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Wow, Getting featured on Youtube is the pretty much the hardest thing in the world in my own opinion, but getting featured twice?! In the same month? Itís my holy grail! Gosh, I must be better than I thought! Well to celebrate Iíll be posting a little teaser for the next review either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone!

Also Iíve been recently interviewed on an Internet radio station. If I can track down the audio, I will post it on the website.

Iíve posted a thankyou video, be sure to check it out HERE. Also Iíve started work on the next review. This one might be longer than the rest, but weíll see what happens.

Today I will be starting the script for the next review, and with gaining 6,000 new subscribers in the past week, yeah I guess you could say, the pressure is on! Thatís why I decided to tackle another multi-game review for my next video. This one may take me awhile to put together so please be patient. With my daytime job and personal life thrown into the mix, itís slow going.

Wow, I canít believe it but looks like my Mario 2 Review has been featured on YouTube in the ĎGadgets and Gamesí section. How freaking cool is that? You can check it out HERE

Itís Muscle Weekend here at and in celebration of this event, I dug up a comic I did almost 10 years ago on the muscles. I hope you enjoy!


We are still on schedule for Friday Evening at 8pm (in my time zone anyway) for the new release of my new show. I think I might keep doing this in the future and give specific times and dates when I will post my videos. It gives it a t.v. show persona I think. Oh well, I can say that some scene in this show are going to be a shocker to all. especially if you grew up in the 80's.

The Teaser Video has been posted for the next video HERE
And as a bonus, I will be posting an old Muscle Cartoon I did like years ago. Almost 10 years to be exact. Yep, itíll be a muscle weekend!

Iíve started work on the MUSCLE Review, and the 80ís nostalgia in this one is pretty cool. It might be awhile until I get this one done though. A 14-second scene took me 4 hours to complete.But it looks good.

The Mario Review has been posted and getting tons of great feedback. This one took along time to piece together. Also the viewerís choice poll is in and the winner is MUSCLE! So that review will be up next. And Iím personally glad that it was most wanted because Iíve got great plans for it. This might be another 3 weeks before I get it done though. And once you see it, youíll know why it did.
Again, you Fans are great, thanks for watching!

Looks like the next review will be ready within the next few days or so. The delay is due to some poor shots so I have to do some reshoots. So it should be up by Wed. at the very latest!
Although the Next review is hush hush, I will say that I had to play at least 5 games, and spent hours scouring the internet in order to put this thing together. And if havenít done your homework, the revelation in this review will

Iím aiming for this weekend for the next video review but Iíve got a lot of other work to get through too so nothing is set in stone. Also be sure to vote in the ďViewers Choice VideoĒ available only on Youtube!

What a weekend! The Indiana Jones video was a huge success and Iím glad because a lot of work went into it. I even got on the award list for most commented and most rated over ALL of Youtube. I want to thank each and everyone of you for making it possible!
Irate Gamer Indiana Jones Awards

Wow! Itís a momentous event. Today my YouTube account has just hit 500 Subscribers in only 2 months! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed or takes interest in my videos. And in honor of this great occasion, I do have something special planned so stay tuned!

I just finished up filming the intro segment to the next review show and all I can say is wow! It turned out better than I thought. No doubt you'll love this next review!

Well it looks like the next video will be delayed a bit. The script wasn't coming together too well so I'm working on a total rewrite which is now turning out quite well. Stay Tuned!

I'm away on business for the weekend in Columbus Ohio and oddly enough, I managed to get a video game segment out of it. So expect a small surprise video when I return home.

Well After posting Jaws, It seems like a success. And I'm glad it was because the dog scene alone took a few hours to put together.



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