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First they acquired photo-sharing giant Flickr. Now internet juggernaut Yahoo! has puchased the groundbreaking social bookmarking service Let’s see if Yahoo! can make two great tastes go great together. Tagrolls

What seems to be the newest offering from - tagrolls. Contine reading to see mine. This should give you a rough estimation of the things that I am interested in.
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I like the word folksonomy alright I guess, as a way to describe the tagging system of next-generation sites such as and Flickr. I have been thinking of a different term: tagsonomy.

Maybe that better describes what exactly it is - an ad-hoc, collaborative taxonomy developed through the use of tagging systems. And its a good play on the word “taxonomy” from which the word “folksonomy” is derived.

At this point, I think the word folksonomy has grown to be part of the vocabulary and has enough inertia that it has become the de facto term, but I just wanted to throw this idea out there. If nobody else already has(not that I am aware of).

Delicious Inbox

Lately, I have been using my inbox more because I needed a better way to keep tracks of topics of interest. I have found that in refining the topics that I pay attention to I get a more focused set of daily links to peruse.

There are only a few topics there now, and I will mostly likely continue to tweak what’s incoming. I would like to use operators(ie. links tagged “browsers” AND “gmail”) to further focus things.

Also, have a couple of special tags that might be useful only to me, like using domains as tags in order to show that certain links are relevant to sites that I may or may not run.


Delicious Links has been a hot topic in geek circles for over a year or so now, which means that its the shit.

Online, social link storage, I use it all the time, as I can easily post using bookmarklets. I post anything and everything interesting here. Tagging it all with keywords, naturally. I think I have like 3700 links on here or something.

Anyways, follow my trail through hyperspace if you dare or care: