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A closer look at the plunders, plots and predicaments that have shaped green lantern's most dangerous foe

By Jeremy Brown

Posted June 10, 2007  11:20 AM

With Hal Jordan back in action as Green Lantern of Earth, it was only a matter of time before an old enemy resurfaced with a vengeance—yep, Sinestro’s back, and this time he’s brought a few friends. Under the direction of writer Geoff Johns, Sinestro has formed the Sinestro Corps, an evil variation of the galaxy-defending Green Lantern Corps. Armed with yellow power rings—a color once anathema to the Lanterns—and comprising the universe’s most savage and deadly criminals, the Sinestro Corps promises to be the most formidable force Jordan and the Green Lanterns have ever gone up against once the “Sinestro Corps” arc in June’s Green Lantern #21 launches. “He’s far and away [Hal’s] greatest enemy, because of their roles,” notes Johns. “Hal is basically Sinestro, but he’s had a second chance, which Sinestro never got. When Hal looks at him, he’s looking into a mirror.” Take a moment to revel in some of the highlights of the life and times of everyone’s favorite pink-skinned, mustachioed madman.
In 1959, when rebooting Green Lantern, artist Gil Kane reportedly based Hal Jordan’s visual design on chiseled leading man Paul Newman.

Similarly, Sinestro’s appearance was inspired by David Niven, the oh-so-British star of “The Pink Panther,” “The Guns of Navarone” and the groovy, Austin Powers-esque version of “Casino Royale.”

While banished to the antimatter universe of Qward, Sinestro allied himself with the fellow Lantern-haters, the Weaponers of Qward, who granted him his yellow power ring and battery. Longtime foes of the Guardians, the Weaponers sought to destroy the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. Lucky for them, Sinestro had precisely the same goals in mind. In a bid to prove his allegiance, Sinestro launched an attack that caused the entire city of Valdale, Calif., to disappear, making for one busy day in the life of Hal Jordan.

Sinestro finally got his comeuppance at the hands of Hal Jordan during the “Emerald Twilight” storyline. In a murderous rage while under the control of the parasitic spirit known as Parallax, Jordan snapped the villain’s neck. “That’s probably my favorite Sinestro moment,” gushes Johns.

“Ron Marz did a great job with that story.” The joke was on Hal, unfortunately, as his “victim” turned out to be a construct created by Sinestro through Parallax himself, which readers learned in Green Lantern: Rebirth. Bad for Hal, but good for the rest of us, as it left him free to scour the galaxy and form the Sinestro Corps.

Not only is Sinestro one of Hal Jordan’s greatest enemies, he also spawned another fierce GL villain—the original Star Sapphire, who was actually Hal’s girlfriend Carol Ferris! And when Sinestro couldn’t persuade the alien queen-Carol hybrid to kill Jordan, he attempted to woo her as her royal consort for some hanky-panky. If that’s not the definition of d--k, we don’t know what is, especially since Star Sapphire (minus the Carol quotient) still looks to take GL’s nads as a souvenir on a regular basis.

“Sinestro enjoys himself a lot, he’s very manipulative,” notes Johns. “He may look like he’s losing, but he’s always got plans.”

Believe it or not, the guy wasn’t always all bad. At one time, Sinestro was considered to be among the greatest of all the Green Lanterns, even instructing Earth’s Hal Jordan in the ways of the Corps. Things went south when Sinestro decided that an ordered society stood the best chance of survival. And what better way to ensure order than through subjugation? Sinestro even went so far as to create a “Youth Lantern Brigade,” made up of Korugarian young’uns just dying to snitch on their peers!


Sinestro’s animated history is a rich one, and sports more connections to the Star Trek universe than one might think. For the first three episodes of “Challenge of the Super Friends,” Vic Perrin, who also characterized Balok, Metron and the wandering space probe Nomad on “Star Trek,” voiced the character. “He had that cackley voice and the pencil mustache on ‘Super Friends,’” laughs Johns. “I loved it, but I don’t think they colored him right. He wasn’t pink enough!” In 2003, Sinestro appeared on the Daffy Duck spinoff “Duck Dodgers,” with voice by none other than John de Lancie, the man who gave us Q on “The Next Generation.”

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