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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
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Provincial Budget 2006 - 2007
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Saskatchewan is Canada's sunniest province, averaging from 2,000 to 2,500 hours of sunshine annually.


The Saskatchewan Office of Protocol and Honours is responsible for:

1. Planning and organization of official visits to Saskatchewan of:

  • Diplomats accredited to Canada (ambassadors and high commissioners and their staff posted to Ottawa)
  • Members of the consular corps (consuls-general, consuls, etc.)
  • Heads of state and government from other countries and delegations involving people of ministerial rank or higher
  • The Governor General
  • Members of the Royal Family

2. Ceremonial occasions, such as:

  • Presentations of honours and awards
  • Special recognition events
  • Installation of the Lieutenant Governor
  • Official portrait unveilings
  • State funerals

3. The Provincial Honours and Awards Program:

  • Saskatchewan Order of Merit
  • Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal
  • Saskatchewan Distinguished Service Award
  • Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal
  • Saskatchewan Centennial Medal
  • Premier's Award for Excellence in the Public Service
  • Saskatchewan Youth Award
  • Recognition of Saskatchewan recipients of Canada's national honours
  • Co-ordination of departmental awards

4. Provincial emblems policy:

  • Policy, definition and uses of provincial symbols
  • Application of The Provincial Emblems & Honours Act
  • Approval of non-governmental use of official emblems
  • Pin policy

5. Government gift policy and gift bank (on behalf of SPMC).

6. Legislative Building galleries and art collection:

  • Management of the Athabasca, Assiniboine, Saskatchewan and Qu'Appelle galleries, Speakers' portraits and Legislature composites
  • Accessioning of new art works and artefacts
  • Commissioning of portraits of Lieutenant Governors, Premiers and Speakers

7. Protocol consulting and advisory service:

  • for government departments and agencies, municipalities, organizations and the general public
  • on visits, the diplomatic and consular corps, the Canadian Crown, precedence, forms of address, symbols, ceremonial, dress, etiquette

Last Updated: October 09, 2007
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