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History of the Institute


         Moscow Architectural Institute was established according to the resolution of Politburo CK VKPB of the 14th of October 1933.

Central administrative board of educational institutions of USSR issued an order # 261/76 about the establishment of the Institute.

However it couldn�t appear from nowhere. The Institute inherited the traditions of the Moscow architectural school which also originated from the 1st specialized architectural school founded in 1749 by prince D.Ukhtomsky.  


        During the past 250 years since then the architectural education in Russia has undergone many changes. The main principals of education and traditions of Ukhtomsky�s school were developed by his pupil V. Bajenov.  In 1786  the Bajenov�s team was handed down to his pupil and

associate Matvey Kazakov who founded the new �Architectural school of Kremlin expedition�. Kazakov played a big role in training future     architects. He not only taught them the bases of the profession, he enlisted them to immediate building thus combining theory and practice.

In 1804 the Kremlin school was founded which later grew into Moscow Palace Architectural School. The graduated architects left it�s walls in the rank of architect- assistant.



      In 1865 the Palace School was abolished and all its pupils and lecturers joined The School of Art and Sculpture thus forming a self-dependant architectural department. Since 1866 it was called the School of Art, Sculpture and Architecture.The architecture department could boast the most prominent teaching staff: K. Bykovskyi. I. Mashkov, A.Kaminskyi,A.Meisner, S.Soloviev and others. Almost at the same time there was a department of building art and architecture in MVTU (Moscow Higher Technical School) . In 1916 on the initiative of it�s teachers there was established an architecture department on a building faculty.

This department became notable for  training architects with  industrial specialization 1st time in history of architecture. During the period among 1902-1905 there were also female building courses under the direct guidance of I. Fomin and N. Morkovnikov. Thus there were several parallel  architectural educational institutions.


     The October Revolution of 1917 has changed the attitude to architecture. The state policy started to play an important role in educational system of the country. The Government takes a decision to establish Independent state art studios and in 1920 on the bases of these studios  the VKHUTEMAS was organized � an architectural faculty leading by I. Gioltovsky  and A. Shiusev. The same time the architectural department of MVTU kept on working. In 1930 the Government decides to     reorganize Moscow institutions as many of them duplicated each other and had many common courses and subjects. So architectural faculties of VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN and MVTU were united into  Architectural�Construction Institute. Thus the 1st specialized architectural institute was founded. It graduated engineers and architects of all profiles: architecture of industrial buildings, rural settlements, public and apartment buildings, town planning.


     During 1930-1933 the institute underwent many organizational changes and only in October 1933  there was finally formed a �pure� architectural institute which became the prototype of educational institutions and the whole system of higher architectural education in our country and abroad. Establishing the specialized institute was aroused by unsatisfactory state of training of qualified architectural staff and of scientific research in architecture. Since that day the new history of Moscow Architectural Institute started and on that day we celebrate its birthday.


     Many graduates of the VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN and of the architectural department of MVTU  have become leading teachers of MARCHI. Among them are professors K. Afanasiev, M.Barshch, A.Burov, G.Goltz, Barkhins, L.Zalesskaja, A.Kuznetzov, I.Lamzov, I.Leonidov, V.and G.Movchans, V.Myslin, I.Nikolajev, G.Orlov, M.Olenev, N.Poljakov, S.Turgenev, L.Pavlov, I.Sobolev, M.Sinjavsky, M.Parusnikov, M.Turkus, I.Rylsky, A.Fisenko and others.


      Architectural design subjects were supervised by such prominent architects  and teachers as Vesnin brothers, I.Golosov, V.Krinsky, N.Ladovsky, K.Melnikov, A.Dushkin, G.Zakharov, Z.Chernyshova, M.Ginsburg, A.Szhusev, I.Zholtovsky.

Academic courses and lectures were delivered by famous scholars D.Arkin, S.Bezsonov, N.Brunov, A.Bunin, A.Gabrichevsky, A.Gutnov, J.Savitsky, O.Shvidkovsky, S.Chernyshov.


      Undergraduate and post-graduate students of the Institute have had the opportunities to listen to lectures by such prominent masters of world-wide architecture as � Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Right, R.Neutra, B.Taut, H.Meyer, M.Ragon, K.Roche, R.Meier, L.Kahn, P.Portoghesi, S.Calatrava, U.Olsop, A.and P.Smitsons, P.Cook, M.Botta, K.Tange, M.Safdie, J.Dahinden,  G.Stoilov.

In 1995 the Moscow Architectural Institute received the status of a State Academy.


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