"You don't have to be sad to be a militant" -Michel Foucault


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Collective Strategies Seminar

Collective Strategies



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The International Academy of Art Palestine'

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Introduction to New Media History for 1st year


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Your first questions answered

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What does it do?

This site is a wiki, much like the well known wikipedia. As with anything, it will take a bit of engagement on your part to learn to use it, but once you do you will have a powerful publishing tool on your hands that you can use for whatever you might like.

Why does it look so ugly?

This will improve. It is being worked on, and hopefully soon it will be a site that can justly represent the Academy visually as well as be a site that is viable for hosting student portfolios. Please, for now, relish in that it actually works.

The Frontpage

Soon this front page will be a good place to check out whats going on in Oslo and elsewhere, artwise and otherwise. Its our hope that you, the students of the Academy and everybody else, will use it to post your events up and let us know what you're up to! For now this page will serve this function

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