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Light Brown hair
Blue eyes

THEATRE includes:
JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE, RINGO AND BERT (Bert) d: Alan Dossor Liverpool Everyman/Lyric West End 
BLOOD BROTHERS (Mickey)  d: Chris Bond Liverpool Playhouse/Lyric West End  
TRAFFORD TANZI (The Referee)  d: Chris Bond Leeds Playhouse
LOVE ON THE PLASTIC (Dapper) d: Chris Bond Half Moon Theatre
AS IF (Rich) d: Chris Bond HalfMoon Theatre
MACBETH (Witch)  d: Chris Bond Half Moon Theatre
ALPHA BETA (Mr. Elliott) d: Claire Davidson Man in the Moon
TROUBLE IN PARADISE d: Sue Cox Stratford East
THE LITTLE SISTER (Philip Marlowe) d: Chris Bond Plymouth Theatre Royal/Liverpool Rep Theatre 
ANIMAL FARM (Snowball)  d: Alan Cohen Royal National Theatre
WHALE d: Tim Supple Royal National Theatre
FOX AND HOUNDS d: Pip Broughton Croydon Warehouse
TRUST BYRON (Byron) d: George Costigan Birmingham Repertory
ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES (Randy) d: Chris Bond Tricycle Theatre
I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE (Walter) d: Marion Elliott Royal Exchange
NASTY NEIGHBOURS (Mr Peach) d: Debbie Isitt International Tour
SINGLE SPIES – Double Bill comprising: 
A QUESTION OF ATTRIBUTION (Chubb) d: Alan Dossor W. Yorkshire Playhouse
THE GRADUATE (Mr Robinson) d: Terry Johnson Gielgud Theatre
THE LAUGHING MAN (Ursus) d: Chris Bond Chicken Shed Theatre
OF MICE AND MEN (George) d: Jonathon Church Birmingham Rep/West End
 Winner, Best Actor in a Visiting Production, M.E.N Awards, 2003
ELIZABETH REX d: Jonathon Church Birmingham Rep 
WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? d: Chris Honer Manchester Library Theatre
HAMLET (Claudius) d: Calixto Bieito Birmingham Rep/Lyceum Theatre
GOING STRAIGHT (Ray) d: Allan Strachan Theatre Royal Windsor 
THE ODD COUPLE (Oscar) d: Matthew Lloyd, Liverpool Everyman  
DON QUIXOTE (Sancho Panza)  d: Chris Bond, Birmingham Rep
BLUE/ORANGE (Robert)  d: Annabelle Comyn, Abbey Theatre, Dublin

TELEVISION includes:
FAME IS THE SPUR (Tom Hannaway) d: David Giles BBC TV
UNDER THE SKIN (Nolan O’Shaughnessy) d: Tony Smith BBC TV
KING JOHN (Phillip the Bastard) d: David Giles BBC TV
SHERLOCK HOLMES (Wilson Kemp) d: Alan Grint Granada
CONNIE (Arnie) d: Alan Dossor Central
SLIP UP (Sgt. Jones) d: James Cellan-Jones BBC TV   
LONDON’S BURNING (Michael) d: Jerry Mill LWT
BEIDERBECKE CONNECTION (Ben) d: Alan Bell Yorkshire TV
STOLEN (Terry) d: Roger Bamford Zenith/Central
INSPECTOR MORSE IV (Ron Garrett) d: John Madden Zenith/Anglia
MINDER II (Billy) d: Roger Bamford Euston Films 
SAFE d: Antonia Bird BBC
KAVANAGH, Q.C. d: Renny Rye Carlton
GIRLS NIGHT (Steve) d: Nick Hurran Granada Films 
CASUALTY (Martin Gregory) d: Anthony Garner BBC
BADGER (Frankie Moncur) d: Various Feelgood Fiction 
CITY CENTRAL (D. I. Carter) d: Kenny Glenaan BBC 
THE BILL – Old Enemies, New Friends (Roxanne) d: Ken Grieve Pearson  
PEAK PRACTICE (Roy Telford) d: Barbara Rennie Carlton
LOVE OR MONEY (Ted) d: Martyn Friend Love or Money 
HOLBY CITY (James Campbell) d: Beryl Richards BBC
LINDA GREEN (Brian) d: Dan Zeff Red Productions
THE LONG FIRM (DI George Mooney) d: Bille Eltringham BBC
DOWN TO EARTH V (Ken) d: Dominic Keevey BBC
IF...WE LEFT AFRICA ALONE (Mark)  d: Richard Alwyn, BBC
WHERE THE HEART IS IX ep 5 (Ralph)  d: Moira Armstrong, ITV
ROSE AND MALONEY Ser II ep 3 (Marcus Roche)  d: Metin Huseyin, ITV
DALZIEL AND PASCOE (Barry Bendelow)  d: Colin Buchanan, BBC
THE INSPECTOR LYNLEY MYSTERIES (Owen Harcourt-Baines)  d: Simon Massey, BBC
SEE NO EVIL: The Moors Murders (DCI Joe Mounsey)  d: Chris Menaul, Granada
South Bank Show Award for Best TV Drama, 2007
Broadcast Award for Best Single Drama, 2007

RTS North West Award for Best Drama, 2006
CASUALTY (Stephen Gregory)  d: Brett Fallis, BBC
THE ROYAL Ser VI (Hugh Etheridge)  d: Ian Bevitt, YTV
THE GOOD SAMARITAN (Ralph)  d: Kenny Glenaan, Granada
WHISTLEBLOWER (Alan Marshall)  d: John McKay, Carnival Television
DR WHO Series 4 Xmas Special (Max Capricorn)  d: James Strong, BBC
THE SAILOR’S RETURN d: Jack Gold Jack Gold
RITA SUE AND BOB TOO (Bob) d: Alan Clarke Umbrella Films
SHIRLEY VALENTINE (Dougie) d: Lewis Gilbert Paramount
CALENDAR GIRLS d: Nigel Cole Buena Vista
FROZEN (P.C. Pyke) d: Juliet McKoen Liminal Films
GARAGE (Trucker)  d: Lenny Abrahamson, Whole Five Films

LOOK BACK IN ANGER  Little Theatre, Bristol
DRACULA  Little Theatre, Bristol
MACBETH                     Bristol Old Vic/Touring

BIRDS OF A FEATHER (with Julia North)  Alamo
THE LIVING PICTURE SHOW (with Julia North)  Cinema 100
THE BIG SOFT TELLY SHOW  Liverpool Everyman
THE FOOTY SHOW  Liverpool Everyman
TRUST BYRON d: Julia North Birmingham Rep/W Yorkshire playhouse  

Represented by Lorraine Hamilton; email: info@hamiltonhodell.co.uk
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