also about it becoming more like the orignal ECW

  187. Clinton Says:

    Hey JR,

    Do you find it quite unusual to hear so many folks asking whether or not HBK has “one last” or “one more” title run in him. As far as I’m concerned, The Showstopper is still as good as he ever was, and I would suspect has ample fuel in his tank for multiple title runs in the future. But the way some people talk, it’s like they think Shawn is on the verge of hanging up the tights.

  188. Pete Says:

    Perfect in the hall of fame works for me my second choice, Im still pushing hard for Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, cmon its the 20 year aniversary for the greatest match in wwe history itll be highway robery if he doesnt make it in. and its #%^$#it that the few morons on here dont think you should be in the HOF, your the best you desrve to be initated, would also like to see Randy Savage, British Bulldogs,Brutus Beefcake, Vader, Ric Flair, and Stan Hansen, Jerry Lawlwer, Jim Neidhart, Ultimate Warrior as well

  189. Pete Says:

    I take with Edge being in the Hall of fame, this nixes the rumored Edge-and Orton Match, ps Ricky steamboat for Hall of fame

  190. dragon lord Says:

    loving your sauces, got an idea for you to through around and work with. a mysquite BBQ sauce in wich you a mixture of brown sugar and chili powder to add some extra flavor, it could be called sugar and spice mysquite.just a thought to through around

  191. Brad Says:

    Hey JR

    Love your work with the king, fantastic job

    i do find it dissapointing and amazing that you have never seen people like Nozawa, Sheamus O’Shaunessy etc wrestle…….

    i appreciate you are no longer part of talent relations but surely a student of the game like yourself would be aware of these quality wrestlers. Nozawa has wrestled in the US plenty of times for MLW and with the Insane Clown Posse and Sheamus can be seen on any British wrestling promotion (IWW, LDN, RQW ETC.) Maybe i’m just lucky that in england we egt the wrestling channle and all these indy shows!

    It was good to see Monty Brown signed from TNA, shows that the WWE are at least watching the competition. But how you can think people would rather watch Test (who is big but has a awful physique)or Lashley (good look - no ability) over wrestlers like S Jo, Austin Aries or AJ Styles amazes me. The 1990’s are gone! Wrestlers dont have to be huge monster with no ability. Id rather watch amazing performers Jo, AJ , Austin, Fallen Angel any day……..as would most i believe.

    Oh and Chrisitian!!!!!!! The fact he got himself over with the crowd without a push should show he was a main eventer…..you need to get him back asap!

    sorry for the rant…..but it amazes me that the wwe can be so blind!

    ps……..i want some sauce, hopefully you can ship it over seas asap!

    all the best
    Boomer Sooners (yes i’m from Yukon)

  192. jim Says:

    Then you must not plan on being around to long.

  193. Adam Says:

    Hi JR,

    Undertaker’s had a lot of nicknames but I have to say I like the latest one. Who came up with the ‘Demon of Death Valley’?

  194. Posse57 Says:

    J.R. the discussion of dream matches is brought up often, but what in your opinion would be the ultimate dream match? Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle? Rocky vs HBK? RVD vs AJ Styles? Ricky Steamboat vs Triple HHH? I would very much appriciate your thoughts on the matter.

  195. Stephen Coppler Says:

    Ever think of having a WWE Toughman Contest…. remember when Butterbean knocked out Bart Gunn…… and every wrestler thought Gunn was the toughest/best boxer…..3 punches later.KO!

    Lets put the gloves on the wrestlers and find out for real who is the toughest man in the WWE!

  196. anthony digangi Says:

    hi jr do u still see hogan at wrestlemania this year

  197. martin velasquez Says:

    thanks j.r. for trying to get wwe back in okc it dont have to p.p.v it could be raw or house shows thank’s again your friend martin in okc

  198. Mark K. Fabeian Says:

    Do you think it is nearly impossible for a new young wrestler who has great talent, but not a great body to get noticed by the WWE?

    The reason I ask, is because I myself am involved in the wrestling business, and have been for many years, I have no plans on going farther than I already am, but decided to kayfabe my name in case that ever changes…lol.

    But seriously, I watch OVW’s television nearly every week, and am just astonished by the lack of talent in the developmental system. It appears to me that the WWE will hire anyone, no experience necessary, as long as they have a great body. People that come to mind are Charles Evans, Daniel Rodimer, and Atlas Da Bone, but those are just a couple names, the list is actually longer of a great body but absolutely no talent.

    On the main WWE roster, the names Marty “Boogyman” Wright and MVP mind boggle me. At least Boogyman has a build to him, I still cant figure out the real reason behind using MVP on the main roster when there is so much better talent that could be used.

    But back to my main question, are we in a time where wrestling knowledge and in-ring psychology are no longer what is needed to become contracted worker?

  199. GOD Says:

    Was there ever a wrestler who trained for WWE at OVW or DSW under the name of ‘Mr. Black’ and if so what are his other alter-egos if he has any?

  200. Gregg, Scotland Says:

    JR - I agree with Brad, there is talent out there that should be in the WWE like Sheamus O’Shaunessy but because they are not US based they get overlooked. With all the big guys either injured or retired do you think the WWE will bring back Matt Morgan?

    Because Sheamus is so outstandingly Irish looking do you think Fit Finlay would block him getting in to the WWE as he’s using that gimmick? It’s all about politics methinks.

  201. Ron from New York Says:


    If the King IS inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, what are the odds of Andy Kaufman coming back to induct him? :-) Wouldn’t THAT be something???

    I’m a 24/7 subscriber and I LOVE the Legends roundtable. It’s the highlight of the month, as far as I’m concerned and I cannot wait to see the new episodes. As I’ve said, it’s the closest thing a fan can get to having a beer with you guys and talking wrestling.

  202. Hitman Says:

    Animegirl, I think I saw your Macho Man sign on Sunday’s PPV. I am so excited Mr. Perfect is in the Hall of Fame. I would love to see the famed Macho Man step up and receive his deserved respect on March 31. I am definitely getting Hall of Fame tickets after Mr. Perfect was put in. Now, if Randy were to go in as well, that would be absolutely…Perfect.

  203. Mr. Cena Says:

    Do you know if WWE.com or the WWE Catalog will be carrying Randy Savage merchandise (ie T-Shirts, DVDs, etc) any time soon?

  204. Pete Thompson Says:

    Hey, I am a Steamboat fan! I thought his match with Savage at WM3 was incredible. The DDT from Roberts was insane as well. As cool as Ricky is though, I gotta agree with the majority that Randy Savage is the more deserving. Actually, the most deserving out of anyone.

  205. Brad Cholette Says:

    Hello Good Ol’ J.R.,

    Hope all is well and good luck with the new endeavor. I hope the franchise grows and you find your way to Michigan one day! I love good BBQ. I’ll be at Ford Field on April 1st. You can see me with your telescope in Section 312. I was watching the Legends roundtable the other day and saw a few clips of a Pat Patterson and Sgt. Slaughter alley fight match from the day. Really great stuff! A little violent perhaps, but that the point, right? Let me know if you could talk those two old timers into a Alley Fight II. They’re both under contract, after all.

  206. Tex Says:

    THE GOOD AND BAD OF WWE! THE GOOD!!!!one of the best tag matches ive ever seen ,i rate it in the top 10 of all time,the No Way Out main event was special,ive never seen 4 people click like that and it was superfast action,even if cena comes off as a corn ball during his promos,the action in the ring was great wrestling by 2 legends,a soon to be legend,and a kids favorite.
    THE BAD!
    i prediced this crap last blog,that mcmahon would name UMAGA as his enforcer instead of a real name like savage,or hogan,sid…and just as predictable TRUMP will pick LASHLEY as his enforcer,this has turned a mania into a stinkfest and i will not watch this crap,
    perfect apart from savage;)

  207. Rick M. Says:

    Hey J.R.
    I recently watched a video on the WWE website in which Paul London told Brian Kendrick that if he had to watch the same match for the rest of his days, it would be Bret Vs Owen at Wrestlemania. So, i pose the same question to you. If you had to watch the same match for the rest of your life, what match would it be? Also, when will the WWE come back to Sheffield, England. You last came in 2005, and although you came to the UK on many occasions last year, it wasn’t directly to the Sheffield Arena. That was the first time i ever went to see a WWE event. The week after Eddie Guerrero passed away. It was a great show, with more chants and cheers for Ric Flair than anyone else. So when will you be back?
    Cheers, Rick M.
    Sheffield, England

  208. Martin Edwards Says:

    Hi there JR why is WWE Monday Night RAW Bleeped, since RAW went to The Score in Canada the UK Feed of teh LIVE 9 PM ET 2AMUK Broadcast has been Beeped its annoying when you want to enjoy RAW when ever you say Bitch or Ass or any talent does its BEEP when we never used to get a beeped feed could you please investigate this thank you.
    and do you think WWE will come to Liverpool England next year during our Capital Of Culture Year to our New Accl Arena.

    From Liverpool England

  209. Just Some Dude Says:

    Howdy! You have mentioned several names of wrestlers which you have signed tocontacts. Can you list all the wrestlers you have signed in your career?

  210. Timmy Says:

    Why doesn’t WWE try to push a tag team division on RAW? For the last couple of months the tag team belts have been with the 2 top heels and faces….and I can’t remember them even being defending accept when they were dropped to the 2 top faces, Cena and HBK.

  211. Scott Says:

    her jr

    what happened to lilian monday night on raw?

    has she been released?

    i hope not as shes the best diva on raw.

    has she jr please let me know.

    was there a problem with family or something since she was at the smakcdown ppv on sunday

  212. Bobby Says:


    I think I speak for us all that we really appreciate you dedicating your time to these blogs on your site. I have a question that you might not know the answer to, but wanted to ask anyway. I was looking over the WWE DVD releases for this year, is there no Divas DVD release for 2007? … Yeah I’m a red-blooded male.

  213. Cactus Chris Says:

    So what would your stereotypical rookie be doing back stage in WWE if he was heading down the wrong path? Like, what could a younger talent be doing wrong to hold himself back?

    …oh yea, Im a vegetarian. Make a veggie sauce and you got yourself another customer ;-)

  214. Ben Furgason Says:

    J.R. was Chyna’s real life relationship with Triple H ended because Vince and Stephanie McMahon forced their own will on Chyna to make her break up with HHH when Chyna caught both Vince and Steph orchestrating the illicit HHH-Steph love affair behind Chyna’s back during Chyna’s WWE Contract renegotiations back in June of 2001?

  215. Jared Says:

    Hello JR!
    I will be attending WrestleMania on April 1st courtesy of Make-A-Wish. Hope to possibly be able to meet you!

  216. Georgios Says:

    Hi Jr
    It was NICE to see Kurt Henning getting inducted into the WWE Hall! My ONLY gripe is that I didn’t see ANY mention of him being a former AWA World champ! I hear The King mentioning how they wrestled in the past which was cool. I hope that Jim the Anvil or Brutus the Barber are next to be inducted.

    I hope you know that EVERY time that STUPID angle of Trump and Vince comes on I change the channel!! I want to see WRESTLING NOT a couple of Billionaires verbally masterbating. If I wanted to see Billioniare Attention hounds I’d watch that lame Trump show!

  217. Paul Says:

    Hi, just wondering what Mick Foley’s role will be at Wrerstlemania? as he was cut out of the UK show (don’t suppose you have any idea why?)


  218. Joseph Says:

    I enjoy your commentary and contributions to professional wrestling. Would you mind highlighting golden periods in the history of American wrestling promotions such as the WWE, WCW, WCCW, UWA/Mid-South? Do you think the WCW product of the late 80s and early 90s was better viewing than the WWE product of the sametime for you personally? Also, in considering why the WWE emerged as the leading national wrestling promotion, how valuable was the New York market? Thank you very much.

  219. Tim B Says:

    Hey JR, great blog. I have read a lot about a young kid named Daniel Rodimer. I was wondering if you have met him or know much about him. Supposedly Stephanie McMahon LOVES him. Keep up the good work!

  220. Saurabh Says:

    Hey JR,

    I am a longtime fan from India.. watchin WWE since the days of hogan, sid and warrior . I have always been a big JR fan since since the Ceasers’ Palace Mania!! You will always remain the voice of wrestling, at least for our generation ..
    I was really disappointed that you don’t take international orders yet but hopefully will soon … you should think about settin up a franchise here …

  221. MY NAME IS...Bangkok Dangerous Says:

    Yo, JR
    Definitely like London and Kendrick (don’t love ‘em; I like ‘em), but what do you think the money would be in Kendrick & London/World’s Greatest Tag Team feud–around Summerslam, Survivor Series, or perhaps Wrestlemania next year. That’s my dream feud right now, and with that we could let those two fools Deuce & Domino (although I like them too) run afoul of Regal and Taylor–or Cryme Tyme (Brooklyn, Holla [heh, heh…I’m not from NY])
    Also, I know you only watch TNA sparingly, but do you think they mishandled Sting’s last title reign; not only dropping the belt to Abyss, but so unceremoniously so soon and all? In connection to this are two other nagging, crucial queries: do you think we’ll ever see Jarrett again–and should we? And, are you skeptical of Vince Russo’s creativity (or of him in general)?
    Cheers, you’re goin’ to Paducah; take the white piece of notebook paper!

  222. Jason Cecil Says:

    I just wanted to know who you thought Vince McMahon was going to pick to be his WrestleMania 23 representative? I thought that it was going to be Shane McMahon just because I would think Vince being his “Mr. McMahon” character he would choose some one that he trusted more than anyone to be in his corner…but Umaga is pretty cool as well! It’ll be a great match…I can’t wait because I’m also going to be there in person too…WOW..I’m going to be at a WrestleMania..I do kind of have an idea of who Donald Trump is going to pick…but I’m not going to spill the beans..I’ll just wait to see who it is this Monday! Well take care and talk to ya later! Bye!…………..

  223. Ron. Says:

    Hello, J.R.

    I just wanted to know how you feel about a potential Ashley vs. Melina Wrestlemania 23 match. Do you feel that it’s fair that the women who’s carried the division, Mickie James, might not be involved in any Wrestlemania plans?

  224. J.V. Says:

    Okay, after RAW last night, I’ve seriously got to believe Jeff Hardy is in the dog house. A singles push seems unlikely, after getting squashed by Khali and then Umaga. Why? Jeff can work. Is he slipping back to his old ways? I mean, if he’s not no showing or violating the Wellness policy, it seems if there is anyone on the roster to push, it would be him. Am I wrong here?

  225. Gary Says:

    Hey J.R.,

    Not sure if you heard but the old TV home of Mid-South McNeil Boys Club burned to the ground Sunday night in Shreveport.

    Alot of great memories in the ole’ McNeil Boys club, which has been used in recent years as a Slavation Army Boys & Girls Club.

    Many great ones came thru that building on their way to the top. It’s sad to see it go.

    Thanks for making Monday nights great for us!!

    Gary R
    Shreveport, LA

  226. Neale Says:

    Hi J.R, I’ve enjoyed a few of your blogs, very entertaining but have noticed you somtimes bemoan the current lack of genuine wrestling ability in “the biz”. But you also mentioned that you haven’t had time to watch a ROH DVD. I’d highly recommend you do so. I would have been in full agreement with you had I not cought up with some of the shows ROH has been putting on recently and the action is superior to anything on TV at the moment. I believe Nigel McGuinness in particular has the mic skills, ability and physical dimensions to be a genuine top liner some day. Seriously, you should order at least 1 show. I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

  227. mike o Says:

    if wwe went under. would u go to tna???

  228. Shelby Says:

    Hey i was wondering what happen to lilian hows come she is not the RAW announcer anymore

  229. Susan Says:

    Hey JR!

    Where was Lilian on Monday Night Raw? Her uber fans were rioting…

    ~ Susan

  230. CHRIS Says:

    hey JR im a big wwe fan from the uk do you know why wwe dosen’t show there movies here in england? and why we don’t get them on dvd either? i would love to see the marine and austins new movie looks pretty good too.

  231. Travis Says:

    Do you ever think Out Back Jack will be inducted by the Bushwackers in to the hall of fame? What are his chances?

  232. Corey Says:

    Who has more cowboy hats you or Dusty? Thanks

  233. KellyB Says:

    Do you think John Cenas spinner championship belt is ugly? Perhaps they could revamp it by adding led lights and a mini smoke machine to it? What are you thoughs JR? Thanks

  234. Aaron Polowin Says:

    Hey JR big fan of the blogs here, I gotta say I love your taste in television shows,Deadwood,Sopranos,Curb. Although I say it’s about time we get a new season of Curb airing already. Anyways my question pertains to who you believe is the greatest wrestler never to have become a world champion. Seeing that Mr Perfect vignette on Raw reminded me of how perfect he really was,he’d be my choice but what does a wise wrestling mind like youself think?

  235. JimReedyk Says:

    Do you ever get travel burn out? What happens JR if you get a sore throat and you have to commmentate? How is your health as of late? You have a very tasty BBQ sauce. Keep up the great work, its a pleasure to hear you each week. Is this is the first time you’ve done public speaking and what other speaking engagements do you have on the go? I appreciate you taking the time to answer a few of my questions. All the best, JR

  236. DylanM Says:

    Who was the greatest jobber of all time? Was the WWE the only territory in the 80s doing squash matches on weekly television? Was it just me or were they made out to look like complete slobs and rather ugly or unpleasant looking? Do you think the Great Kali and Omaga will ever have a match down the road and who do you think would win? I hope you get to do play by play at WrestleMania. Its a pleasure to hear you each and every week.
    Dylan M, from Michigan

  237. Dino Says:

    I’m sure you’ve had enough of Randy Savage questions and his annoying fans but I’m just wondering why it seems the WWE is intent on trashing his legacy in magazines and with that stupid Macho libre deal a while back. Ric Flair even went so far as to say in his book that Randy wasn’t on his level. Ric Flair is a great wrestler but that seems like insecurity rearing it’s ugly head. Also why trash someone who meant as much to the company’s success in the 80’s as Hogan. Fans know better! He’s easily in the top five greatest ever!!

  238. Justin R Says:

    I’ve noticed that that pops John Cena and Batista get are NOTHING compared to the ones Rock and Austin got………

  239. Rob Says:

    Have the scaffold matches been replaced with ladder matches due to the amount of injuries they caused? And while I’m old schooling, u think we’ll ever get anymore Piper’s Pit, those were awesome…I can still see Piper hitting Snuka with the coconut like it was yesterday!

  240. Brian Scartocci Says:

    No question this week, J.R., I just want to express how unbelievably happy the announcement of Mr. Perfect’s induction into the Hall of Fame has made me! I’ll do everything I can to make sure I’ve got a ticket to be there! R.I.P. Curt!

  241. Nightstick Says:

    I will be crushed if Randy Savage does not make the Hall of Fame cut this year.

  242. Perry Says:

    When should we expect Piper, Hogan, or Savage to make their return this year before Wrestlemania? After all, these men built the damn PPV. And why isn’t The Macho Man in the Hall of Fame yet. What an injustice. Thank God someone smartened up and put in the Perfect One. Get Rhodes out of there, he stinks.

  243. Alice Says:

    Hey JR!
    Do you know anything about The Rock?
    Do you have any idea if he will ever come back to WWE?
    I wish so much that he comes back to WWE! I want to see him wrestle…

  244. Joey Says:

    Last year we got the chance to see my favourite wrestler of all time Bret Hart inducted in the HOF which was awesome to see. So I was just wondering if there will be any other Canadian wrestlers inducted this year in the HOF? Because if there is, I would really like to see Owen Hart inducted. I think it should be Owen’s turn this year.

  245. Joe Jones Says:

    Please Hire:


  246. Chris McLarty Says:

    Dusty Rhodes, and now Curt Hennig! I’m liking the hall of fame so far, now if Randy Savage was in there this year it would be perfect!

    Curt Hennig definitely belongs in there. He had great personality, and you could either love or hate his character. He was great in the ring too, right up there with Bret Hart in my opinion. I can’t wait to see who’s next. By the way J.R., I think you and King both belong in the hall of fame. You two are a dying breed. I would only hope someone can live up to what you do day in and day out as announcers one day.

  247. Adam Says:

    Mr. Ross,
    First I want to say what a fan I am for what you have done for sports entertainment, thank you! Second, I wanted to share with you an idea that I think would be a tremendous way to promote wrestling history as well as to engage the new generous what the industry was founded on. What the WWE should do is start a Legends division. Have a WWE Legend belt, then let people like Dusty Rhodes, Hacksaw, Sgt Slaughter, the Rougeaus, Superfly, get a chance to promote the legacy of the past to new generations, as well as a chance for old schoolers like me to relive days gone by.
    I want nothing that will take away from the main products, but something along the line of a match at some of the major ppv’s and an occasional RAW, Saturday Night Main event, or other large draw. What a better way to showcase what brought the wwe to today. Anyways it’s a thought, what’s your opinion on the idea?

  248. TinaRoadIsland Says:

    Hello JR, I know you are a happily married man with a lovely wife but my gramma (don’t worry shes young) wants to know if you are a singer of the country music? She says that you’d make a wonderful musician with your pleaseant voice. It made me laugh as she went on to say you would do a whole lot better than William Hung from American Idol. Don’t worry please Jim as my nan is a bit tone def from time to time in our minds. When are you going to put out an album? She also wanted to know if you are a good cow boy country western dancer too? (sorry she not really big in the net as I told her to post on your blog as well) Every one is entitled to a good ego boost now and again; not to forget to tell you that she also mentioned that every one at the hair salon thinks the world of Jim Ross. (the voice of RAW Monday Nights at 10)
    Way to go, its funny hearing my gramma speak so very highly of you. (and never met you in person)

  249. JamesEdwin Says:

    JR just curious if you know of any affordable hotels or even motels for WrestleMania weekend? My friends and I am coming from quite a distance and there is NO affordable accomadation any where near. It will take us 7 hours each way and we are going to be very tired after the matches. Its truly amazing that a city like Detroit would get that greedy and double and triple their amounts normally paid for even the most seediest of hotels. I appreciate any help or suggestions for what we should go. Its not going to be safe driving back with no sleep after the show. Thanks.

    James Edwin

  250. LisaMoore Says:

    JR, Lisa here. Do you think Rosie Odonell will be the one shaving Donald Trumps hair at Wrestling Mania? It could be a work from the whole beginning. What are the chances of her being the SPECIAL guest ring announcer or referee for mania?

  251. Splash Says:


    Thanks for always telling it like it is. While I’ve always been one to read the stuff on the internet, lately these so-called legit wrestling rumor sites have become over-run with kids who, even though they claim to be insiders, are obviously being worked. I love the fact that some of these “reporters” say that CM Punk losing to Bob Holly is punishment. Why shouldn’t Punk lose to Holly, a veteran? That adds fuel to both careers. Likewise I just read someone claiming that RVD got “squashed” out of the Money in the Bank Match by Edge. No, he lost to Edge, period. That’s wrestling!!! Sometimes your favorite loses. Anyway, JR I don’t mean to gripe to you because you know how I feel, I’m sure. I just noticed how comical the internet has become when it comes to “wrestling news.” Can you imagine these whiney kids writing…”A source says that Ricky Stemaboat is in the doghouse with NWA officials after having to wrestle a 60 minute match with Ric Flair only to be screwed out of the title. Expect this to be the beginning of a de-push for Steamboat as Ric Flair comtinues to stay on top because he kisses up to the Crocketts.” JR, keep up the great work…internet marks, you are great wrestling fans for letting yourself be worked.

  252. BobbyV. Says:

    When I was growing up my favorite wrestler was the Berzerker. Who was that guy? He was so agile for a man his size and absolutely bizare and uniquely different. Do you think he could have gotten over more and had a better run? Where is he now? Does he still wrestle? He reminded me a LOT of Bruiser Brody. I vaguely recall him shaving off his beard and returning to WCW a long long time ago with little or no success. Hope your speaking engagement at the unvercity goes well. Bobby

  253. ArnieWaters Says:

    Should the be more surprises and shock on wrestling or less? As you mentioned before comedy if not forced has its place but does maniac exillerating hype and gore? Do you think they should bring back some of the studio rasslin feel to the show? Should there less blood or more of it Jim Ross? Let me know your insite on a few of these topics if at all possible thanks a million. AW

  254. M Says:

    Thanks for answering my question (even if it wasn’t the answer I was hoping to hear). I’m looking forward to the jerky — I’ll definitely have to order some when you have it for sale here.

  255. Marnie Says:

    Have 2 wrestlers ever got in to a shoot in the ring after a bump go wrong or a potatoe shot? If so what would their punishment be? Just wondering in Quebec thanks. Bonjor

  256. MIKEY Says:


  257. Matt L Says:

    Thanks for putting this blog out there and it is great. I have more of a comment that anything. I went to a house show about a year or so ago here in KY at Rupp Arena. It was one of the most enjoyable times I have had at a show. But the thing that really sticks out is what happened afterwards. I went back to where the all the stars leave and John Cena really won me over. Out of everyone who was there, (alot of big names at a house show, which was great)John Cena was the only won to walked over to where everyone was gated off and took about 20-30 mins talking with the fans and signing autographs and taking pics. CLASS ACT all the way. I know that it is not required for the stars to do that. And I can understand because everyone has to get on the road. And plus they probably dont feel like standing for a long time. But it was really nice to see him take the time to walk over and say HI to everyone. Also, this was before he was champ. So it seems to me that he was acting like a champ before he was one. Take care and go WILDCATS!!!!!!

  258. Sara Says:

    what r the chances of macho man showing up at the hall of fame this year? he is definitely a legend in the wrestling biz.

  259. Hey Yo Says:

    Yeah, Cena’s pop is nothing compared to Matt Hardy’s. Then again, Matt gets bigger pops than DX. So does CM Punk. Where do I begin with Cena? Someone pointed out that white rappers always get a “you’ve got to be kicking me” reaction from people. I whole heartedly second that. It’s not that Cena annoys me, it’s that I out and out hate him. I don’t care how hard he works. I don’t care how many WWE truck drivers he gets chummy with. I don’t care how many impromptu rhymes he busts over cans of Stephanie’s tuna. He sucks. His belt sucks. His “music” sucks and his movie, much like Savage’s CD, sucked and blew at the same time. I’m sick of Hence McMoney trying to polish and perfume turds. Oh, and INDUCT SCOTT HALL!!!

  260. Mills Says:

    Alright, JR. Got a couple things for you, here.

    1) I’m hoping that Adrian Peterson doesn’t get picked up until a little later in the first round, as my Texans could really use him with the 8th pick. They’re projecting him at #7 in Minnesota, so it’s totally possible.

    2) I just finished reading Eric Bischoff’s book and found it relatively entertaining (even though he seems like an arrogant ass). Have you read this book? And if so, what’d you think?

    3) How would one go about getting a legit interview with someone like yourself?

  261. Pete Says:

    I think Melina being womens Champ sucks. I hope to God you dont leave Mickie James off the Wrestlemania card. and I miss Trish and Lita badly. Please bring them back its just not the same. When my favorite stars leave its devistating. but this is the ultimate. Please gimme and update on both these ladies. Ricky steamboat for hall of fame

  262. SMARK Says:

    JR a couple of questions.

    How have you and Austin become such good friends?
    Has anyone ever lost one of the title belts when you were with WWE(F) Or WCW? Do the guys actually take them home with them or what? Something i’ve always wondered.

  263. Martin Marshall Says:

    Hello Mr Ross,
    I’ve just got done watching this week’s Raw. As I suspected a couple of weeks ago, Raw has picked up as we approach ‘Mania. Still, one thing nagging at me was the main event. It was a good, solid match between Cena and Orton…that ended in a DQ. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t screaming at the TV, it’s not as if this were a title match on PPV, but I just got to thinking will we ever see a proper 1 on 1 between these 2 guys go to a finish. I can’t remember it ever happening, even at the Eddie Guerrero tribute show they didn’t end clean! I can remember both of these young men making their TV debuts within a few weeks of each other back in 2002, and right from the start you could see that they had real potential, not just athletically, but also that indefinable star quality. Their face/heel characters would dovetail perfectly and I think they could work some really enjoyable matches in the ring. So, what I would like to know is (if you know), have these two been deliberately prevented from engaging in a long-term feud in order to build anticipation for some money-feud in the future, or is it just coincidence? The way I see it, they could have one of the great rivalries, especially since, (hoping they both stay fit, focussed and happy with wrestling), they could easily be wrestling each other in main events ten years from now.
    Anyway, I can see why you’d like Benoit back on Raw, but I have tickets to Smackdown at Earl’s Court in April, so I’m hoping he stays put. I’ll try and get to Raw in October, so by all means trade him for that!
    Thank you very much,

  264. Dustin Says:

    Any chance of William Hung singing the national anthem at mania? He should be involved in some compacity don’t you think?


  265. Sam Says:

    Hey Jim, just to let you know, I’ve been a lifelong fan of yours and a die hard wrestling fan almost all my life. 2 quick questions:

    1.In your opinion, who was the greater tag team wrestler of the two - Bobby Eaton or Ricky Morton?

    2.Are there any plans to put out a Starcade Anthology DVD set?

    Have a good one! Keep cookin them ribs!

  266. Anthony Says:

    I live in Liverpool, UK and in 2008 we’re being named the European City Capital of Culture. All of the UK shows have been in London, Manchester, Shefield or up in Scotland, because they have arenas sufficiant enough to host the WWE. Liverpool has started building such an arena and it will be completed in 2008. Definatly recommend you guys come to our great city. I promise you a great reception as there is a massive fanbase here in the north-west.
    Also, do you ever see the Rock/HBK dream match ever happening?
    Thanks for your time,

  267. Charles Dance Says:

    Hello Jim, and thank you for writing all these insightful blogs. They are a fun and informative read. Any chance of Randy Macho Man Savage being at the Hall of Fame festival this year? I think that would be a blast for the fans, the wrestlers, as well as the legendary Macho Man himself.

  268. BATISTAFAN Says:

    JR - What are the odds of seeing Ted Dibiase or the Macho Man at the Hall of Fame this year? Ooooh yeahhh. I can’t believe Lashley is gonna take Hogan’s place as Trump’s representative. What a lackluster idea. Batista/Taker will steal the show at Mania, no doubt, unless Randy Savage does end up showing up.

  269. Jess Says:

    I was reading an earlier post on your site, Mr. Ross, and was wondering what the purpose of that ECW guy Macho Libre was. A stupid way to take a cheap shot at one of wrestling’s legends? A Hall of Fame Induction should be prepared for Savage, not some cheap joke at his expense. I for one have not watched ECW ever since that Macho Libre crap and I encourage my friends and everyone else not to. Wasn’t that stupid Nacho Man and Huckster bullcorn enough ten years ago? It just seems to me that me and my brothers’ favorite wrestler of all time, Randy Savage, just keeps getting crapped on and disrespected by Vince McMahon in WWE. Shame on you Vince. Macho Libre may get a cheap laugh from a drunken Tazz or buttkisser Joe Styles, but the fasn thought it was lame and incredibly stupid.

  270. Jazmyne Says:

    If you are reading this entry Macho Man, we love you! Please come back to WWE to wrestle or for Hall of Fame!

    “Soaring with the eagles and slithering with the snakes, I’ve been everywhere in between, I am your friend, I am the Macho Man Randy Savage. Speaking from the heart, it’s the Macho Man talking to you right now, let’s rock, dig it, dig it! Freak out, Freak out, oooooh yeah! This is the way it is and I will be there when it happens, the past the present and the future all in one time. We’re all gonna climb that mountain together and we are together forever, ooooh yeah!” - Macho Man, Speaking From The Heart.

  271. Benson Says:

    Hey J.R you are the best commentator alive, ever, and your voice should be heard on RAW with JR, NOBODY else. As to the point, i wanted to know a few things. I think MVP has a lot of potential, but why is he stuck in that awful awful power ranger outfit. Also, will we ever see Carlito get the push he deserves he is a great athlete and pretty good on the mic. And the most important things will we ever get to see the returm of the nation of domination or the cooporation. i feel factions in the ‘attitude’ era really helped the wwe formerly federation.

  272. Benson Says:

    sorry i mean with the ING jerry lawler.

  273. Benson Says:

    Oh and JR, weve been hearing a lot of rumours about a umaga vs bobby lashley with Steve Austin as the ref at wrestlemania, why would they put on this match, its a silly match, Bobby Lashley has gone down the road of being a fan favourite, to evrybody being bored of him and booing him, its clear vinces plan of trying to build him up as the best champion isnt working. Also, we want to see John Cena go back to his rapping gimmick. Hes a babyface and hes getting booed! It needs to be addressed!

  274. Darach Johnson Says:

    will wwe be bringing out a new dvd about eddie guerrero, i still miss watching him

  275. * * * English Rose * * * Says:

    Would love the retro pop…. if Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was at WM to do the hair cutting come on WWE open the cheque book for this retro pop!!!!

  276. Minneapolis Superstar Says:

    JR, can you comment on a few names that I think should be Hall of Fame bound (I know you don’t have a hand in it, but I was wondering your thoughts). First, one that should have already made, Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat. It’s long overdue for the Dragon, his battles with Ric Flair and Randy Savage are classic (WM3 against Savage is one of the greatest of all time). Second, Sting. I know it will be a while as he still competes for TNA, but I feel he definetely deserves it some day. Finally, Larry Zybisco (spelling, I know it sucks - haha!). The man could wrestle, period, and was a great heal his entire career. what do you think of these names?

  277. ian Says:

    hey jr
    i know you dont like people bad mouthing the choices wwe make but im really annoyed to find out on a “rumor site” a pic of vince with umaga and trump with lashley” so there are the 2 superstars for the battle on the billionaires kinda disapointing,dont get me wrong the addition of stone cold as the special ref is good and all but i dont think lashley vs umaga is as good as wwe could have made,i think the best 1 would have been umaga vs mick foley,just for the fact that umaga is unstoppable and then your have mick foley the guy who can handle any punishment any superstar can hand out,that would have been such a bigger match than the 1 thats on now

  278. John Krantoski Says:

    I love the La Resistance stable. Both Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree are great (And for the record, how is the name Sylvain Grenier or Sylvan?). But where was Robert Conway? The stable seems so incomplete without him. And not only that they have absolutely no one to feud with in ECW.

  279. Doug Says:

    I’ve seen Arn Anderson a few times on TV and think he is writing for ECW. What exactly is AA’s role with WWE? I can’t wait until the 4 Horsemen DVD comes out in April. In regards to the commentleft by Guinness earlier…if you don’t get Ric Flair, you don’t get WRESTLING!

  280. Joe Mastronardo Says:

    Hey J.R.

    Big wrestling fan all my life. It’s a real disappointment that apparently Hulk Hogan will not be at WrestleMania. I do want to see HBK vs. Cena, but as a fan I feel like I am not being given what I want to see, and the reasoning that I understand is not good enough for me (although I’m sure there is more to it). The only thing that will force me to consider ordering the show is STONE COLD. It’s a shame when you think of the talent the WWE has lost, or underutilized in recent years. Wasted talent and potential, poor writing and lack of direction has really hurt the company. Not to mention the obsession with Triple H, but I’ll save that for another time. It’s a real shame that the product has declined the way it has since the day after WrestleMania Seventeen, which ironically in my opinion was the greatest WrestleMania ever.

    Just wanted to drop a line. You’re still the best and I look forward to you calling some more big matches. I wish one of them would be a Stone Cold match.

    -Joe Mastronardo

  281. Joe L. Says:

    Why are so many weird and dumb gimmicks popping up all over WWE programming? I thought that the WWE was done with pushing guys like Deuce & Dominino, Umaga, and Kevin Thorn. Is the talent not good enough to be presented in a regular fasion, or are they purely just being misused to become weird gimmicks who often become butts of many jokes. Don’t get me wrong i love the WWE product as a whole and believe that its by far the best sports entertainmet company out there, but when will the talent execs realize that these gimmicks really grate on people’s nerves very easily and make people want to turn the channel? No disrespect intended J.R.

  282. Jason Cecil Says:

    Hey J.R.,
    I justed wanted you to ask you…out of all of the WrestleMania’s you have been a part of…which one is your favorite?…You might not care about my favortie..lol..but mine is WrestleMania 19 because of the pure athleticism in every single match….every single match had a different personality, every storyline was well thought out and very anticipated to see what would happen in the matches at ‘Mania! But, it will probably be my second favorite pretty soon…considering the fact that WrestleMania 23 is going to take its place because I am going to be there in the audience!…Well, I just wanted to know which WM is your favorite…even the ones that you haven’t been a part of!..Thanks!

  283. Jason Says:

    Hello again, JR!!
    Wanted to give you a few random thoughts of my own. Been a while since I read your site. The snow that came down in Columbus last week shut down the libraries for 2 days, so I wasn’t able to check your site due to many people on the computers. But finally today I get to see what’s up with your blogs and stuff.
    First off, sorry to hear about Mike Awesome. I remember his days in ECW & WCW, and was a great athlete. For anyone to look back at a great match, check out the 1st ECW ONE NIGHT STAND match between him & Masano Tanaka. Very brutal as well as entertaining.
    How about this scenario, JR? In just 7 years, the Undertaker has or will faced every person from the EVOLUTION group at Wrestlemania. HHH in 2001, Ric Flair the next year, Orton in 2005 and Batista this year. I will agree that the Batista/Taker match should be a classic in Detroit. By the way, will there be a Saturday Night Main Event before WM23? I guess NBC ain’t doing one. We’ll just have to wait.
    Let’s face it JR. Who else would want to see Mr. McMahon go bald the most? It has to be the Rattlesnake himself, so my guess is on Monday night, Trump will pick Austin to go against Umaga. Saw his preview at No Way Out. Movie looks interesting.
    I see Stacy Keibler is on that new show “What About Brian”, which airs the same time as RAW. I check out a scene or 2 from time to time and I think she’ll do well out there in Hollywood.
    Wasn’t it funny that for the first time in almost 6 years, RAW went up against another wrestling company last Thursday night and yet again during the rebroadcast on Saturday night. It was nice to go back and forth between WWE & TNA for the first time.
    Last but not least. Here in Columbus next weekend is the Arnold Fitness Weekend. Been fortunate enough to meet many WWE stars past & present. I hear about the WWE recruitment program going on that weekend. Do you know anything else about that event and who might show up? They had on the WWE site a list of names, but then the list got deleted. If you hear anything else about it let me know. I’m sure the WWE cameras will be rolling next weekend. As you always, it’ll definitely be a SLOBBERKNOCKER!!!
    Take care, Jim and I hope to hear from you soon.


  284. David Smith from Middlesborough, England Says:

    Hi JR
    Good read as alway’s

    I have one question for you JR and it is on the Survivor Series/Montreal Screwjob. Did you and King know about the whole finish to the match that night??, now i understand a select few only knew about the swerve that was going to happen(as HBK mentions in his book). But I wonder if you and King were told about it before the show had started..

  285. Matt Holmes Says:

    With Umaga being Vince’s pick for his Wrestlemania “Battle of the Billionaires Match”, it indicates to me that the IC belt won’t be on the line at Wrestlemania.

    If that’s the case, then this year will mark the FIFTH TIME IN A ROW, that the belt hasn’t been on the line at a Wrestlemania.

    Do you think that’s a shame given the legacy the title has at the event with the great Steamboat/Savage, HBK/Ramon, Benoit/Jericho/Angle matches of the past.

  286. Deanna Says:

    hey JR I think u should give me a shout out on raw.!!! I watch raw everynight and hope one day to be a wwe diva

  287. Levi Says:

    Hey good ol JR! Love your blog and have been readin it since the begining! I really need to buy some of your sauce which i defintly will do very soon! If you have time i would love it if you could check out my 1st ever wrestling blog at: www.levijun.blogspot.com. I would love to here your opinion of it as your opinion means the world to me! Thanks for your time and Boomer Soooner!

  288. furrtig Says:

    Trolling the YouTube yesterday I happened onto the first pro wrestling match I ever saw, and what an into to ‘rasslin’ it was. The classic match where Ted DiBiase turned on his best friend, the JYD. I never missed an episode of M S W after that, and lo and behold who was the man calling the great action… of course, the man still calling the great action, yourself. Thanks for so many years of entertaining television.

  289. Ryan Harris Says:



  290. Hoggie Says:

    In your opinion hypothetically speaking,If David Schultz,had not slapped John Stossel.Where would his carrer ended up with the wwf?
    I think he should be inducted into the hall of fame,he was a hell of a wrestler.I believe he was the original “stone cold”..what do u think.

  291. sean Says:

    hey j.r. can you provide any info on the Four Horsemen DVD that’s coming out. Have you seen it?

  292. K. Says:

    Hey JR,

    I just read that the WWE is going with an Ashley vs Melina women’s title programme for WM23.

    I think I speak for the majority when I say what a joke.
    Where the hell is Victoria? No one, and I really do mean no one desveres that Women’s title more than Victoria.

    Are we really expected to beleive that Ashley is a worthy contender? The girl can do nothing right in the ring.
    How dare the WWE overlook true talent in making space for wannabe models.
    I can’t beleive Victoria hasn’t asked for her release yet. If this is indicative of where her career is heading in WWE then I think she should leave and go elsewhere to a promotion that will actually realise her potential and let her wrestle whilst she still can.

    The WWE has become a pathetic excuse for a wrestling promotion. It’s pretty bad that all up and comers regard the WWE as being the major league of wrestling. Yet when/if they make it into the WWE they either end up jobbing to no talent muscle heads, who could not wrestle their way out of a paper bag, or restricted so heavily that they can hardly be considered to even be wrestling.

    WWE needs a complete rehaul in my honest opinion.

  293. The Spork Says:

    Joey P: RE: Wrestling Psychology.

    I’m sure JR will give a better answer in a few words than i can in a paragraph or two, but the general concept of “wrestling psychology” is both the ability of a performer to “tell a story” with their match and to work their opponents in a consistent and logical way.

    by “telling a story” the wrestler engages the audience (either directly, by taunting them, or indirectly through a number of tactics) and maintains a logical progression of events.

    While i like WSX, there is next to no psychology in their matches, high-spots are thrown around so quickly and frequently that they begin to lose their value except where each man does his thing not so much to put an exclamation point on his match so much as to outshine the last guy’s big “HOLY S**T!” moment.

    In general, the over-use of reversing or kicking out of someone’s finisher is also a psychology killer in that there are few finishing moves that are consistently taken seriously.

    JR’s criticism of the lack of psychology is valid, but dubiously so, as WWE (by way of Mr. McMahon) has a track record of pushing barely mobile giants and jacked-up body-builder types who look physically impressive but have no ring skills (I’ll make the exception of Lashley who is technically sound but a little bit charisma-impaired) over more talented, well-rounded workers who invariably grow listless traipsing around the deader ends of the midcard and get themselves in the doghouse when their attitudes head south as a result

    (specifically, if my boss made me tote Thea Vidale around the office to play “Big Momma” in order to make me seem more colorful in spite of my otherwise impressive working reputation, i’d have a pretty lousy attitude too)

  294. T. Adams Says:

    BobbyV- I know that The Berzerker also wrestled under the Moniker of “Yukon” John Nord in the AWA Territory and once in Don Owens Pacific Northwest Territory in Portland, Oregon. He was positioned to be alot like the great Bruiser Brody, Knee Drops, Trademark “HUSS” and all. When he first entered the WWE his was known as The Viking. A Few weeks after his debut he was aligned with Mr. Fuji and rechristened The Berzerker. He had a Money program in the summer of 1992 with the Undertaker, which would be pinnacle for any grappler. I attended a card which they headlined that summer, Never will I forget.
    J.R. is a Pimp.

  295. Jordan Says:

    J.R. i have heard so much about the legends round table (or something like that) i was just wondering what the heck is it?

  296. TNAManiac Says:

    How sick would it be seriously if Randy Savage was brought into the HOF this year? With Mr. Perfect, Savage feels just right coming in as well. Now that would make TNA look stupid if WWE picked up the guy who slipped away from them in 2004, The Macho Man.

  297. Derek Ruttle Says:


    After watching Raw on Monday night, it was obvious to me, (and probably millions of viewers) that the Rob Van Dam vs Edge contest was the match of the night, and definitely a show-stealer. Personally, I love it when two guys who are not at all related storyline or brand-wise get in there and just give the fans what they want, a 15-minute show-stealer that leaves us wanting more. I was wondering what your feelings are about that?

  298. Jay Says:

    why must we sit through extreme expose. the fans do not even care enough to even boo this garbage

  299. Boris Says:

    Were you friends or are you still chums with Bruno Samartino? Why does he have such hostilities to the WWE and Vince? Try and smooth things over with him because hes a true great and deserves the utmost of respect.
    If Verne Gagne could be inducted and accept it so could he. He let by gons be by gons and realized he truly deserves to be in the hall of fame. It would let Bruno get a lot off his chest at the induction ceramony on the mike. Have a wonderful day I hope you had a good time doing that public speaking thing. I’m sure you did excellent. Best regards Boris

  300. Justice Says:

    Um…to prvious poster Hey Yo…Randy Savage’s CD did not outright suck. It was never meant to be the musical renaissance. It was a fun CD I still play from time to time. A fun CD. There is no need to overanalyze everything, especially someone who is such a huge cornerstone of the wrestling business like Randy.

  301. oscar collezo Says:


  302. Diane T. Says:

    why is that guy above encouraging people to push cm punk themselves? what a lame post. how could someone compare punk’s aura to goldberg’s?if anything, people should be flooding the arena with macho man and hulk hogan signs to let the wwe brass know that we want theses legends around for wrestlemania. now that would be an effort worthwhile. bringing a sign hoping cm punk will beat bob holly in a boring ecw house show match means diddly squat to me.

  303. samiamnot Says:

    Any plans for an actual wwe hall of fame building? It seems lack luster to have this “hall of fame” without having a physical building to go along w/ it. seems hard to put any value on being in a hall of fame that doesnt exist. but whatever i guess.

  304. Kristen Says:

    Hey J.R.,

    I know you’ve been asked this numerous times already, but I was wondering if you could possibly let us know where Ms.Garcia was on Monday? RAW just felt strange without her.


  305. Katie Says:

    Hi JR!

    Do you think Alundra Blayze/Madusa/Debbie Micelli will ever get into the Hall of Fame? I know there’s a lot of bad blood with her trashing the Women’s Belt on Nitro, but she is still an amazing competitor who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame! Howard Finkel as well…

    Also, where was Lilian Garcia on Raw this Monday? Raw had a different feel to it without her!

    Take care, and keep doing awesome on Raw!


  306. Katy Says:

    Hey J.R., I was just wondering where Lilian Garcia was this past Monday. It was really strange not hearing her voice. Thanks!

  307. Hey Yo, again Says:

    Thrilling, Diane T. But I’m afraid Hogan and Savage suck. Not as bad as Holly, but they suck. Hogan can’t wrestle. Savage can’t dress himself. Holly makes Lance Storm look exciting. Goldberg had no “aura”. He was a WCW creation, a last ditch effort to pull out of the rut that an over done nWo put the company in. CM Punk is his own creation. Goldberg is a glorified jock. If I wanted to watch football, I’d have my head examined first, then I’d just go watch that. Why would I want to push Hogan anyway? To see a few more body slams? Horrid attempts at convincing punches? A fat balding man who can’t shave his upper lip “Hulk up” …again? Uh, why? Hogan was lame. In his “glory days”, Flair was a better wrestler anyway. WWE’s current “A list” of stars are seriously lame. No, I don’t just mean that they suck. I mean they’re LAME old men who should be on walkers. Save for stars like Benoit, Booker T, Mysterio, Hardy (Matt, not Jeff), Punk and MNM, WWE is really starting to suck. Suck like Savage’s CD. If you liked that steamy pile, good for you. But you have bad taste in music.

  308. Jose Says:

    Hey JR i have a question. Was is your opinion on a Jeff Hardy WWE title reing.will he ever recieve a title shot like he did against Taker? That will really make my year the year Jeff Hardy wins the WWE title.

  309. X Says:

    Joe L. You’re just jealous that Kevin Thorn and Deuce and Domino dress better than you do. Get over it.

  310. Stevis Says:

    1. Do you ever think that the roster will be unified again any day soon? That’s when I truely loved wrestling when it was one big show & not one big show trying to be 3 different shows.

    2. Do you think Ultimate Warrior will ever make the hall of fame given his bad rep?

    3. Where do you think RVD will go after his contract expires?

  311. Vern Says:

    LOL @ Oscar! I am with you buddy. Macho Man for Hall of Fame 2007! Any possibility of this happening, JR?

  312. Kenan Rockmore! Says:

    With all these great DVDs on the slate including 4 Horsemen, Steve Austin, and Mr. Perfect…any hope of a Macho Man DVD Anthology?

  313. Woodward Says:

    There were crazy rumors that Savage/Gorgeous George were negotiating with Vince McMahon and WWE in late 99/2000. IS THERE ANY validity at all to these claims? I think a Savage/Rock feud (from which I heard Rock has personally requested to Vince on more than one occasion) would have stood the test of time as a legendary, epic confrontation.

  314. jamie Says:

    come to Winnipeg! we sold out raw and smackdown 2 years ago and we would do it again! Do the shows back to back!

  315. Jeff Says:

    Just a note from a long time wrestling fan (from late ’70’s as an 8 yr old). I appreciate and have great respect for the years of passion and talent you have in bringing a match together. I will put you in the same HOF as Larry Munson in how the two of you can both communicate action and, odds are, neither of you will ever be “replaced”. Keep up the great work.


  316. Jess Franco Says:

    Two words: norman smiley

  317. KB Says:

    Greetings from the Virign Islands JR, I try to catch your blog from time to time and enjoy the read. Now, just a quick question regarding Carlito. First off, I have to say that Carlito is one of my favorite wrestlers and has the potential to make it big once given that chance. Plus he’s the closest thing I have to home town representative being from Puerto Rico (Which is a half hour from the VI…and well, we had Paul Burchill at one point, but his hometown was a made up one to fit his Pirate Gimmick - speaking of which, where is Ol’ Birch anyway?) Anyway, back to Carlito, with this new Ric Flair program which I’m loving by the way, but I’m hoping it doesn’t lead to another dead end for Mr. Cool. (Like the Orton/Masters program).

    I mean Carlito hasn’t had much shine since he made the jump from Smackdown (I mean, he’s been given shots at the IC title and has neve rseen the chance again) and although I have high hopes for this Flair/Carlito program to lead Carlito to higher ground and hopefully towards a potential main event program, I just think he’ll be like how Shelton is, stuck on the midcard with nowhere to go.

    What’re your thoughts?

    And am I right in feeling that La Resistance should’ve been placed on a program that has an existing tag division? Just thought I’d tossed that in there.

  318. rhinotec Says:

    When Undertaker was wrestling under the name “Mean Mark Callous” he used a finishing move called “The Heart Punch”. Why doesn’t he use it anymore? Also does his ankle still bother him after he uses his “Old School” move when he lands on the mat? Tell everyone to feel free to attend the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo we’d love to have y’all come down for the day. Thanks for making my Mondays a little more bearable and fun tell The King I said “Hi” and I hope he gets all the puppies he can carry(ha ha).
    Take Care & Travel Safe


    Rhinotec (from Pasadena, TX)

  319. james Says:

    Who do u think would win DX or The Brothers Of Destruction because when Triple H returns i hope they have a match

  320. Brad Says:

    Hey JR
    I was just wondering what your current opinion is on WSX and TNA, specificly, if they got better time slots/more tv time do you think it could be like the mid 90’s with WWF WCW and ECW all over again?

    Stay safe
    Long time fan
    Brad (Manchester, NH)

  321. QUENT Says:

    what’s up my dogs?why did test have to go and mess up a good thing? and big show isn’t going to tna. what a relief they dont know how to handle competetition.

  322. Mike Sosdean Says:

    Okay I’m the crazed Vancouver fan you responded to. I respect you alot JR and I am not trying to look at it as Toronto vs Vancouver nor am I trying to cry someone a river. All I’m saying is that Vancouver is ignored, our house show attendance is improving, and not only do we not get PPV’s, but only 2 episodes of Monday Night Raw in the last 7 years. OK? Once again, I do respect you very much sir.

  323. clayton Says:

    Hey, do you remember an old wrestler named Bob Kryjak, and any funny stories about him. He had some great chemestry with the Sicialians and Arnie Skooland

  324. mike Says:

    Jim Ross what will you do when RVD goes to TNA,i know he has handed in his notice,Vince dousn’t deserve Van Dam.

  325. jarrod winters Says:

    You and the king are my favorite announcer ever and D-Generation X rulez so do u

  326. Gary DX Rulez Says:

    I would like to see owen hart name make it this year,
    at wrestlemania 23 inducted into the wrestling hall of
    fame heaven knows that he deserves it. he had such an
    illustrous career before that fatal acident.

    please talk it over with the board members bout this

  327. dx rulz wwe Says:

    What do you think about the Voodo Kin Mafia in TNA slandering wwe and dx

  328. Adam Williams Says:

    Dear Mr. Ross
    I’m with you 100%. I like the real to life character’s, like Stone Cold Steve Austin. I saw him on a t.v. show called punked, and he acted pretty much just as he act’s in the ring, standing up for the common working man. That’s what I miss so much about the NWA in the early to late 80’s. Every guy was not a big steriod freak. Don’t get me wrong, they were still great athletes, and I still love and watch wrestling today, but there was just something special about that time.

  329. ECW on Sci-Fi - Wrestling, Sci-Fi, and Everything In Between Says:

    Test tells the WWE to Get Bent…

    Andrew “Test” Martin may love wrestling, but his feelings for the WWE are clearly at the opposite end of the spectrum. Test’s MySpace page made it abundantly clear when he proclaimed, “free at last! I just asked for my release…

  330. Robby Says:

    hi there JR

    i live in south africa, and have been privileged to see the wwe live in sa. Please tell me when wwe is returning and here is something to chew on raw has never been here only smackdown.

    before i go i want to say that you and the king are the greatest commmentators in the history of commentating, and thank you for the hours and hours of entertainment here in south africa


    Robby Setzer

  331. Paul Says:

    Hello Mr. Ross. I’ve been a pro wrestling fan for many years, and
    I inquired about the possibility of the WWE releasing a MidSouth/
    UWF compilation multidisc set on the WWE corporate website. You would be the perfect candidate to host this retrospective if this
    idea comes to fruition, since you did work there, and also because of the wrestlers who worked there and were or later became stars in the business. Since Cowboy Bill Watts sold the promotion,
    it has gone from Jim Crockett Jr., and it was later absorbed as part of the NWA. Then WCW withdrew from the NWA, after Ted Turner
    purchased the former Mid-Atlantic-Georgia territory. Another great
    idea would be a Stampede Wrestling multiple disc boxed set hosted
    by Bret Hart. It’s great that you comment on other promotions that
    aren’t necessarily connected to the WWE. Since the WWE purchased
    WCW, I’m assuming they would own the rights to the MidSouth/UWF
    video library. I brought the point up because WWE will be releasing
    a DVD Set on World Class Champioship Wrestling. MidSouth/UWF was as good or not better than WCCW in its’ heyday. Stampede Wrestling
    was where Fritz VonErich was trained by Stu Hart, and where many
    wrestling stars competed at some point (Abdullah The Butcher, JYD,
    Jake Roberts, Hart Foundation, Jushin Liger (as Keichi Yemada),
    Hiroshi Hase, British Bulldogs, Bad News Brown (Bad News Allen),
    Honky Tonk Man, Chris Benoit, David Schultz (Dr. D) and probably
    others I’m forgetting. I thought WWE purchased the territorial rights back in the 1980s, but it was revived later.

  332. John Doe Says:

    I think Vancouver should get something that’s live. I really think wrestling is dead around here especially with the fans whom loved wrestling in the 1997-2000 era. I had to go to Seattle last summer to watch RAW because Vancouver gets lousy house shows. I really think to get some of those fans back, it would be nice to get more pay per views in Vancouver. For example, in 1996 there was “Internation Incident” and in 1998 “Rock Bottom”…then in 2000 RAW…then THREE long years later and after lame house shows, we get another RAW in 2003. After that, it’s been all house shows. I know you don’t book schedules J.R., but I’m sure you hold a lot of power in WWE. Well this is my opinion. In about 2-3 years from now, we’ll probably get Smackdown (Which isn’t live). It would be nice if there’s more interaction with the fans. I really think WWE lost a lot of fans in Canada. I still keep up with the storylines, etc, but not by watching wrestling on tv, but my reading the results on the net.

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