Non-mentioned Leopard features

7 07 2007

Ok so lets get over this iPhone hype and move on to the next big thing that Apple is planning to release: Leopard. I downloaded a copy of an early build of the big cat Leopard from Apple Developers Center, and let me say that Leopard is great! It’s even better than Vista (except for those tiny previews when you hover your mouse over the taskbar); anyway, first lets talk about Leopard main features:

Spaces! I love spaces, they make your life very productive, but there are some hidden features that anyone has mentioned. Example: Let say I’ve 4 spaces, but one of them contains my iTunes main window and another 3 finder windows, so, I place my iTunes window above my 3 finder windows and I switch to spaces

but hey! I want to move one of my finder windows when I’m on my spaces view but I don’t want to switch to standard mode and bring the specific finder window that I want, so what do I do? I trigger Expose’s “Show All Windows” event, and voila! now I can see all the windows of each one of my spaces. Cool isn’t it. But what happens if I want to move one window to another space but I’m too damn lazy to switch to the spaces view and drag it? I just grab my window, I move it near one of the screen edges (top, bottom, left or right), and your window will be dragged there!.

Dictionary. Ugh, the dictionary, yeah I remember that application, in Leopard, the dictionary app has been overhauled and now it includes a lot more sources, you can select between the normal dictionary, Thesaurus dictionary, the Apple dictionary and even Wikipedia! The apple dictionary is more like a technical dictionary for dumb people who doesn’t know what a router is, you can find definitions for Printer, Screen, Keyboard and even Apple. Wikipedia is very interesting and very useful, you can search wikipedia on it! what else do you want to know, it’s awesome!

Stacks are one of the greatest features Leopard offers, and let me tell you, this is a very usefu, specially the Downloads one. You may think that the downloads stack will only work with Safari, well Johnny, that ain’t true, you can use the downloads stack with any browser, just direct your downloads destination to the downloads folder and it will automatically notify you when your download’s ready.



2 respuestas a “Non-mentioned Leopard features”

7 07 2007
Chris (16:04:25) :

“Thesaurus dictionary”

This does not make sence. Thesaurus and dictionary are 2 seperate things. You can’t string them together.

7 07 2007
joseluismb (04:50:34) :

Yea he’s right =P por cierto, me da hueva bajarlo, aparte creo que se jodió mi disco duro, guárdame una copia de la DMG para cuando entremos a clases.

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