Carnegie Trust - for the Universities of Scotland
Carnegie Trust - for the Universities of Scotland    


Welcome to the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

In accordance with Andrew Carnegie's wishes, the Royal Charter enables the Trust to support the 14 Universities of Scotland, their staff and students. The various schemes of support are described on this website under "Our Schemes" and Downloads of application forms and regulations are available.

Fee Assistance may be provided to support entering undergraduates to first degree courses who are not eligible for support through the SAAS. A competitive Vacation Scholarship scheme is operated to assist undergraduate students who wish to undertake research in the summer vacation. Undergraduate groups from Scottish universities can apply for support with Expeditions.

At the postgraduate level, a prestige scheme of Scholarships supports a limited number of graduates with first class honours degrees who will pursue three years of postgraduate research leading to a PhD.

Members of Staff and graduates of Scottish Universities are eligible to apply for the Trusts Research Grant Scheme which awards grants of up to £2,500 for personal research, and support towards illustration and publication costs.

A competitive Larger Grant Scheme (grants up to £40,000) encourages applications for joint programmes of collaborative research projects from staff within the Scottish Universities.

The Scottish Universities are invited to compete for up to two Carnegie Centenary Professorships per year to encourage World Class scholars to spend a sabbatical period in Scotland.

Through the Principals of the Scottish Universities, the Trust allocates Development Grants in support of projects aimed at the improvement of facilities for students and research.

Full details of our awards and our activities are published each year in our Annual Reports and are available to view or download.

Applicants are advised to contact the Trust office if they have any queries about their eligibility.