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Municipality of Klaipeda

Municipality of Klaipeda


Governmental organisation

Description:    The administration of Klaipeda City Municipality implements decisions of the City Council, Board and Mayor. The Department of Nature Protection and the Department of Monument Protection are both responsible for natural and built heritage protection in the city. Environmental Education is one of the tasks of the Nature Protection Department. The Culture Department is responsible for the operation of such institutions as museums, historical properties, etc. The Foreign Relations Department co-ordinates international projects.

Level of operation:    Regional

Works in:    Built heritage
Cultural Heritage
Natural Heritage

Specialisations:     Environmental protection
Land management
Nature conservation

Interests:    Policy Issues
Tourism(national tourism plans; improving tourism information)


Contact name:    Jolita Kraniauskaite

Job title:    Executive of Foreign Relations Department

Tel.:   + 370 6 396014

Fax:   + 370 6 396015

E-mail   uzsieno@klaipeda.lt

Address:    Liepu Str. 11
5800   Klaipeda

Web site:   www.klaipeda.lt


Current project in need of partners :    Educational programmes in museums

Future projects in need of partners:    1. Reconstruction of Klaipeda castle and bastions 2. Development of Tourism, Culture and Entertainment Centre in the old Castle Place of Klaipeda City. Klaipeda was originally a city-fortress. In the 13th century at the Curonian Lagoon and Dane River intersection, crusaders built a castle which became a city foundation point. Currently there are unique remains of the castle of the 13-18 century, which was obviously for urban and fortification purposes. It is planned to regenerate and integrate them into the surroundings structures, and reconstruct the physical and spiritual relations between the Curonian Lagoon, castle and the Old Town.