Shenmue Campaign is BACK! - Started construction on the 25/09/2007
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Welcome to the Shenmue Campaign website, a hub for all Shenmue fans to sound off, be noticed and ultimately get the Shenmue saga completed, Help us spread the word about Shenmue to other gamers and Sega alike.


Hello and Welcome!
We are excited to tell you that the Shenmue Campaign is officially underway,
sign up and show your support for Shenmue, build profile, upload yout fan art send messages to other Shenmue fans and more!

Recent Updates:
- Chat room added for members! Log in and chat with other Shenmue fans!
- Whats Shenmue
- The Campaign
- Reviews
- Media -> Videos (beta) more options for members.
- Downloads (members only) *update* added Shenmue - The Movie

*update* as a request i saw on the dojo forums i have added NullDC Emulator.

*update* added Shenmue 2 OST.

*update* added Shenmue Zero fix, if you have downloaded the old one we recommend you update the .exe file. 


I would like to apologise for forgetting to put the links tab on the top menu so now when you submit a web link it will automatically get added and show up as normal after getting approved by us.

[Credit to Jedsithor]

- Michael and Ryan


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