Hentai literally means "pervert" in Japanese. The term "hentai" has taken on another definition in recent years. It now is used to refer to a genre of anime that is not suitable for people under the age of eighteen.

Many anime for people under the age of eighteen have little bits of nudity. However, nudity in a series does not automatically classify it as hentai. Hentai is usually very graphic and sexual in nature. On the same note, some anime for people over eighteen is not hentai.

There isn't a clear definition. Like many things, hentai can fall into a "grey area". However, there are some things that are obviously hentai.


This section is called "Hentai Free". If you found your way here, you are probably looking for an explanation.

Anyone can end up at a hentai website without even trying. Therefore this project has been created to act as a form of loose protection here on the internet. If you own a website that doesn't have any hentai content on it, feel free to put up a badge saying so. When someone comes to your site and sees the badge, they can know that the site is free of hentai content.

This project is called "Hentai Free", not "Anti-Hentai". If you like hentai, that's fine. To each their own. (But if you own a hentai site, please put up a warning page or something that will give people a chance to escape if they see fit.)


Don't like the badges posted here, but still want to support Hentai Free? Feel free to make your own and post it on your website! (The dimensions of these badges are all 111 x 106, but you can make your own any size you wish.)


Please feel free to link back to the project at: http://www.lelola.net/misc/hentaifree/