Recipients of the Raoul Wallenberg Award

Prime Minister Goran Persson of Sweden - 2001 For his ground-breaking stand on Holocaust education in Sweden, for keeping the Wallenberg case open, and for public apologies to Wallenberg's family for steps not taken to secure his release by former Swedish governments.

The City of New York - 2001 For all of its citizens who searched for the missing, cared for the injured, gave comfort to loved ones of the missing or lost, and provided sustenance and encouragement to those who searched through the rubble at ground hero.

Elisabeth and Alexander Sandor Kasser - 2000 She was Raoul Wallenberg's personal translator. He worked with Prof. Valdemar Langlet to organize and run the Swedish Red Cross in Budapest and was responsible for saving many lives with the "Schutzbrief" (protection letter) that he designed.

The City of Billings, Montana - 1997 For its stand in the face of bigotry, helping to set an example for communities across America.

Ambassador Robert S. Strauss - 1997 For his work on the Wallenberg Case while he was Ambassador to the Soviet Union, and his lifelong commitment to human relations.

Elizabeth Dole - 1995 For her humanitarian work as President of the American Red Cross.

Thomas Veres - 1994 Raoul Wallenberg's personal photographer who, at the age of 18, showed extraordinary courage as he worked with Wallenberg to document the Nazi's inhumanity and Raoul Wallenberg's lifesaving efforts.

Ambassador and Mrs. Nicholas M. Salgo - 1994 For their generous and thoughtful donation of a statue, replacing the one stolen that honors Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest, Hungary.

Harvey M. Meyerhoff - 1994 For his unceasing work to make the United States Holocaust Museum a reality.

Alan C. Greenberg - 1991 For the very special "Magic" he has performed for The Wallenberg Committee and for so many others.

Senpo Sugihara - 1990 A Japanese diplomat who lost his career and risked his life issuing official exit visas to thousands of Jews in Lithuania.

Giorgio Perlasca - 1990 An Italian, working in disguise at the Spanish Embassy in Budapest, who saved thousands of Jews.

Miep Gies - 1990 The Dutch heroine who provided a hideout and protection for Anne Frank and her family.

The Nation of Denmark - 1990 For humanitarian efforts of the Danish People in sea-lifting their Jewish population to safety in Sweden.

H. Ross Perot - 1987 For his personal courage in the dramatic rescue of his American employees being held captive in Iran.

The City of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho - 1986 For the stand that its citizens took against militant Neo-Nazis harassing individuals in the community.

Raoul Wallenberg - 1985 In Absentia


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