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India- wind energy PDF Print E-mail

The ministry for renewable energy sources in India has published a map of the wind concentration for India, that shows the best locations for the implementation of practicle wind energy projects.

The wind energy project in VaniVilasSagar, Chitradurga borough is at one of these good points.

With this "wind-park" the additional electricity is provided to the grid. This leads to a considerable decrease of the level of generation by thermal energy.

The project involves agrarian areas, where wind energy is the most efficient. The wind energy beeing used in agrarian regions, leads through the profitable cooperation of several groups and through the establishment of a sustainable company with economic, social and ecological benefits, to the sustainable development of the region.

The national goal concerning sustainable development in India lies to a great percentage on renewable engery with the main focus on wind energy as well as equality of chances for the rural population in compared to the urban population.

Climate framework convention: the simplified modalities of the UN-climate framework convention demand that the addionality of the project is proved by at least one of the following barriers. This means a barrier must be defined, to which the project would not have taken place anyhow. For the project in India there is definitively an investion barrier. Furtheron there are different regulativ criteria.

An independent certification account for the compliance of the criteria is available. Moreover the project is applying to be certified by the acknowledged Gold Standard of the WWF.

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