History of The ARM


Federal army and territorial defence

After the liberation, following the ASNOM decisions, Macedonia as a federal unit was included into the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, later Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. There was a Yugoslav Army(later Yugoslav national Army – JNA) at the level of joint federation which has undertaken and continued the transformed role of the People’s Liberation Army and the Partisan Units of Yugoslavia(NOV and POJ) including the NOV and POM. Within this army the Macedonian conscripts served their military duties and the Macedonian active officers and civilians were involved as well. A certain number of Macedonian soldiers and senior officers within the JNA participated in the peacekeeping missions in Sinai and Yemen from 1956 to 1967.

During the process of gaining independence of the Republic of Macedonia, territorial defence played an important historical role, regarding the undertaking of the borders. On the other hand, the weapons and the equipment of the territorial defence, which were purchased with the Macedonian population resources, provided the basis for the equipment of the newly formed Army of the Republic of Macedonia.

The national defence main headquarters of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia was formed on March 19,1969. Afterwards, Municipal HQs and the lower level HQ, as well as youth and militia unit at a municipal level and within the working organizations were formed. Such a territorial principle of military organizations in 1970 has contributed to the fact that territorial defence had a capability for about 74.000 Macedonian military conscripts to join.

Manoeuvre units(at a battalion level) and stationary units at a level of working organizations and local communities)were formed in 1973 within the territorial defence and 14 territorial partisan brigades were formed the following year.

The training took place in the Training center at the Republic HQs, in the educational centers of the former Federal Army, and later at the Training center of Pepeliste near Negotino.

The territorial defence of Macedonia stopped functioning by passing of the Defence Law of the Republic of Macedonia in 1992 when the Army of the Republic of Macedonia was established