Tap Water is SAFE TO DRINK

Severn Trent has announced that tap water is now safe to drink for the 140,000 homes that had their supplies interrupted when Mythe water treatment works was flooded.

Results from intensive quality sampling and testing confirm that restored tap water supplies meet all the strict quality standards set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).  This means that people no longer need to boil tap water before drinking it.

Tony Wray, Severn Trent Water’s managing director, explained:  “The intensive programme of sampling and testing has confirmed that restored tap water supplies are once again completely safe to drink.  Tap water can now be used for cleaning teeth, washing dishes, preparing food and infant formula and ice-making.

“We had to be 100 per cent certain that all supplies were back up to the normal high standards before we could remove the ‘boil tap water’ instruction. 

“This whole incident has been unprecedented and we recognise the immense inconvenience that so many of our customers have faced during the last two weeks.  We greatly admire everyone’s resilience and the neighbourly spirit that has been evident throughout and want to thank them for their patience and tolerance of the situation,” added Tony.

Supplies of bottled water will remain available until the incident closes but the majority of bowsers have been withdrawn.


Q   What happens if I or my family have drunk the tap water before the  boil advice was removed?

A   Experience has shown any risk to health is small.  If it does cause any health effects, this is likely to be a mild gastrointestinal infection – a tummy upset. If a tummy upset occurs, you should seek medical advice. 
Further information is available from the HPA website; www.hpa.org.uk

Q Why does the water smell / taste of chlorine?

A Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to ensure that water supplies are safe  and do not contain harmful bacteria.  To keep the water safe and clean a  small residual amount of chlorine is maintained which some customer may  detect.  When we reintroduced supplies for added protection we used  elevated chlorine levels to help ensure the water supplies were safe.

Now that our intensive water quality samples have demonstrated that the water is safe to drink we will be reducing chlorine residuals to their normal levels.

Placing a covered jug in the fridge will chill the water and allow the chlorine to evaporate off removing the taste.