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The 2007 GUFF Losers' Fanzine
Fanzines       posted by Migly on Tuesday October 09, @05:38PM
      from the paths-not-taken dept.

They may have lost GUFF, but they are determined to win your hearts. Anna Davour and Johan Anglemark didn't get to go to the Aussie NatCon (Ang Rosin did), so instead they have ransacked the memories of other journeys for material to fill The 2007 GUFF Losers' Fanzine.

Anna weaves together a report from her experiences having twice stopped over in Australia just long enough to board connecting flights. Johan Anglemark tells about his trip to a Finnish resort island. Good stuff. Fans will hope to see their names on the ballot another time.

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SF: Pot. Kettle. Black.
Sercon       posted by Migly on Tuesday October 09, @02:44PM
      from the law-n-odor dept.

With geometric logic, Dr. Andrew Burt makes a case that Cory Doctorow violated Ursula K. LeGuin's copyright by posting a story of hers at BoingBoing without authorization.

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SF: Tiptree Bio Wins Washington State Book Award
Awards       posted by Migly on Tuesday October 09, @02:31PM
      from the grand-prize dept.

Winners of the 2007 Washington State Book Awards, given by The Washington Center for the Book at The Seattle Public Library, were announced on October 5. Julie Phillips won the history/biography award for James Tiptree, Jr: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon. (Although Phillips now lives in Amsterdam, she is a former resident of Mercer Island, Washington.)

Started in 1987, the Washington State Book Award (formerly the Governor's Writers Award) is given annually for outstanding books published by Washington authors the previous year. The winners of the Award receive $1,000 each. A free public ceremony will be held October 17 at 7 p.m. at the Seattle Public Library.

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San Diego Rocket Race 2007
Skiffy       posted by Migly on Tuesday October 09, @02:01PM
      from the countdown dept.

The San Diego Rocket Race returns on Saturday, November 10. This locally-run car rally for science fiction fans challenges teams of two to four to solve puzzles and answer SF trivia questions in order to find the next checkpoint and ultimately the finish. This year's theme is TIME WARP.

The race registration deadline is November 5. The entry fee is $25 per team. To sign up or get more information, visit

Click on Read and Comment for directons

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Cuthbert Collection Goes to University of Alberta
News       posted by Migly on Monday October 08, @01:31PM
      from the Canadian-headlines dept.

Canadian fan Chester Cuthbert, who turns 95 on October 15, has donated his huge SF collection to the University of Alberta. The Winnipeg Sun article likely will scroll off soon. Fortunately, Edmonton fan Randy Reichardt, a librarian at the U of A who helped transport the collection to the university, wrote at length about the donation for his blog, The Pod Bay Door. Reichardt also took photos.

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SF: Therri Moore's Anthology
News       posted by Migly on Thursday October 04, @05:26PM
      from the vamping dept.

Therri Moore, longtime LASFSian, would hate for you to miss a single bite of her new anthology of SF/vampire stories, Nagrasanti, available from Ikthalion.

Click on Read and Comment for the full press release

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Check Out These Banned Books
Sercon       posted by Migly on Thursday October 04, @01:14AM
      from the most-challenged dept.

Welcome to "Banned Books Week"! The event, which runs September 28-October 6 in the United States, is sponsored by the American Library Association to draw attention to book challenges that were launched in the previous year. The Los Angeles Times offers some of the 2006 stats, noting that last year "there were 546 reported challenges to remove books from library shelves, most (61%) made by parents and most (71%) involving schools."

The Times article ("Library Association Embraces Banned Books Week") goes on to report: "Topping the list was And Tango Makes Three, a tale of two male penguins parenting an egg from a mixed-sex penguin. Toni Morrison's novels Beloved and The Bluest Eye also made the list, but the most challenged books of the 21st century remain J.K. Rowling's ‘Harry Potter’ novels." [Source: Canadian Booksellers Association]

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Smofcon Fast Approaching
Conventions       posted by Migly on Thursday October 04, @01:02AM
      from the be-sure-and-wear-a-bowtie-in-your-hair dept.

Geri Sullivan reminds Smofs everywhere, "It's countdown time: 9 weeks until MCFI hosts Smofcon in Boston! October is 'buy your membership and reserve your hotel room' month."

Click on Read and Comment for the latest update

( Read & Comment | 291 more words )

Denvention's Baseless Rumors
Awards       posted by Migly on Thursday October 04, @12:44AM
      from the roll-yer-own-Hugo dept.

Denvention 3 doesn't have bases for its Hugos yet, but you can be the one to save the day. Hugo Administrator Mary Kay Kare announces the opening of competition to design the 2008 Hugo base.

Click on Read and Comment for the committee's complete press release

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Terry Jeeves Is 2007 Rotsler Award Winner
Awards       posted by Migly on Sunday September 30, @06:27PM
      from the a-soggy-holiday dept.

The prolific British fanartist Terry Jeeves has won the 2007 Rotsler Award . This award, for long-term wonder-working by a fanartist, is given by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests.

A member of First Fandom, Jeeves has been an active fan since 1938. Once regarded as having few peers for his work on mimeograph stencils, he has also contributed countless drawings to fanzines. His "Soggies," humorous characters originally created to be both distinctive in appearance and easy to draw, have also appeared in a number of professional hobbyist magazines.

The Rotsler Award commemorates the late Bill Rotsler, the LA fanartist whose cartoons appeared in fanzines worldwide. The winner receives a plaque, a $300 honorarium, and is honored with an exhibit in the Loscon art show. Loscon is the LASFS's science-fiction convention held over the (U.S.) Thanksgiving Day weekend in November.

The award winner is selected by a panel of judges: Claire Brialey, Mike Glyer and John Hertz.

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Media: G.I. Joe Takes to the Skies
Skiffy       posted by Migly on Sunday September 30, @04:39PM
      from the band-of-bothers dept.

Things are still jumping at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, which once hosted the 1986 Worldcon. Known for its 42-story atrium, wide open from the lobby to the rooftop, the hotel has always had a problem with conventioneers tossing things from the upper floors. At least, it is a problem if you happen to be underneath.

But this time G.I. Joe aficianados had permission when they launched 300 parachute-wearing Joes over the balconies. CNN broadcast video of the event.

In contrast, fans endeared themselves to the staff in 1986, as one maid was overheard telling another: "I like these people. They throw soft things."

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SF: Rowling Coming to Toronto
News       posted by Migly on Friday September 28, @07:36PM
      from the pond-crossing dept.

Raincoast Books will bring J. K. Rowling to Toronto on October 23, where she will read from and sign copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for 950 attendees at a special event. The first 200 tickets were awarded in online drawings that ended on September 28. Others are being distributed by educational and library organizations across Canada. Rowling last visited Canada in 2000.

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Media: Man in the Yellow Hat Meets Man With the Blue Pencil
TV Reviews       posted by Migly on Friday September 28, @06:42PM
      from the Wired-visits-Comic-Con dept.

Wired magazine quoted Craig Miller at length in its article about censorship of kids television shows like PBS' Curious George.

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Conventions       posted by Migly on Thursday September 27, @01:22PM
      from the ought-nine dept.

Now that Montreal has been chosen to host the 2009 Worldcon, what better time to take a refresher course in Canadian fanac? Let Professor Robert Runté of the University of Lethbridge (and 1994 Worldcon fan GoH) be your online instructor. Click on the New Canadian Fandom Guide to Canadian Science Fiction and Fandom to cover the whole country, or head straight for Quebec.

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SF: TLS Likes Inklings Study
News       posted by Migly on Monday September 24, @06:50PM
      from the yay dept.

Diana Pavlac Glyer's book about C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and the Inklings, The Company They Keep, received a resounding review from the Times Literary Supplement.

Click here to read the book’s five-page Introduction.

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Meta: Hello, IT Director?
Mike Glyer       posted by Migly on Tuesday September 18, @01:08PM
      from the site's-busted-man dept.

QX QL, is anybody there?

This site's still loading stories, so I guess it's just a few of the bells and whistles that have quit. (1) The hit counter on the 'stories' page no long counts hits. (2) The display of user's journal entries has stopped updating (in other words, I wrote a new entry and mine didn't leapfrog to the top of the list, and still shows the last entry date.)

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