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Thu, 11 Oct 2007
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Riau Island Province
Located South of South China Sea and borders with Riau, Singapore, Malaysia, South Sumatera, Jambi and West Kalimantan
251.810,71 Square Km (25.181.071 HA).

Source : Kompas
Batam Island
415 Square Km (41,500 Ha)
Located 20 Km North-West of Batam Island,
674 Square Km (67,400 HA)

Source : Kompas
Bintan Island
Located 10 Km East of Batam Island,
1,100 Square Km (110,000 HA)
Natuna Island
Located 550 Km North-East of Batam Island,
1,720 Square Km (172,000 HA)
Bulan Island
Located 2,5 Km South-West of Batam Island,
100 Square Km (10,000 HA)
Rempang Island
Located 2,5 Km South-East of Batam Island,
165,83 Square Km (16,583 HA)
Galang Island
Located 350 m South-East of batam Island,
80 Square Km (8,000 HA)
Galang Baru Island
Located 180 m South of Galang Island,
32 Square Km (3,200 HA)
Barelang Area
Batam, Rempang, Galang and Surrounding Islands
715 Square Km (71,500 HA)
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