There are 5 airports in Moscow - Sheremetjevo-1 (SVO-1) - 20 miles from the city center, Sheremetjevo-2 (SVO-2) (on the way to SVO-1), Domodedovo (DME) - 50 miles to the South from Moscow, Bykovo (BKA) - 30 miles to the South-West from Moscow, Vnukovo (VKO) about 40 miles to the South-West from Moscow.

    SHEREMETJEVO 2 & 1  ( SVO-2 & SVO-1 )

   You will probably arrive at one of the two SVO (Sheremetjevo) airports - SVO-1 or SVO-2. Most international flights arrive SVO-2 (called also Sheremetjevo International airport). The first thing you will encounter is passport control and then - customs. You can read more about it on the Customs page.
   Sheremetjevo airport was built in 1980 particularly for the Olimpic Games that were held in Moscow that summer. It was built in a rush therefore you may (and definitely willl) find some strange and funny things there. The first thing that surprises ALL guests arriving Sheremetjevo-2 airport is that it is very dark. Nobody can explain it to you why they use only one out of ten lights at the airport building. So, it is rather dark there. In all Moscow airports (but particularly in Sheremetjevo-2) just after you leave customs check point and heading towards exit you will see many private ("gipsy") car owners offering you their service. Besides their very high rates for riding it is not always safe to use them. The best way is to have someone to meet you at the airport. Alternatively, there at the airport you can rent a car and drive it yourself. It would cost you about US$100 for one day. Major credit cards are accepted there. But we would not advise you to do this in Moscow unless you are brave enough and know the city well.

Sheremetjevo-2 Airport

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Sheremetjevo-2 Airport (departure)
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Sheremetjevo-1 Airport
(arrival + departure)

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   The oldest and largest airport in Moscow. Serves mainly for domestic flights and international charter flights. Located rather far - about 50 miles to the South of Moscow. Again, the cheapest way to get there is by bus (around 2-3 dollars per person). Estimated time - 1.5 hours by bus (in rush hours may take up to 3 hours) from downtown Moscow - "Centralny Aerovokzal" ("Aeroport" metro station, then two stops by trolleybus or tram), or 35 minutes from "Domodedovskaya" metro station. You can also take a train from "Paveletskiy Vokzal" (train station) at "Paveletskaya" metro station. Usual charges for a taxi is US$ 60 to US$80 from downtown Moscow and up to US$ 100 from Sheremetjevo-2 International airport.

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   Another domestic flights airport. To get there you may use an express-bus from "Yugo-Zapadnaya" metro station (approx. 50 minutes ride). Transfer from Sheremetjevo-2 to Vnukovo airport by taxi is usually about US$80. Again, if you don't have much baggage it is advisable to ride a bus from the central terminal (Tsentralny Aerovoksal, "Aeroport" metro station).

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   Another domestic flights airport. About 50 minutes drive from Sheremetjevo-2. Buses from central terminal ("Aeroport" metro station) run every hour, estimated travel time - 1 hour. Buses from "Vykhino" metro station run every 25 minutes. .

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