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Grand Prize


Youth / General Manga
(Kodansha / Morning)

Artist : Takehiko Inoue



Takehiko Inoue

Takehiko Inoue

Born in 1967. 1988 - Won the Tezuka Award for "Kaede Purple (Maple Purple)".. 1989 - Serialization of "Chameleon Jail".. 1990-1996 - Serialization of "Slam Dunk". Over 10 million copies of the book "Slam Dunk" have been sold worldwide.. 1998 - Serialization of "Vagabond" in the Kodansha Weekly Morning.. 2000 - "Vagabond" wins an award at the Kondansha Manga Awards.


Musashi Miyamoto lived during the beginning of the Edo era. I have used the book "Musashi Miyamoto", that was written in the 1930's, as the basis for my Manga. I have always intended this work for people living in the 21st century. People sometimes use the excuse that they are "historically ignorant". However, the things that people want to communicate do not change as the eras change. I think it is that "thing", that is at the root of all human beings, that will make people feel good. Thank you very much.

Reason for Award

From Toyotomi to Tokugawa. Musashi Miyamoto grew up amidst the turn of two great eras. Mr. Inoue has taken the powerful Musashi who was sometimes called a "beast" and drawn him as a vagabond. The artist brags about boldly challenging the national literary work of Eiji Yoshikawa, even so, the sense of speed that he creates is impressive. I send my applause to the artist for creating a new image of Musashi.