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About me

Personal information

SHARP Zaurus
(1 sub-page)

Pages about the Linux-based Palmtop / PDA SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000 (also partially applies to other Zaurus models)

HP Palmtops
(ca. 25 sub-pages)

Pages about the Hewlett Packard DOS palmtops HP 95LX, HP100LX, HP200LX, HP 1000CX, HP Omnigo 700LX and also the HP Omnigo 100 (Upgrades, Hardware, Software)

Download list

A list of the files which can be downloaded from my web site (my self-written DOS and Windows programs, technical data sheets, some interesting Linux scripts and packages etc.)

(6 sub-pages and documents)

About my studies and jobs

(??? sub-pages)

About my other hobbies

(5 sub-pages)

Software for diabetics: Palmtop diabetes data management, basal rate administration

For sale / eBay

What I have currently for sale privately and via eBay and Amazon


Die Homepage des Abiturjahrganges 1997 des Gymnasium Steglitz, Berlin (only German pages)

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