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POSTED Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Plen, the robot that skates across your desk

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Robots may not yet be sophisticated enough to take over the world, but they're getting there. They've already learned how to get a beer from the fridge and creepily stare at you from across the room, and now our future synthetic masters have perfected skateboarding, another essential skill for global conquest.

Plen, made in Japan (surprise), has enough balance to not just stay upright on a mini skateboard or a pair of roller skates, but can do a few fancy tricks on them, too. He's apparently equipped with Bluetooth, presumably so you can order him around with your smartphone. And, hey, if you're way into this, you can actually buy yourself a Plen for the tidy sum of $2,000. Hmm… Halo suit or Plen? Decide for yourself once you've checked out the video after the jump.

Plen, via Übergizmo

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