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HuntersFor those keen on this type of tourism Bulgaria has long since stopped being a blank spot on the world's hunting map.
The country's hunting grounds are populated by red deer, Sika deer, roe deer, wild boars, bears, mouflons, wild goats, rabbits, capercaillies, pheasants, partridges, quails and wild ducks.
Deer hunts are most attractive to connoisseurs for they know that Bulgaria is unrivalled both with regard to the quality of trophies and the standard of hunting organization.
Hunting Lodge This is evidenced by the fact that seven of the world's ten finest trophies are Bulgarian.
Foreign hunters are accommodated in first class hotels or hunting lodges and ensured a full range of specific hunting services: interpreters, guides and beaters, special vehicles, microbuses and jeeps, hounds and trophy valuers.
The only restriction is observance of the hunting season.


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