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10/3/07 Page 8 is done.

10/2/07 Uh oh! Flipside is out of the top 10 at topwebcomics! Cmon everyone, let's vote! Don't forget there are all new vote incentives this month, and they're pretty!

10/1/07 Page 7 is done.

9/30/07 Thanks everyone for voting last month! This month I'm going to be doing some more FFXI sketches, and there will also be some intermission style strips as well as a glimpse of upcoming characters you can't see anywhere else! Hope you keep voting for me, it'd be great to get the #1 spot again!

9/29/07 The Vajra Interview has been updated! See, I remembered!

9/28/07 Page 6 is done.

9/26/07 Page 5 is done.

9/25/07 Extra page today! Page 4 is done.

9/24/07 Page 3 is done.

9/21/07 Just a heads up, my email address has changed!

9/21/07 Karla did a great job coloring this chapter's cover, as usual! Check out her site at

9/21/07 Page 2 is done.

9/19/07 Page 1 is done.

9/16/07 Page 4 is done.

9/16/07 Hmm, well looks like the queue is still not working properly... sorry about that. Maybe I'll just go ahead and put up Sunday's page today, since I won't have access to the internet tommorow.

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Conventions 2007:

This is a tentative list of the conventions I plan to attend in 2007. It is subject to change.

Anime Central - May 11th-13rd

Connecticon - July 13rd-15th

Otakon - July 20th-22nd

San Diego Comic Con - July 25th-29th

Anime Iowa - August 10th-12th

The Reactor - Oct ?

More to follow...

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