The system provides ground-based air defense of major assets against both manned and unmanned air breathing targets, cruise missiles and other air targets flying at low and medium altitudes. When integrated with Patriot systems and high-capable radars it can be employed in TBMD role.
HAWK XXI is the latest version of the basic Hawk, following I, II and III modernizations. Using a special designed missile and a specific firing mode in which a highly-capable radar is needed, it can defeat tactical ballistic missiles. The missiles have an arrow configuration, with Delta wings and rectangular aileron-type controls. The control units have phased array antennas using digital processing. The system will comprise the basic Hawk PIP III configuration, 3D SENTINEL radars and new fire control centers. First HAWK XXI battery is to be commissioned in 2007.

System basic components:
  • fire distribution center– FDC
  • high power illuminator together with electrono-optical tracking device: AN/ MPQ-61 plus HEOS
  • 2D low-altitude continuous wave acquisition radar: AN/MPQ-62 CWAR
  • 3D low-to-medium altitude acquisition radar: AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel
  • 6 M192MI launchers
  • MIM-23 missiles, various configurations: CAP, EOB, IFM, MBJ, ILM

Missile technical data

- Length: 5,03m;
- Diameter: 36cm;
- Propellant: solid;
- Weight: 627kg (in canister 1500Kg);
- Blasting component: 75kg.
Missile performance:
- Maximum speed: 2,5Mach;
- Target maximum speedP: 1000m/s;
- Target altitude: 0,20 - 18km;
- Target maximum radius: 40km.
MIM-23 Missiles
MIM-23 Missiles

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